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Chapter 1

Exiled Prince

Elementar; a world so different yet so similar to ours. It is a place with people so similar yet so different to us. They live by traditions and different cultures and live in different continents separated from each other and yet they live together as if they lived into one. The continents were large sections of land which contained people that knew something that we may never know ourselves.

They knew how to connect with the elements and use that power to improve their lives.

Six different continents create Elementar. It is because of these different continents that people were able to live in harmony. They were separate and yet acted like the people from everywhere were their next door neighbours. Each continent was different with climate and terrain and yet no one cared. The continents were Feuern the Fire Continent, Ozean the Water Continent, Kurbeln the Wind Continent, Erden the Earth Continent, Stahlern the Metal Continent, and Damonen the Void Continent. Out of all the continents, most of the power belonged to Damonen. The people that lived there, especially the royalty, were feared because of the powers they had.

They were able to create demons, creatures that take any shape or size that can only be controlled by the most powerful.

The current ruler of Damonen was not a tyrant but neither was he a saint. He ruled with just and made sure to make everything right, whether it was to make the people of Damonen happy or to make those from the other continents happy. He lent all his summoned demons to serve to protect the people of Elementar. But at the moment, he had a problem; a problem he was not sure how to solve.

He watched through a crystal ball as he saw the latest demons he had summoned wander through the continent of Feuern, considered to be a fiery wasteland of red soil and a volcano that looked like it reached the sky. The ground burned on the demons' feet and the steam made their eyes sting but this did not bother them one bit. They were determined to succeed their goal and prove stronger than the demons that took this challenge before them. They continued their way through the red wasteland, searching their target, when something strange appeared before them.

A small light brown bear with tiny violet bat wings was flying around a small distance from the demons, as if trying to get their attention. The demons eyed the weird looking flying creature and began walking over to it. The creature itself appeared harmless. It didn't show any signs that would say otherwise.

Little did these demons know that it was all part of the plan.

A swift jump kick hit one of the demons at the side of the head before they could react. They all looked and saw their target before them. A young man stood there, smirking and chuckling, as if making fun of the demons. The demons roared in fury and began charging at the young man, but he was smarter and dodged by jumping high in the air followed by a front flip. The young man turned around the moment his feet hit the burning hot ground and with all his energy focused into his hands and smacked the demons' backs with his palms. The demons evaporated into dark mist and disappeared from the air.

The young man sighed as he began to relax. The demons were gone now but he knew they would return. They would always return to take his life. A squeak sounded beside him, letting him know of the small bear with wings' presence. The young man smiled; dark violet eyes glittering with pride, and ruffled the fur on the bear's head.

"You did really well today Suzuki," said the young man; his voice a deep baritone, "We live again for another day."

The bear, Suzuki, gave a squeak of satisfaction and flew around his master in joy. They began heading away from the battlefield and found a nice cave to sleep in. The young man took off his black tank top, exposing his toned chest gleaming with sweat from the battle, and hung it up. He sat down and relaxed, leaning back and closing his eyes, knowing he didn't have to do anymore fighting for the day.

"I thought for sure you would've been defeated today."

The young man opened his eyes to see an illusion of a head with a familiar face floating above him. Suzuki growled at the face, indicating that he wasn't the only one that saw it. The head sighed.

"Those demons weren't weak," the head continued, "They are considered Level 3. They are the halfway point to complete strength."

But the young man closed his eyes again. "Funny that you would be talking with me as if we were close," he replied, "You did almost try to kill me, Ruler of Damonen."

"I don't really think you're all that great to talk with either Akihiko," said the head, "However after you left Damonen, I was left to clean up your mess. No matter where you go, you are still a prince of Damonen, and by abandoning your throne you signed a warrant on your head for my demons, determined to kill you and banish you from existance. They will even do horrible things to those that try to help you. Remember what happened the last time someone tried to help you."

The young man named Akihiko lowered his head, silver bangs covering the hurt in his violet eyes. "It will never happen again. I made sure to isolate myself from everyone. I'm used to being alone anyways. I will do anything if it means to free myself from that accursed place people would assume as my home."

