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So guys what about Quinntana sexy times? Still sad about the kiss but Troll Murphy was at it again. Kinda want Quinn and Santana to be a thing.

Naya had just finished recording in the studio when Ryan Murphy entered and smiled at little Sofia who was chatting to the tech man who was working on the song Naya had just recorded. Sofia was telling Timmy all about her and Mama's day and how it was going to be very cool.

Ryan smiled because he loves little Sofia he loves how much she is like Dianna but then like Naya at the same time. Ryan walked over to Sofia and lifted her into his arms she squealed with delight and hugged his neck while he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist.

"Miss Sofia you are looking very beautiful today" Ryan said while kissing Sofia lightly on the cheek. Sofia giggled

"Mr RyRy, You look very pwetty too" Sofia said while kissing his cheek back, Naya laughed loudly at Sofia and Ryan's banter. Everyone loved Sofia because she doesn't mind speaking her mind like Naya but yet is super sweet like Dianna.

Ryan laughed too they always call each other beautiful and pretty, Ryan walked over to Naya and kissed her on the cheek. Sofia jumped into her Mama's waiting arms and snuggled in close. Ryan smiled at the pair because they looked so alike they could be twins. And throughout the whole cast Sofia is known as Snix 2.0 because she is the spitting image. Sofia loves the attention she gets from the entire cast and plays the attention to her favour. Ryan knowing how much Naya and Dianna both wanted a big family knew they'd be the first to have children and his prediction was right.

Naya placed Sofia on to the couch and started talking to Ryan about Logan and David and also the show and how it's going. Seeing as Glee is now on its 8th season and the last season of the entire show is very depressing for everyone as Dianna and Naya had been there from the start so now they are still known as Quinn and Santana and with a surprise for the viewer's Ryan has asked for the original cast to come back for season 8 and so far it has been amazing as Glee now has the most amount of ratings they have ever had.

Sofia was smiling listening to her Mama talk; she has really enjoyed her day out with Naya and always likes spending time with her. Naya looked over to Sofia and winked which caused Sofia to let out the cutest giggle ever which had Naya laughing along with her.

Sofia moved off the couch and walked towards Naya with her hands behind her back and I pout on her lips. Sofia stopped in front of Naya and rocked back and forth on the heel of her feet. When Naya didn't notice Sofia she grabbed the edge of Naya's top and tugged it down making Naya stare down at her. Naya arched her eyebrow at Sofia who had a small pout on her lips and smiled, Naya bent down to Sofia's level.

"Hey bebe what's wrong?" Naya said with laughter in her voice.

"Me need da potty" Sofia in a small shy voice still with a pout on her lips.

Naya laughed at Sofia then picked her up and told Ryan she was taking her to the toilet. Ryan nodded and Naya and Sofia left the room. Sofia was in awe of the set, Naya walked her through the choir room and Sue's office to reach the toilets on the other side of the set where Hemo and Vanessa were touching up their make-up. Both older girls squealed in excitement and rushed over to Sofia and Hemo picked her up and spun her around while Vanessa hugged Naya tightly and vice versa. Sofia wriggled in Vanessa arms because she was about to wee herself.

"Nessa down now pwease, Mama wee wee" Sofia squealed in desperation.

Hemo and Vanessa laughed as Sofia did a funny dance to let her Mama know she needed the toilet now. Naya picked up Sofia and took her to the toilet after Sofia had finished they made their way back out onto the set where Dianna was sitting next to Lea and Amber. Sofia squealed in excitement as she rushed over to Dianna and landed in her lap which knocked the wind out of Dianna but she cuddled into Sofia instead. Dianna looked up and winked at Naya who raised her eyebrows in return, Dianna slowly let her eyes travel down Naya toned body and licked her lower lip in appreciation.

When Dianna reached Naya eyes she saw Naya smirking Naya walked over to Dianna and placed a small peak on Dianna's lips then proceeded to sit down in the chair next to her. Sofia had made herself comfortable on her Auntie Lea's lap while talking to her Auntie Amber and Uncle Chord. Sofia laughed loudly at her Uncle Chord's impressions and the group laughed along with little Sofia.

Naya and Dianna were still checking each other out so to them it was just Naya and Dianna in the room no one else. Dianna leaned over and cupped the back of Naya's neck making her look up into the lust filled hazel eyes. Dianna leaned in and kissed Naya on her lips while Naya slipped her tongue in, they were so engrossed in each other that they forgot they were on set with the rest of the cast and their 3 year old daughter.

"Ladies maybe you should save that for the bedroom" Lea's voice broke them from their lust filled haze wiping their lips they looked up to see Chord and Cory smirking at them while Lea and Amber were trying to hold in their laughter.

"Tia Lee, Hey pway hide n seek all da ime" Sofia said while smiling up at her Auntie Lea.

"Oh do they hunny" Lea said while smirking at a blushing Dianna and ever Naya was blushing.

"YES hey alway do Tia Lee, but ake oud noises, and Mama said she has nice pussy cat" Sofia said proudly while Chord and Cory look like they want to died and Naya and Dianna sink lower into their chairs with bright red cheeks.

"Ook Tia Lee hey ook like dat wen done pwaying, but Mommy has messy hair" Sofia said which furthered Naya and Dianna's embarrassment.

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