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Chapter 1: The Potion

'Summer at last, two whole blissful months without any of those maddening children.' I thought as I sauntered through the dew-covered grass, robes billowing out as ever behind me, down to the forbidden forest. Unfortunately my reverie was disturbed by the one person that would be the ruin of my summer.

"Sir, are we looking for the Red-Firbuf or the blue?" Potter asked as he trotted behind me, consulting the list I had given him of plants we were to pick.

"We are where exactly, Potter?" I replied in an acidic tone.

"In Scotland, Sir." My apprentice spoke with a touch of caution, obviously aware that he had forgotten something basic (which, of course, he had) by the irritated tone in my voice.

"And do you think that Asian Red-Firbuf would grow in Scotland?" I paused as recognition set in on his face. "How did you pass 7th year potions, Potter, if you so easily forgot something you were supposed to have learnt in 2nd year?" At my answer he stopped and looked sufficiently ashamed of his obvious mistake. But, unlike usual, there was no retort of even a response as I kept walking. 'Really Potter, I thought you had developed more of a spine then that.' My thoughts were interrupted right on cue by a muffled gasp and the swishing of robes from behind me. Unconcerned, I stopped, if Potter was going to try to jump me he was sorely in need of a reminder of whom was the Master and whom was the apprentice. When the "attack" never came I grew curious. Obviously I had waited too long, for when I rounded on him, he wasn't there. I looked towards the castle and then Hadgrid's hut, but there was no one there. As I turned to the lake I saw the tail of black robes dodge behind a tree. What in the World? If Potter was trying to play an impromptu game of hide and go seek, it was certainly not amusing. I walked down to where the boy was "hiding" at a quicker pace then usual; I was in no mood to play games.

"And just what do you think you are do-" I started in my classic evil-teacher way as I came to the other side of the tree, but stopped at what I saw. Potter was there, leaning against the rough trunk, his face all screwed up in distaste and his left fist clenched as he downed a potion from a vile that was tied loosely around his neck.

***flash back***

November of Potter's 1st year as Snape's apprentice

It was nearing 2 am as I walked in my chambers from a particularly late night of potion making. I had no intention to stay up longer then necessary tonight as tomorrow was a Monday and I had a class with a bunch of first-year Griffindor morons first thing. 'Wonderful' I thought sarcastically upon remembering as I walked over to my bedroom. Upon passing the lavatory I noticed the door was open and the light was on. Thinking that Potter had been his usual stupidly careless self and left the light on and door open, I side stepped to the door. Just in case Potter was even more of an idiot then I thought, and had left the door open while inside, I peered though the opening. 'Humph, what a surprise.' Sure enough there was the idiot standing at the sink in front of the mirror. 'Probably preening himself' I thought with a 'humph' of disapproval. Though I dismissed the thought when I saw him lift a vile to his lips. 'Whatever. I have no time for silly spy games. Have fun getting drunk Potter. After all you don't have a class tomorrow.' Were my final thoughts on the sighting as I walked into my bedroom.

Later that school year, around March

I was sitting at the desk in my chambers when I heard an owl tapping on the one window. I walked over knowing that it was a delivery from the Hogsmeade apothecary. As I opened the window, Potter came into the room and waited two paces away as I untied and opened the bundle. Once opened he immediately hurried forward and took a few ingredients from the package.

"If you are trying to steel from me again, Potter; I would suggest that you use methods a little less obvious." He turned around and stared at me blankly.

"I- Oh. No Sir, you see I ordered these for myself while I was making your order. I paid for them, don't worry."

"And what exactly do you need those for, Potter? You do remember you are studying Defense against the Dark Arts: Curses with me now, not potions yet, don't you?" It wasn't a question, more of a stab then anything else.

"Yes, sir." He said absently as he entered his room, closing the door behind him. 'Infuriating child.'

***end flash back, no time has passed (he's a fast thinker)***

I immediately wrenched the vile from his hand and ripped it off his neck, checking the colour, viscosity, and sent as I did. 'Something is definitely not right.' He cried out and lunged for the vile, but I was too fast for him. I pushed him back up against the trunk and pinned him there with my for-arm, holding the vile out in front of him.

"What is this?!" I asked, furious, since he was still violently grabbing at the vile, and consequently, me. He cried out in pain, bashed the back of his head into the tree, and ground out through clenched teeth,

"Please, Sir! The potion!"

"What. Is. It?" I growled.

He just yelped in pain, so I pocketed the vile (which resulted in more panicked cries and pain-filled yelps) and used my free hand to check the boy's eyes. There were, after all, potions that were quite a bit like muggle drugs, and could be detected mainly through the eyes. As I looked however, I didn't see the thin red lines I had expected. They weren't normal however; they were sort of… foggy.

"What did you take, Potter?" I was loosing my what tiny amount of patience I had.

"Please Sir!"

"What is it?" I yelled, 'this stupid child is not being reasonable!'

"Plea-!" Suddenly Potter doubled over as if he had been hit, he did so with such strength that I lost my grip and he landed on the ground with a thud. His body then started to jerk and lurch, his muscles seemingly flexing and contracting at their own masochistic will. As I hunched over, I noticed his eyes. They were completely glazed over now and were darting around, horrified, at things that weren't there. 'What…'

"Never!" He ground out at someone 2 feet to my right, his jaw still clenched. This was followed by what looked like he was being kicked in the ribs, hard, by some invisible force, and the pain-filled howl he admitted while clutching his side seemed to confirm it… but what the bloody hell was going on?! Then, just as abruptly as it had started, it ended. All that was left was Potter panting on the ground clutching at his side, jaw still firmly clenched and now eyes as well. As I stooped down to further investigate, though, his eyes turned from squeezed shut to openly terrified. What followed was something that haunted me every night. The scream. The scream that only came from one being tormented by the curse. The Cruciatus. I had heard that scream so many times during my past and present lives that I could recognize it anywhere. The sound Potter was making though, was the worst I had ever heard.


In one swift movement I was at Potter's side and had the vile at his mouth. I cast a swallowing charm and poured the solution down his throat. He stopped twitching and lay deathly still. But before I could check his vitals, he heaved into a sitting position and a couching fit in which I could clearly see blood come up. I relaxed greatly at his signs of life, distressing as they may have been. 'Stupid idiot, he's a magnet for trouble. I'll certainly have to-' but I never got to finish that thought as Harry collapsed onto his side, unconscious.

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