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Pairings: Naruto/Harem

Warnings: Mentions of neglect, graphic

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Chapter 1

Naruto smirked as the academy closed for the next day. He was regarded as the dead last with his sister being at the top of the class due to blackmail from the teacher and favoritism. The last Uchiha was also at the top for the same reason.

Honestly, though, Naruto could care less about such a corrupt institution. Most of the teachers of the Ninja academy were civilians! How backwards was that! The one teacher that was any good was fired due to him trying to teach the class what they would need to know and most of it not being on the school curriculum.

Whoever gave the civilian council control of the academy was a grade A idiot!

Naruto smirked as he was beaten up for being in the Namikaze family's prescience; this wasn't going to happen much longer anyways. He was going to break free in about a week.

Naruto walked into the Namikaze mansion with his genjutsu still covering his arm, it wouldn't do him any good to show the fools that he had absorbed the Kyuubi's chakra and turned it into his arm after he had lost it in one of the mob attacks. His experimentation with the Kyuubi's chakra showed him that it gave his genjutsu the ability of the Yakumo clan and when he added it to his eyes he got the Sharingan.

Naruto had taken several of the civilians that had beaten him up in mobs and no one was able to figure out what was going on, after all, no one was going to tell people that they had beaten him up as they would go to jail, even if it was obvious that it had happened.

Naruto had figured out that the Kyuubi's chakra was poisonous and that it could destroy someone if they got a taste of it. He had created his own medical style using this technique. He would use it to heal himself and kill someone else before they were able to even attack, much like the gentle fist that the Hyuuga used.

Speaking of the Hyuuga, he had figured out how to reawaken his chakra points after several mob attacks that they had participated in.

Naruto smirked as he thought about how far he had come from that neglected kid that didn't know any techniques.

Naurto had used the Sharingan that he had created and turned it on permanently. It was quite easy to fuse it with his normal eyes. Using it, he had created a different version of it that looked like the fox's eyes more than anything else. It also gave him the ability to use killing intent to the extreme (like Orochimaru in the forest of death). He could paralyze someone long enough for him to kill him.

It was all thanks to Kurenai Yuhi, his tutor in the ninja arts. Of course, as soon as they found out that he wasn't only getting attention but also training, they fired her and tried her. Of course, she was only brought down to a chuunin because she was too famous as the only genjutsu mistress in the world.

Her friends had also stuck up for him on occasion.

But, he knew what he had to do at this point, so he didn't care what happened.

It was time for him to leave this miserable place to rot.

And he was going to use everything he had in his arsenal to do it…

No one would get in his way.


A few hours later he was at the village gat timing the patrols and figuring out their timings.

Naruto had found a five minute duration between patrols where no one was there and he could freely get through.

Naruto rushed through the window of opportunity and hauled himself over the gate

4 minutes left…

Naruto jumped over the gate and onto one of the tree and jumped lower with each branch.

3 minutes left…

Naruto finally got to the ground and caught himself before he tripped, he should have realized that there would have been some over balance from the mob today.

2 minutes left…

Naruto started running on the ground as fast as he could go, knowing that he had to put as much distance between him and the Anbu before they could check the barrier detection. That was one of the major flaws, the Anbu had to manually check the barrier and couldn't do it automatically.

One minute…

Naruto started covering himself inside of a tree and hid there for a few moments as he finally heard the alarm go off, signaling the break in the barrier had been found.

Zero minutes…

Naruto held his breath as several Anbu members checked the clearing.

He nearly sighed in relief when he heard the Anbu give the negative to anyone in the area.

Naruto waited a few moments after the Anbu had left the area to make sure that they wouldn't check the area again and then he took to the quickest route, knowing the Anbu would look underneath the underneath and never check the main route there.

Naruto was cut off nearly a half hour later as he saw Kushina Uzumaki waiting for him with Jiraya, Itachi, Yuugao, Anko, Kurenai, and Tsume.

Naruto said, "Well, well, I see Konoha was better than I expected, I expected to be able to get out of the country before they sent anyone good after me, of course, there are only five good people, and two out of shape and out of date ninja."

Kushina then started wailing, "Naruto, why are you doing this?"

"Ask Minato, your husband, as well as the tormentor of me!" Naruto said with an insane laugh.

"What are you talking about, brat?" Jiraya's gruff voice asked.

"Your apprentice was trying to make Narumi into the loyal servant of the village and make me into the punching bag, why do you think that as soon as I got training he stopped it, or the academy is so horrible to me! If you look at my test you will find that the idiots didn't even try to cover up their actions, they just graded it failing and didn't even change the answers to ones that were false!" Naruto said with a howl of laughter.

Kurenai took a step back at her apprentice acting so insane before she thought for a bit and realized that Minato had a lot to answer for.

She then signaled her friends in the language that they had made up and told them not to attack with full strength and to let him leave.

Naruto saw this and smirked before he lifted him arm and flowed his chakra through it and created a blue chakra arm (Naruto vs. Sasuke 2: VOTE) and sent it at the four friends and let them get hit.

The four of them got knocked out and Itachi was blown away by the extra force, but the other two dodged out of the way.

Jiraya was paused after a few kunai were thrown at Naruto. Naruto had gotten him with his killing intent and then tricked Kushina with a genjutsu on her that made her head back to Konoha thinking that she had gotten him back. It would wear off in a couple of miles, but that was enough time for him.

Naruto smirked, but, before he could leave, Itachi got in his way.

"Do you really think that I would just let you leave?" Itachi asked.

"No, did you really think that you can stop me, though?" Naruto asked. "You know nothing about my skills thanks to the academy tampering, and there is no way you can defeat me since you rely on prediction. I also know how to counter your Sharingan, so you don't have a card to use."

Itachi just stood aside and let him pass after a few moments of deliberation.

Naruto just walked past him and then once he was past enough where Itachi couldn't get him, he sprinted away.

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