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I never really thought anything not normal or even paranormal would happen to me. I was naive enough to believe it.

It was even on a normal night, despite having my friend over, that everything turned for the worst. And I didn't even suspect anything until it was too late.


"Tara, I've done something mildly impressing" I mumbled to my friend as I opened the microwave door. "Really?" Came my friend's voice from the living room. "How?"

"I've burnt our brownies..." I called back, taking the bowl out of the microwave. It was a crappy recipe I found to make five minute brownies in a mug. Of cause, I didn't make them in a mug. Instead a bowl. I didn't think it would make much of a difference. Obviously it did.

I could hear Tara laugh from the other room before she joined me in the kitchen, her glasses missing for once. "How?" she asked, fighting down a giggle. I gestured to the air round us, the smell the microwave was producing. "It hadn't been right for a couple of days now. Should've guessed" I said, putting the pitch black and still sizzling brownies into the sink to cool off.

"I thought you said you were a good cook" Tara laughed from behind me. I turned swiftly and pointed a finger at her. "No better than you, miss I-can-burn-baked-beans"

"Don't use that against me" Tara laughed. "It's an easy thing to do!" I raised my eyebrow at her. "Try making brownies from scratch"

"You used a recipe. That's not from scratch"

"My iPod started to spas' up half way through making them, so half scratched brownies" I smiled at her and walked to the living room, trusting that the brownies wornt suddenly going to catch alight spontaneously.

I sat down in the sofa, Tara following me like a sheep. I noticed that she had search the story of Jeff the Killer on my laptop. "Don't blame me if you can't sleep tonight" I said, taking a sip of my coke-a-cola. Tara looked at me. "You aren't freaked out at all? Not even after reading the story?" she asked.

"For about a day. Then I realised, he's not real" I reminded her.

"How do you know?"

"Because we'd both be dead by now" I said. "That's how I know"

Tara laughed and sat on the floor, taking my laptop as she went. "How about Slenderman?"

"Freaks the shit out of me still" I said. "Bring a picture up of him and I will throw coke over you" I could see the cocky smile on her face. "How about-"

"Can you stop talking about Creepypasta please? You're making me hungry" I asked her.

"How about Karl?"

"He isn't Creepypasta. He's like...Unknown-pasta..." I said.

"Does he freak you out?"

"A walking-talking-violin-playing-pirate-statue doesn't you?" I asked her. "Much rather be killed by him than Jeff"

There was a sound; rain tapping on the windows. I sighed. "There goes my plan to buy already made brownies. I'm not going out in the rain"

"Sod the brownies" Tara said. I gasped at her. "You brownie traitor!" I laughed. "I really wanted brownies tho'"

"If your parents were here, they could take us to the shops" Tara said.

"Hmm, or my brother" I agreed. "But both of my parents are in Florida and my brothers at University, leaving me to have as many sleep overs with you as I want" I said with a smile.

"You're Internet keeps crashing by the way" Tara informed. "Yay" I said sarcastically as I got up.

"Where are you going?" Tara asked immediately. I wasn't even out the door frame to the hall. "Toilet. Aren't I aloud?" I asked giving her a cocky smile, climbing the stairs.

As I reached the top, I was about to turn the door knob to the bathroom but I suddenly had the feeling that someone was watching me. I turned to my bedroom door swiftly, seeing that it was slightly a-jar. I had left it shut completely before I left. I always do.

I moved slowly, pushing to door gently. Crazy scenarios went around my mind that I banished. It was nothing. I was just stupid enough not to notice me not shutting it. My room the other side was cold, which was unusual for that my room always felt like a sauna. There was a cold draft.

The window was wide open and the covers of my bed next to it looked like it had tripped someone up.

None of my scenarios could explain this. As I looked shocked at my bed, the door shut behind me. My breathing increased dramatically as I could hear the floor boards shift behind me, slowly, almost tauntingly. I wished I brought a flash light because as the door shut, it cut off the last of the light. Only a breath bit of moon light filled the room and my phone wasn't in my pocket.

My thoughts were broke as a hand clasped around my mouth, making my stomach twist with fear. Then I was dragged back into someone as their other hand hold my neck. My hands were on theirs, trying to break their grip. They felt leathery. Then it hit me.

Jeff the Killer

I rammed an elbow into his stomach, making him crouch a bit but it didn't make him drop me. I tried biting his hand, stamping on his foot, even licking him as a last resort, but nothing worked until he finally lost his grip a bit on my, giving me a chance to kick my heal up into his crouch.

He let go instantly (any guys weakness) and I jumped over him, running down the stairs. As I reached the hall I had that feeling again like someone was watching me. I turned to the kitchen, then, I almost collapsed. There stood Slenderman, black suit and no face. It was hard to shake the fear out of me.