The ruler's head looked at Akihiko and gave an annoyed sigh. As much as he didn't like the silver haired man and how much of a non pleasing person he was to talk to, he didn't want this cat and mouse chase to continue. He had more important things he needed to do rather than this nonsense, like creating things that would bring people joy and happiness.

"Akihiko, give me three days and I may be able to find a compromise so I can finally have some peace and you can have your freedom," the ruler told him.

Akihiko looked back at the head. "Why three days?" he asked, "Why not just give me my freedom now?"

"Unlike you, I actually plan to do something that follows the steps of our ancestors," the ruler snapped, "One of us has to follow our family's footsteps and I know it's not going to be you. You either wait three days or we'll continue our little 'game' for another 13 years."

The silver haired man rolled his eyes. "Alright, alright! Does that mean that you will be calling your demons off?"

"No," said the ruler bluntly, "Who knows? During the next three days my demons may actually succeed in killing you."

Suzuki, who had enough of the ruler's insults on his master, flew up to the head and fighting while failing to deal any damage. Akihiko stood up and took Suzuki in his arms, calming the little bear.

The head stared at the bear. "One thing I do not understand is why, out of all the demons you can summon, you choose to summon that little thing?" he continued, "He is a Level 1 demon, the weakest of all demons. He can never protect you against a horde like a Level 5 demon can."

"Suzuki may be a Level 1 in strength," Akihiko began, "But he is a Level 5 in loyalty. He is the only one I can rely on as I live in a lonely world, fighting for what I truly want; something you may never know how to do, Haruhiko."

Haruhiko was silent from Akihiko's response. He rarely heard anything like that said to him. But then again, he expected nothing less from Akihiko, who dreamed that fighting for something would always get him what he wanted. He gave another sigh. "Your hold on fantasy may lead to your death eventually. Three days Akihiko, and I may find something that may work for the both of us. But I am not doing this for you. I have more important things to do than deal with my baby brother."

And before another breath was made, the head disappeared. Akihiko sighed and sat back down with a sigh. A tiny whimper left Suzuki as he stared up at his master; worried of anything happening to him. The silver haired man looked down at his small companion and smiled, patting his head. "You don't have to worry Suzuki," Akihiko assured him, "I won't be defeated by him and his demon armies." And slowly, Akihiko found himself slipping into a deep sleep. He dreamt of himself flying in the sky, free of any worry or danger. He wanted that dream to come true, even if he had to put his life on the line.

Damonen, although the most powerful of the continents, was also the most strict. The people that resided there had to follow the traditions or the consequences would be vital, whether it was being exiled or having a part of you chopped off or even death. This rule applied for the royal family as well. Haruhiko and Akihiko were the princes of Damonen and were depended on for following these rules. Haruhiko, being the eldest and the wisest, followed the rules without question. But Akihiko, who wanted free will, refused to take responsibility. He left Damonen, determined to break all ties of his royal blood and to live in freedom.

But his actions weren't meant to go unpunished. Haruhiko, who was given the titles of King of Damonen and Emperor of Elementar, was also given the order to deal with his brother, and give him the punishment of death in abandoning his role as prince. And, as he always did, Haruhiko followed that order.

This continued for 13 years; Akihiko defeating every demon Haruhiko would send and Haruhiko determined to follow through with his role of king. Although considered enemies, Haruhiko would always send an illusion of himself to talk reason into Akihiko, but the younger brother would not let his dreams go, and no amount of persuading; whether physical or reasoning, would make him change his mind. Now, Haruhiko was determined to find an end to this. With every rule, there was always a loophole, and Akihiko's sentence was no exception. During the three days he promised Akihiko, Haruhiko searched through every rule of Damonen, finding the loophole that may save Akihiko's life and Haruhiko's sanity.

On the final of the three days, Haruhiko found that loophole. He knew that this would put an end to everything and the older brother could be rid of his brother for good, whether it ended with the latter dead or alive.

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