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"How is he?"

"What, no 'Hello dear brother, how have you been'?"

"Hello Antonio, hope you're alright. Now please tell me the news." Gabriella asked her brother eagerly. She knew there should have been something or Antonio wouldn't come.

"Okay, but promise me you won't do anything."

"You know it depends."

"Unfortunately I do know." He sighed. Sometimes it was so hard to keep his younger sister in hold. "Well… He's better so doctors allowed him to go home, under constant observation of course."

"And no, you still can't see him." He added immediately. "His head trauma appeared much more serious than they thought at first and he needs some time to get back to normal and regain his memory."

"What do you mean to regain his memory?"

"I'm not sure about the medical terms but as I understand it he's a little confused about everything right now, which is the reason why you and others still are banned from visiting him."

"You came here just to tell me this?" Gaby was disappointed. She wanted to help him, to take care of him but instead she had to wait for Antonio to give her clearance all while Casey was there all alone.

"No, I came here to ask what you know about his sister. He wants to see her but if they had some recent argument or something…"

"The only argument they had was about their mother. It complicated their relationships but I'm sure she likes him enough to leave it aside for a while and help him. But of course that's only based on what little I know, Hallie would have been more of a help."

"It's enough, thank you. See you soon."

"Hey, Antonio, have a minute?" Severide called.

"Of course." Antonio nodded. He expected for Gabby not to be the only one asking questions.

"Do you have any news on Casey and the case? I know you're doing everything you can and all, but…"

"You don't like not knowing things. I understand that. The thing is we will probably need some of you to testify about Casey and the whole incident with Voight."

"No problem. You can have all the firehouse if you want."

"Few of you will do." Antonio smiled. Each time he visited the firehouse he couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of family they had here. He might not always like his sister's choice of profession but he was glad she had those men around her.

"And what about Matt…"

This question was trickier to answer.

"He had his leg operated." Antonio started. "And while it was fixed he is still under observation due to his head trauma."

"I got it. But the surgery means he's better, right? And we can visit?"

"Not exactly." Antonio sighed. "He was indeed good enough to have his leg fixed but he's not recommended to have visitors."

"Why? What happened?" Severide almost yelled. "Tell me Antonio or I will get the answers myself!"

"Okay, fine, no need to yell. But promise me you won't do anything stupid and keep the rest from doing that."

"Just say it."

"His memory is a little messed up right now. That's why he's better without pressure of new people around him."

"But we aren't new for him we…" Severide paused. "You mean he doesn't remember us, his work here…"

"Doctors said it's temporarily but yes, right now he doesn't. That's the reason I need your testimony and all."

"Is he well-protected and cared in the hospital?" Severide asked giving in to the idea he wouldn't see his friend any time soon and even when he would it may possibly be not the man he knew.

"He's protected I can assure you, as for the hospital part, he's not there anymore. It had been decided that for him would be better to stay at home in the familiar surroundings."

"But…" Severide didn't manage to finish because of the loud announcement.

"Squad 3, truck 81, engine 51, ambulance 61."

"Don't worry he's not alone. Now go."

"Okay, everyone, listen up. Everyone on scene will have a baseline drug test. Today." Boden announced.

"Just peachy, Happy Thanksgiving!" Hermann muttered.

"Hey Chief." Shay called. "Dawson and I didn't go down there."

"I don't care. Anybody on the premises. We're gonna want to know how much any of you may have in your system."

"Okay." Shay nodded joining Dawson in the ambulance.

They didn't talk very much both preoccupied with their thoughts. And the moment they reached the firehouse Shay walked away looking for Kelly. Unsurprisingly she found him in the bathrooms.


"Hey" He mumbled trying to leave but she stopped him. "What's the matter?"


"One more time, Kelly." She looked at him sternly.

"Fine, you want to know what's the matter, I tell you. Some idiot decided to make meth and now all because of him we have to waste time going through the test and all while one of us is fighting to get back to normal. Are you happy now?"

"You know it's common procedure and come on, it won't take you long to pee in the cup." Shay soothed him but stopped seeing strange expression on his face.

"There won't be anything to find, right?" She asked.

"Well, I may have taken something this morning." He admitted.

"Shit, Kelly." And she thought there wouldn't be any more trouble. "Toradol?"

"Stronger?" He said showing her the drug.

"What? Where'd you get those? What the hell were you thinking about?"

"I was thinking about doing my job the best I can while I'm the only Lieutenant here. So stop with notations and just tell me will it show up on the test?"

"Will these narcotics show up on a drug test?" Shay snorted. "How'd you think?"

"Okay, then I just have to avoid the man long enough for them to wear off."

"Don't think you manage to avoid him the whole shift."

"Then what do you suggest?"

"Really? Now you're ready to listen to me?"

"Okay" She gave in, knowing that if she didn't agree to help Severide would find himself in even more problems and without Casey around she didn't want to think where it could get them. "I help you with that but you have to promise me that after this shift you're going to the hospital and treat your neck."

"I can't, Casey…"

"Is on the medical leave himself. What better time can you have? You may even return to work simultaneously. Anyway when he gets better he'll need you around and I mean healthy and fully functional you not the one I'm looking at right now. Do we have a deal?"

"Yes, we do."

"How are you feeling this pretty morning?" House greeted Casey entering his room with breakfast on the tray.

"Fine." He shrugged not really sure what to say. He wasn't as tired as before but his thoughts and memories were still confused and that was very annoying.

"What kind of fine? The fine where you are all rise and shining or the fine where you'd prefer to be left alone?"

"I didn't know there were so many kinds. Guess the one in between."

"I see. Well, let's change that. We have brand new day ahead of us, so eat everything in order to have enough energy."

"You're frighteningly enthusiastic" Casey muttered but still turned his attention to the tray.

"As I told you in the hospital there are so many things I can do to you so you shouldn't be worried about being boring."

"Will you enlighten me or should I spent my breakfast guessing about that?!" It was so easy to answer back. Some part of him knew that wasn't the way he used to act but right now he didn't want to think about that. Maybe some things were better to be relearned and changed.