AU: No curse. Red is Emma's godmother and cares for Emma like the daughter she's always wanted. Emma loves her Auntie Red more than anything in the world. But Red, Snow, and Charming are hiding something from Emma, something that is very dangerous. And Emma will stop at nothing to figure it out.

I got the idea from a post that went around Tumblr for awhile. It was brought up by adventuresinstorybrooke and mysnergy and it was along the lines of: what if there was no curse and Red was Emma's godmother? Red would be that fun "aunt" who helped Emma sneak out of the castle to meet the boy in the village, let her blow off her princess duties, and then Red holding hands with a little girl with a red cape and golden curls. I just kinda went off of that and this story was born:)

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I stand on Snow's right side and stroke her hair gently. "Breathe Snow," I soothe, "Just one more push. She's almost here. You're almost done Snow."

James does the same while Snow lets out an earsplitting scream. He cringes as she cuts off the circulation in his hand. "You can do it sweetheart," he says softly. "Almost there. One last time Snow."

Snow screams one last time and her cries are halted by a baby's cry.

Doc smiles. "There. You're done Snow. Your daughter is finally here."

James looks over at me above Snow, his grin wider than I'd ever seen. He must be so excited to finally meet his daughter.

"Can I hold her?" Snow asks Doc, her voice is hoarse from all the screaming she'd done the past few hours.

Do nods. "Of course Snow, let me clean her up and then she is all yours." He goes into Snow and James' washroom to clean the baby.

James kisses Snow's head. "You did it dear. She's here, our baby girl is here."

Snow grins and kisses James on the lips. I turn my head the slightest bit away in order to give the two of my friends some privacy during this moment. Snow pulls away from James and takes my hand, giving it a squeeze. "Red, thank you, for being here, I know that it must be hard right now, especially with what's tonight."

I return the smile she has on her face. "Snow. There is nowhere else I would rather be than right here with you."

James leans over and whispers something in Snow's ear. She smiles and kisses his cheek. She looks back to me end takes a deep breath. "We—that is, Charming and I—we would like for you to be the godmother, if you're alright with it of course."

My hand goes to my mouth which had started to quiver. "Snow…Are you sure you want her to have a wolf as her godmother? I…What if I had…I mean…" I stammer.

Snow gives me a stern look. "Red. Stop that. You are my best friend in the entire world. I wouldn't want anyone else to be her godmother. You know that I don't care about the wolf. You are both. You are both you and the wolf. You accepted that long ago in the woods, why would you think it matters to me when it didn't all those years ago? You said it yourself, your mother wanted you to be the wolf, Granny wanted you to be human, but that I accepted you as both. My daughter will love you even more than me. And I want her to have you as her godmother. What d'you say?" Snow asks me hopefully.

What do I say? Do I want Snow's daughter to grow up with a wolf as her "aunt"? To be truthful, I really do. I just don't want to be the one to hurt her. I take a deep breath and wrap my arms around my best friend's neck as tears come into my eyes. "I would be honored. Thank you Snow."

Doc comes back into the bedroom, the baby wrapped up in her blanket that Granny had made her. "Alright Snow," Doc says. "Here she is."

Snow's face brightens as Doc places her daughter into her arms. "Hi sweetie," she coos. The baby gurgles and moves her tiny fists to her eyes and rubs them. "Hello Emma, I'm your mommy."

James gets onto the bed next to Snow. He puts his arm around her and takes his daughter's tiny fist in his other hand. "Hi there baby girl. It's your daddy." James kisses her forehead and I smile knowing it will be my turn momentarily. I pull my red cloak tighter around my neck, wolfs-time begins in a few hours when the moon rises and I feel antsy. I want to run tonight so bad, especially tonight. It's the anniversary of Peter's death. My first love. I killed him. It's painful to think about and running would get my mind off of it, but I would much rather be here with my two best friends and my goddaughter.

Snow and James continue to fawn over their daughter for a few more minutes. Snow lifts her head and looks at me beaming. "Red? Would you like to hold her?" she asks me.

I swallow nervously and nod. "Um yeah I'd love too, are you sure?" I ask walking over to the bed.

Snow holds her out to me. "Yes! Go on Red, hold her," she pushes.