"Tara!" I screamed. She came instantly, standing by me. "What? What!? WHAT?!" she asked as she followed my gaze. Then, I could see the colour drain from her face. "S-Slender..." she stuttered but my attention was brought to the top of the stairs. Jeff stood there, White hoodie covered in dried blood and his Glasgow Grin in sight clearly shown in the moon light. Even his knife could be seen.

I grabbed Tara and hauled her to the front door, opening it and running out even before Slenderman has time to use his tentacles or Jeff to even jump down the stairs.

The winter air was cold around us but I didn't stop to think about it. I guided Tara to the right to run but I saw a figure approaching. It looked like they had their hands in their pockets as he approached. But then I saw the coat that flared behind him. I gasped slightly as his grin became oblivious and the bird at his shoulder.


This couldn't be happening. It was just a crazy dream.

Tara came next to me. "Is that who I bloody think it is?!" she asked, her northern accent coming through her voice. I turned her round.

"I'm not taking my chances with him-" but I was cut off as someone, or something jumped onto one of my neighbours roofs. His red eye shone obviously against the night, the same with his body. Then the grin caught me and I stopped, knowing who it was.

Black ace.

"Who's that?" Tara asked. I had forgotten that she didn't know who he was or how dangerous he was. I pulled her forward. "It doesn't matter" I said as I saw those 'things' came out from

Black ace's back.

"Run! Now!" I screamed, pushing Tara forward. We would of continued if it wasn't for the fact that Black ace jumped down from the roof in front of us.

Tara began to back up. "W-what do we do now?" she stuttered. Black ace began to straighten up again, the sword in his mechanic hand.

I turned and Tara followed my lead. "Karl's saver than him! Run past him!"

"I doubt Karl's very safe when Arma is a spear..." Tara said, looking over her shoulder. That's when we noticed that Slenderman and Jeff stepped out from my house.

"We're trapped?!"Tara said, franticly looking round. I saw a small opening between two houses. "Nope!" I pushed Tara to run through first, daring to look back. Tentacles sprouted from Slenderman's back.

"Run even faster!" I yelled to Tara who panicked.

We came across two openings, both leading somewhere. Tara turned to me. " We could lose them with we both go different ways" she explained.

"But what if one of them gets you? What if there's more?!"I asked.

"I'll signal with the sound of a whale"

"Ok... What does a whale sound like above water?"

"Fine! A dog "

"Seems fair... Please don't get killed" I pleaded her.

"Sophie, since when have I tried to kill myself?" she said proudly. "...don't answer that" and with that, she took the left turning.

I ran as fast as I could but the image of Tara being torn apart from either Black ace or Slenderman kept running through my mind. I stopped running. I needed to go back and help her. What type of friend was I? One to let my friend die?

I was about to turn back but the sound of twigs broke my attention. I look round a fence to a tall figure walking past, holding my breath instantly. My first thought that it was Jeff but I noticed just how tall they were.

"Climber?" I asked curiously. The mannequin turned his head round to face me as I slowly approached. "Oh, hello!" he said cheerfully. "H-how do you know my name?" He probably noticed the terrified expression on my face. "Is there s-something wrong?" he asked. I nodded my head sheepishly, trying not to burst into tears. The images of Tara were still in my mind, clearly showing her mutilated body. I rubbed the sleeve of my jumper against my right eye. Climber saw this and held my shoulders as if he expected me to burst into a fountain.

I shook my head with a wavering smile. "K-Karl and-" My voice was cracking which came a shock to me. I skipped trying to explain who else was here. "M-my friend is in danger of being torn a-apart. I dont know what to do! This is all my fault!" I yelled distraughtly, almost clinging onto Climber. I was so scared and Climber seemed to be the only character that wasn't likely to kill me. I felt him wrap around me and I suddenly felt safe.

"Ah, here's where she got to!~" Karl chuckled. I gasped at the sound of his eerie voice somewhere behind me. Climber moved me behind him. "I won't let you break her!" he said, spreading his flimsy arms wide.

"Deary me, Cloth-guy! Have you not learned? Humans don't break. They die" Karl said, walking forwards.

I looked around Climber's body, watching Karl's every move. The unfortunate thing was Karl saw me behind Climber and flashed me one of those creepy smiles. "Hello!~" he said. A cold shiver slivered down my spine as instincts told me to take a step back.

"Hey, I won't hurt you!" He lied. I knew it was a lie. Since when had he told the truth?

"All we need is that little human, and you wouldn't want to get broken, would you?" Karl asked Climber but he said still wouldn't move.

"You'll have to go throw me first!" he yelled. That's when Karl lunged, that psychotic grin the last thing me remembering.