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Tara's POV

Am I still dreaming or have a finally lost my mind being around Sophie for too long? There were fictional characters everywhere. No way was this real. Okay, this proves I've gone insane. I've always wondered what's its like to be insane, but this?!

Maybe this is how I die. Killed off by a bunch of fictional American characters all with an obsession with slaughtering every living thing. And I was stuck in a house with them.

...Was someone looking at me? Oh god! Someone's watching me sleep! Wait, I'm not even sleeping. I'm just lying on the sofa faking sleep. But still, someone is watching me fake sleeping. If I was asleep it would be fine. I wouldn't know the difference. But I'm awake and still alive and freaking out and slowly losing my mind. Or have I already lost it?

Okay, they just pecked me- pecked me?!

I opened my eyes to be met by a small pair of red beady ones. "Arma?" I asked the cement statue as if she would answer me with words. The crow just cocked her head at me. She pecked me again and I battled her away with my hands. That bird as attitude.

I tried to sit up but a sharp pain shot through my legs. Arching my head to see my own legs hurt more then moving them itself. And so, I was pinned to the sofa getting pecked to death by a bird. I always knew my death was going to be unusual.

"Looks like four eyes is waking up"

Four eyes? What the hell! I took my glasses off yesterday and was too unconscious to put them back on. At least where they had gone had been answered but who put them on? Sophie? Why the hell would she put my glasses back on when i was asleep? If anything she would steal them when i was asleep and wear them herself.

The voice was new and coming from the...TV? The TV was talking? Okay, now I really have lost my mind. I turned my head to look at the TV. In it was a boy that looked like Link from Zelda? That apart he didn't have any eyes and he was grinning like he was going to murder me. Oh great, another psychopath.

"Who are you? Where's Sophie?" I asked the elf who returned with a frown. "Who?" he asked rather rudely. "A blonde girl?"

"Yeah, I'm looking at one"

"Quite big boobs? Brags about them..."

"Her? She ran out. She's called Sophie?" he asked me. That's when I realised I gave out her name to a murderer...serves her right for leaving me alone.

"Who are you?" The TV boy asked me. I should give a fake name. Any name that crosses my mind fast enough.

"Kara" I answered.

I'm an idiot

"Kara?" He asked with a frown. "That's funny because I heard your friend call you Tara" he said sternly.

Dammit Sophie.

"Then why did you ask?" I returned his rude tone. "And who exactly are you, pixie ears?" I watched his smirk drop from his face. "...You shouldn't have done that" He said slowly and...evily?

"Oh really? Well, I'm sorry. I just don't talk to elf people in TVs every day." I said, interrupting him. I watched his face gradually become more and more I watched him climb out of the TV. It was his go to watch my face gradually lose colour. I chuckled nervously as he walked nearer. "I have a horrible habit of saying stuff I don't even mean!" I tried to lie with an uncomfortable laugh.

"Lair" he said, almost seeing throw it instantly.

"I'm not lying!"

"Yes you are"

"No I'm not"

"Yes you are"

"No I'm not"

"Yes you are"

Be this time he was completely standing over me, grinning down at me. I chuckled nervously again. "...Please don't hurt me?" I asked. Just then the door opened behind us. Sophie came walking in, holding Climber's wrist.

"Sophie! Why am I wearing glasses?!" I asked, making her jump and turn to me. "That's the weirdest thank you I've ever heard" she commented in a mumble.

"That's because I'm not thankful" I replied. She looked at me. "If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be able to see that computer virus staring down at you" she said.

I bolted forwards, only succeeding in whacking my head into the wall. "He's a wha-?" I asked whilst rubbing my head. "Computer virus" she said. "Remember that time when I was talking about a Creepypasta called BEN drowned?" she asked. The elf boy looked over his shoulder. "So, you talk about me?" he grinned. Sophie scowled and looked back at me. "That's him" she continued.

"...I'm surprised" I blurted out. "He's nothing like I'd suspect" 'BEN' turned back to me. "What were you expecting, blondie?" he asked.