I hold out my arms and gently, Snow sets her daughter in my arms. I stand up and begin to rock her. She starts to cry softly so I lift her up to my shoulder and bounce up and down. "Hush little baby don't say a word, mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird," I sing the lullaby Granny used to sing me when I had nightmares as a young girl. Slowly she stops crying and goes back to gurgling. I smile at her softly. She reaches out and grabs at a strand of my hair. I laugh as she tugs on it. She is beautiful. Beautiful Emma. "Hi Emma, I'm your Aunt Red." She opens her mouth and a laugh comes out. I can't hold back the tears any longer so I finally allow them to run down my cheeks. I've only known her a moment but I don't think I have ever been happier. I lean down and place a gently kiss on her forehead and she giggles again. "I love you Emma," I whisper softly against her forehead.

I hand Emma back to Snow and sit on the bed next to her. The three of us just stare at Emma. And, for a moment, everything is perfect, there isn't a single thing that could ruin this moment for the three of us.

"She really is beautiful Snow. She has your eyes and your chin. And James' nose," I tell them.

"Isn't she just?" Snow replies smiling.

I squeeze my friend's hand. Yes, everything is absolutely perfect.

Five Years Later

"Auntie Red! Auntie Red! AUNTIE RED!" Emma squeals running towards me. Her golden curls bounce up and down as she runs.

I crouch down and hold out my arms for her. She lunges for me, wrapping her arms around my neck. I stand and spin her around. "Hey Princess!" I tell her putting down my giggling goddaughter. "How's my giggling niece?"

Emma giggles again. "Auntie Red, I'm your ONLY niece!"

I poke Emma's stomach. "Making you my favorite, Emmy!"

She covers her stomach with her tiny hands and giggles. "Auntie Red!" she says laughing.

I tickle her until she falls on the ground in a fit of giggles. I fall beside her and wrap her into a hug. "How are you Emmy?" I ask her. I'm a little worried about her. Snow says that she doesn't like to play with the other girls very much. She only wants to play with Pinocchio and he's seven years older than her, he isn't up for babysitting a five year-old any longer. As much as I love to see them play together, Pinocchio has his own friends. Emma needs to find girls her age. She and Ella's daughter, Alexandra, do play like sisters, but they only can visit every so often. Ella and Thomas' kingdom is a good fortnight away.

Emma sucks her thumb. "Good! Mama got me a new dwess for my birfday ball and some shoes. AND Daddy got me a new bow and arrow and a new toy sword. AND MY NEW BABY BRODER OR SISTER IS GONNA BE HERE SOON!" she squeals clapping her hands and jumping up and down.

I grin. "Wow Emmy! You ready to be a big sister?" I ask.

She nods. "Yep! I been pacting wit my baby dolly!"

"I think you'll be a fantastic big sister." I pull her into a hug and whisper in her ear. "I've got a present for you too."

Emma pulls at the strings on my hood with her free hand; the other is back in her mouth. "What is it?!"

I stand her up and take her over to my basket I'd set down when I had gotten here. "Open it up," I tell Emma, gesturing to the basket.

Emma nods and she begins to uncover the contents of the basket. She gasps. "Auntie Red! Now I's gonna look jus' like yew!" she squeals. Emma pulls out a smaller version of my red hood from the basket. "Will yew help me put it on?!" Emma holds it out to me and gives me her pouty eyes.

I laugh and take it from her. "Sure Emmy!" I motion for her to turn around; she does so and holds out her arms. I slip the hood over her shoulders and tie the strings at her neck. "There," I say turning her back around. "Now we could be twins. Except the hair," I tell her and wink.

Emma giggles and jumps at me, wrapping her arms around my neck. "Tanks Auntie Red! C'we go show mama?" she asks me excitedly.

I readjust her to my hip. "Of course we can kiddo! I need to talk to her anyway, let's go!" I walk into the castle doors and head to where I know she'll be: the nursery. "Snow? James?" I call walking up the stairs towards the nursery.

I hear a girlish giggle coming from the new nursery and pause, listening to know whether it's "safe" to take Emma into the nursery.

"Charming…where's…Emma?" I hear Snow ask between exasperated breaths.

"With Red, Lancelot told me he let Emma out to greet Red, we have a few more minutes Snow," James says.

I call out Snow's name more loudly this time. "Snow! Are you in there?"

Snow gasps. "Yes Red come on in!" I smirk and walk into the nursery with Emma. I set her down and she runs to her mother.

"Mama, Mama look! Auntie Red got me a cape just like hers! It's so pwetty!" Emma squeals.

Snow scoops Emma up into her arms and looks at the hood. "Oh it is lovely Emma dear!" She looks at me and mouths the words: Thank you.

I nod. I'm only keeping Emma safe. That's my first priority as her godmother. To do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Until we are sure of our assumptions. And until she is old enough, she'll wear the hood, Snow, James, and I made an agreement. We agreed that when Emma reached the age of sixteen, I would teach her.

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