This time Cas didn't freeze in his arms. The angel was hesitant and unsure but he did his best to mimic the hunter's movements and kissed him back. When they eventually broke apart for air Dean rested his forehead against his.

"I love you too."

The answering smile was blinding and this time it was Cas who moved in for a kiss. Lips moving in tandem, the Winchester's tongue finding its way inside the angel's mouth, whilst simultaneously moving them somewhere more comfortable for this kind of activity. Blue eyes gave him a startled look as they wound up falling on the bed.

Dean eased off slightly remembering that one of them was a virgin here and he hadn't had sex with a man, so it was anyone's guess how it felt so natural to him. Finally getting his hands to do something he ran them through rakish black hair and with him laying directly on top of his angel it was obvious that he was becoming turned on.

The hunter eventually moved his lips to his lover's neck pressing soft kisses down the side while simultaneously attempting to get rid of the ridiculous amount of clothes the angel was wearing. Sliding off the trench coat and jacket was difficult seeing as Cas refused to release him.

"This will be a lot easier if I could move." Dean chuckled. The sheepish and blushing expression of his partner made him smirk. Now with the room to manoeuvre he made short work of those outer layers leaving the red faced angel in only his shirt and trousers.

Suddenly impatient to feel flesh Dean began releasing buttons only to stop as the angel's hand clasped his. He glanced back up at Cas whose eyes had widened in nervousness.

"It's alright." The hunter's tone was reassuring, calm and confident and he pressed a gentle kiss to the others lips. Blue eyes searched green for a moment before he nodded and released the vice like grip on Dean's hand.

Quickly making short work of the remainder of Cas' clothes Dean pulled back so he could see everything. The angel blushed and squirmed under his scrutinizing gaze. Dean smiled reassuringly before running a finger down Cas' side. The hunter delighted in the noises that were released before getting off the bed and hurriedly removing his own clothes. There would hopefully be many more occasions like this where they could take their time to explore each other but they had somewhere to be later and he'd rather not be overly tired whilst facing down a pissed off archangel.

It was definitely a huge inflation to his ego when he saw his new lover staring at him slightly agape while he stood there naked and Dean had a sudden urge to kiss him again. So he did. Placing his body directly over the others they both groaned when their cocks aligned and Dean's tongue found its way back into the angels mouth nipping at his bottom lip as he went.

Cas shifted under him impatiently wanting more friction and the hunter let out an embarrassingly whimper like sound before reaching down to find his bag and scramble through it to find the bottle he was sure he had. When he finally found it he held it up for Cas to see.

"You sure about this?" he asked. Needy blue eyes sought his.

"Please Dean" arousal had made the others voice hoarse and it made him shudder to hear it. Cas then raised his knees and parted them and Dean swallowed heavily before drizzling lube onto his fingers and hesitating only slightly placed one inside his angel. Cas gasped and clenched around him and Dean could swear he'd never been so aroused in his life. Inserting another finger he began to scissor the tight hole while his lover moaned and panted around him making the whole process very distracting.

Eventually Dean could take no more and removed the fingers gaining him a slightly reproachful look which soon disappeared once Cas saw what was going to happen next. Dean was sure he'd never put on a condom so quickly and when he finally started to slide inside he was sure he was in heaven. Hot, tight and slippery with lube Dean moaned loudly at the sensation gripping Cas' hips to steady himself.

It didn't take long, they had both been dreaming about this for a very long time and both were new to the feeling. Dean pushed up into him hard and fast both moaning and sliding together in ecstasy. Cas came first but the sensation of being clenched around was too much and Dean came soon after.

After he'd regained the strength to pull out he pulled Cas to him with a satisfied sigh. The angel went willingly enough burying his nose into the side of Dean's neck and inhaling. The hunter threw him a strange look before he admitted he had a thing for the way he smelled. On any other occasion he would have laughed but now he smiled serenely before confessing how he felt about those blue eyes and inviting Cas to take a shower with him.


When all was said and done and Sam had reunited with his brother it didn't take him long to notice that something was different between his brother and friend and he watched Dean discreetly take Cas' hand whenever he could. The younger Winchester smiled at how much happier they both were.

Also Bobby now owed him ten bucks.

A/N Okay so I know how long it has been since I updated but that's because I'd blush every five minutes while writing this and then have to come back to it. First ever time writing smut and yeah it sucks but I hope you liked the story regardless :)