"Not you, that's for sure" I said. My attention turned back to Sophie. "Soph, why can't I walk?"

"Black ace messed up your legs" she said, walking Climber into the living room. "Oh, spiffing "I said sarcastically. "...Hey, Climber" he didn't reply at first. He seemed too busy looking around Sophie's house.

Sophie walked into the room but suddenly a green sleeve stopped her. I watched her face scowl as she turned to BEN. He had a closed mouth grin and I could just tell he had the personality for just annoying people carelessly.

"Oh, and watch this" Sophie said as she drove a hand throw BEN's head. My eyes widened as it went completely throw, not harming BEN in anyway. "...That's cool" I said, pointing a finger. BEN slapped Sophie's hands away and crossed his arms in a sulk.

"We can't touch him in aggressive ways" Sophie grinned.

As I tried to get up, my leg suddenly buckled and I fell heavily to the floor. BEN hopped over me onto the sofa and put his feet up. I growled to myself, most of the sound being muffled by the floor. Sophie sighed at me. "I'm leaving you there"

"Friendship. Right there" I said

"BEN. Off" I heard Sophie command.



"I don't feel like it" He yawned. Sophie sighed heavily. "Everything was going to go fine until you turned up"

"Me?" I asked her. "No, not you. Go back to sleep, Tara" BEN said down to me. I could tell he was grinning.

Sophie was getting annoyed. Being her friend for so long I could tell she was. Just not by looking at her face to tell but that was kind of obvious. She was actually digging her nails into her arm to try to restrain herself. Knowing from the past that it wasn't going to end well, I lent up. As I did, BEN seemed to pass throw me. He didn't seem to care either. Just carried on sitting on the sofa, staring at Sophie who was staring at me...She was freaking me out a little...


"You're standing"


"Your legs are still messed up, or meant to be" She explained. I looked down at myself just as my legs gave way and I fell back onto the sofa by BEN. "Well done, Soph" I sighed. "You encouraged them to collapse "

"Screw you" she said as she walked out.

With nothing else to do, I watched her go. Until I felt someone leaning in on me. Annoyed, I turn my head to the computer virus and his massive grin across his face. "What?"

He didn't answer me so I asked again, more sternly. And yet, I still didn't get an answer, nor could I get up and get away from him. Oh, this is going to be an interesting day.

Sophie's POV

"'I'm surprised" Tara declared. I looked up from my laptop to look at her. "Why?" I asked. She smiled. "Because neither of us are insane yet" I couldn't help but smile back. "And I'm surprised you haven't gone on a killing spree having BEN follow you all day"

"Don't even mention it" she sighed. "But where is that annoy green pixie ears?" Just then my computer went black. I froze, expecting anything to happen, especially for BEN to do something since we'd mentioned him. After a while, Tara noticed and asked to turn it to her since she couldn't walked to the other sofa to look. But as I turned it, a hand shot out and closed around my wrist. I screamed bloody murder so much Tara almost jumped out her skin. BEN's cruel laughter could be heard as my heart beat at an uncomfortable fast pace.

"Are trying to kill me?!" I yelled at the computer.

"Yes" came the cocky reply from within the technology.

"Just piss off already!" Tara leaned into the computer.


"Please?" I begged with a heavy sigh

"Well, since you asked so nicely...-No"

"Fine " I slammed the laptop shut suddenly, causing BEN to squeak in surprise. I then I throw the laptop onto the sofa as I stood up. "I'll just turn the electricity off"

There was a pause before any answer from him. "...okay, I'll be good"

Tara have a sigh of relief. "So I can actually rest now without any hassle? "

"Oh, I wouldn't promise that" Karl said from the other side of the living room. I looked over to him. "So here? I wouldn't have thought you'd left by now, having to live with two human's and all " I commented, directly to annoy him. His eye twitched a little but over wise his grin stayed. "I'm ...always willing to help" he said, fumbling over his words. "And since I can't kill either of you..." he stopped talking completely and turned to look out the window.

"Oh great" Tara mentioned. "I feel so much better now I know that I won't be brutally ripped apart in my sleep by a statue"