They all have some sort of family or friends they've left behind. People they love or have loved.

They all promise that they'll come home, that they'll win for them. I've seen families have daughters and sons be torn from their clutches, like a lost limb. I've seen lovers separated. Hearts broken.

Sometimes, just sometimes, new loves are formed within these glamorous prison walls. These never last long though. Given a few fair hours, another love will be shattered. Sometimes, this love is never for real.

Problem is, it's the only thing that keeps us going. It's the only thing keeping some of us sane. Normally, those without some sort of relationship or friendship with another are those that lose their sanity first. It just proves my point really.

It's the one aspect of humans that those 'well respected game-makers' of the capitol use for many of their plot twists. Monsters are what they are. Monsters don't feel love, not like we do. They also don't feel the pain that can be extracted from love.

They capitol claims one person survives the games. One soul, one body, one heart. They don't know the truth. In reality:

'What will survive of us is love'