Bella's P.O.V.

Our first gig was about a week later at a little bar in Portland. Vikki played the bass and Laurant played the drums while I sang and played guitar. For our first gig we decided to play "Bring me to life" by Evanscece, "Jar of hearts" by Christina Perri, and "Last Night" by Skillet. During "Last night" is when I saw him. I was looking at the crowd and I saw the flash of familiar hair. I looked again to be sure but I could never forget that hair. It was Seth Clearwater. What was he doing here? He isn't old enough to be going to a bar yet. Once we finished our last song I went and I tracked him down which wasn't very hard because of the wet dog smell that all the werewolves have. Little did I know that he wasn't the only wolf there. Once I found him I also found Jake. I tried to get away before he noticed me but I couldn't help but look at how much he has changed in the past month. Then he must of caught my scent and he automatically went on guard and turned to see the threat and saw it was me. The astonishment in his eyes shocked me. I tried to run away but with the crowd I couldn't move fast enough and he caught me. He drug me to the back room where he asked me so many questions and I had no clue how I should answer so I just stayed quite until he was done. Finally his last question was "How are you alive?" Then the air shifted just enough so he smelt the vampire scent again little did he know that is was my scent and his first reaction was to guard me, then he figured out the scent belonged to me. He then backed away and asked me "Why the fuck would you do this to yourself Bella? I could have taken you to the Hospital, I could have made it fast enough so you wouldn't have to do this to yourself." "Jake I was dying anyway, I just tried to speed up the process which apparently didn't work." I was practically crying at this point. "How were you dying Bella? And why didn't you tell me?" He asked kind of shocked. "I had cancer Jake. I had only a few more months to live because the treatment stopped working about two months before I shot myself." Now I was at risk of breaking down and crying. Jake just looked so hurt that I didn't tell him. "Your dad had a heart attack after he figured out what happened to you Bella." He finally said after about five minutes. "Now you can go back and tell him someone saved you and the person who saved you didn't know who you were so they didn't know where to find your dad and now you are all better." "I can't do that Jake." I said crying. "Why not? You seem pretty in control of you thirst Bella." He said after he turned away from me. "I just can't face him Jake. What would he say? He still thinks I have cancer. So how can I go back for a few months and not get sick then suddenly have to die from cancer? I can't do that to Charlie, it would just kill him to have me back for a short time then lose me again. It is best this way Jake." I said when I stopped crying long enough to actually talk. "I can hardly live without you Bella. Why do you think I am here drinking when I'm not even old enough to? I am trying to get rid of the pain I felt when you killed yourself Bella!" I couldn't help it, I broke down crying and I just sank to my knees and I couldn't get back up even if someone started to chase after me. I suddenly felt really hot and next thing I know I am sitting on Jake's lap and he is just holding me while I cry my eyes out over missing him. When I finally started to calm down I asked him if he could stay with me tonight. "Of course I can Bella. I just have to think of what to tell the guys for the reason for me not coming home." "Don't worry about them Jake. Don't you have that wolf telepathy thing going on anyway so it's not like they don't know how to get ahold of you." I said trying to just get out of this place before I cried some more. "That is true but I still think that I should at least tell them I'm leaving and that I will explain later." He finally said after a few minutes and before I could say anything else he was out the door and back within ten minutes.

Jake's P.O.V.

Most of the pack and I were at a small bar in Portland and this new band came on. I was just standing there listening to the band when I heard the lead singer's voice. It sounded familiar but I wasn't sure where I heard it from. When they were done I caught the scent of a vampire and the pack and I went on guard looking around and that's when I saw her. Bella! Screamed my thoughts and Seth asked what I was doing when I was halfway between her and the pack chasing after her. I talked to Seth through my thoughts and told him I will be right back and not to follow. I ran after Bella and grabbed her and pulled her into a back room and started asking questions like where have you been, are you ok, are you hurt, what's going on. Finally I calmed down enough to ask, "How are you alive?" Then I smelt it again and I automatically went into defense mode and watched from all sides until I noticed that the scent was coming from Bella. That is when I blew up. "Why the fuck would you do this to yourself Bella? I could have taken you to the Hospital, I could have made it fast enough so you wouldn't have to do this to yourself." I just couldn't stand it. I started trembling and I felt like I was going to change right there then I remembers back to that day I found Bella in the meadow and how she said what really sent her over the edge was when I said I couldn't see her anymore. Just then her response to me blowing up registered. "How were you dying Bella? And why didn't you tell me?" I felt hurt that she didn't tell me sooner when she was still herself. I was just about to cry when what she said registered "I had cancer Jake. I had only a few more months to live because the treatment stopped working about two months before I shot myself." I can't believe that she never told me. How was I supposed to cope when she died if she never told me what she was dying from? I had so many thoughts going through my head at the time and it took me forever to respond to her. Everything that happened next went by so fast. She started crying and we talked about her dad and how she should go back and tell him she is fine but she couldn't handle it and eventually she broke down and fell to her knees and I went over to her and sat down and pulled her into my lap and just let her cry. When she was finished she sat up and asked if I could stay with her tonight. At first I thought why would she want me to do that then I realized that she is still Bella and she still loves me which is the only reason why she is like this now because I pushed her to do it. I said I could but I had to talk to my pack first. And with that thought I left her and went to find my pack. When I found them they all had this look on their face like where have you been, but all I could say is that I had to go because a friend is having problems. They looked at me while I downed a beer real fast to help with my pain I felt from our talk and then I was off. I first went to where I left Bella but she wasn't there and I now know her scent so I followed it until I found her talking to the band that was playing earlier and that's when I noticed that she was the singer…

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