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Chapter 14


Night fell on Erden consuming it with a calm darkness, using only the moon and the stars for light on this land. But there was a small bit of Erden where the light of flames brightened the part up. This was the square where the people of the village were preparing for the celebration. Torches and flowers surrounded the entire square.

Usagi came out to see everything. Never did he think it would look this mesmerizing. He looked around the place when something caught his eye. Among the flowers that were decorated in clay vases, he saw familiar pink roses; the same pink roses Misaki collected. He wondered if he was alright.

He heard a familiar voice calling over to him and saw that it was King Takahiro, standing there with a smile and a beautiful woman beside him. Usagi walked over to him with a smile.

"You look great," the king replied, "As I expected, the clothes of Erden look exceptional on you," He gestured to the woman beside him. "This is my wife, Queen Manami."

Usagi bowed. "A pleasure."

Queen Manami giggled. "Please, you are a guest. You don't have to be so formal."

"I'm sorry," Usagi responded.

"But I agree with my husband that the clothes chosen for you for tonight really do suit you."

Usagi himself looked down at the outfit. It didn't look any different from anyone else's at the celebration. He was dressed in a dark violet cloth loincloth and a long necklace of silver beads around his neck. It was quite little to wear, but this was the traditional attire during this celebration. All the men were dressed like this, wearing dark coloured loincloths and some sort of neck accessory. Meanwhile, all the women dressed in bright coloured brassieres and long skirts with a long slit on the side for the legs. The clothes were possibly to be comfortable as well as to help with dancing.

It wasn't long until they all had to be sitting in a semi circle, watching beautiful dancers. Both male and female dancers were absolutely wonderful as they danced the traditional dance and people were clapping among the beat of the bongo drums that gave the dancers rhythm. Usagi had to admit that even he was having fun watching it all. But he didn't understand; if they were doing all the dancing, why did he have to learn a dance himself?

Once the dancers had finished their alignment of dances, Takahiro stood up in front of everyone with a great smile on his face.

"People of Erden," he called out, beginning his speech, "You remember why we celebrate this tradition. It is to thank out beautiful Mother Nature for giving us this beautiful home; a home which we must protect with all our hearts, so that our children and our children's children may bask in this beauty like we do today. Ten years ago was a hard time for many of us, especially by losing loved ones and I myself had lost my parents. But I did not let their death consume me. I kept going, vowing that I will protect Erden the same way they had.

"But among with thanks to Mother Nature, we also thank those who sacrificed everything so we could be here today. Their deaths are not in vain, for they fought to provide our happiness. They are smiling upon us right now, proud to see how we have all grown.

"This day is also the most wonderful day to ever come to me. At this time, once the dancers have finished, the princess, whether sibling or child of the current king, will sing the traditional song, followed by a dance with whoever the princess chooses. However, the princess can only perform this starting on the 18th year; otherwise it is the job of the queen to perform the song and a dance with the king. These last ten years after the previous king and queen had passed on, Manami and I had been performing the ritual. However, starting this day, the current princess, who has finally reached the 18th year, will be performing the song.

"I am proud to see this day come. It seemed like only yesterday when our princess was only just a tiny little bud. But now, has blossomed into a beautiful flower. Being our 'flower's' older brother and guardian to watch over for our parents, I've never been so happy. But look at me, rambling on," The people all laughed. "The moment has come. Our princess; our beautiful flower."

Takahiro took his seat. They all watched as the dancers brought in what looked like a giant pink flower bud with leaves under it and no stem. They carried it on some sort of mat. Once the flower was placed in a spot where everyone could see the front, the dancers all moved away. Usagi was not sure what was to happen.

The bud slowly started to open, revealing what was inside. A person sat there; their head lowered so it was impossible to see their face. A beautiful melody came out of the person's pink lips. Usagi felt like he was in a trance with the enchanting yet familiar voice.

The person stood up, revealing their whole attire. It looked like the traditional women's style but slightly different. They wore a pink brassiere with loops around the arms and a long pink skirt with a thigh length slit on one side and lighter pink coloured flowers around the waist. A bit of long chocolate hair was tied in a ponytail and a tiara made of the light pink flowers rested on their head. Usagi's eyes widened at the possibility. Could it be…?

Indeed, Erden's princess was no other than Misaki.

Usagi could not move his gaze away as Misaki sang the song. The chocolate haired boy was stunning as he stood there, singing the beautiful melody. He moved his arms gracefully with the song, resulting with bright glowing flowers of different colours to appear out of nowhere and fall just as graceful to the ground. However, they faded to nothingness before they touched the ground.

The song had finally reached its finale and Misaki finally looked at the audience. It didn't take long for his and Usagi's eyes to meet. Misaki stood there in surprise to see the silver haired man there. He stepped out of the flower and began walking towards him. Takahiro gave Usagi a pat on the back.

"Well, I guess that means you are the suitor for tonight," he laughed before gesturing Usagi to join Misaki.

Usagi was not sure what that meant but he ended up standing and meeting Misaki in the middle. They both stared at each other, silent at first, but the silver haired man ended up breaking it.

"I'm glad to see you're alright," he said point blank.

Misaki gave a slight nod. "You too," He looked at everyone before looking back at Usagi. "You were taught the dance, right?"

It was Usagi's turn to nod. "I believe so. I wasn't allowed to rest until I learned. I was told that it wasn't a definite that I would be dancing this or not, but I had to learn it in case. Guess they were right."

And so, they performed the dance. It started off as something slow but as the bongos went faster, so did the dance. It felt nice for Usagi to be holding Misaki in such a dance that felt almost romantic. After part of the way for the dance, everyone else began joining in, also part of the tradition. Once the dance was done, the celebration was declared over.

It was late at night and everyone was returning to their homes to sleep. Usagi was invited to stay in the cave castle until he regains his memories and decides to leave. Misaki volunteered to escort Usagi to his room. Takahiro, although a little reluctant to leave Misaki alone, agreed to it. At least if Misaki was still in the castle, it meant that no harm should come to him. If it did, the soldiers would hear right away.

While they were walking, Usagi decided to bring something up that was really important. "All this time, I never thought that you would be Erden's princess, especially since you're a guy," he began, "But considering your beauty, I can see why you would be a princess," But Misaki didn't say anything. Instead, he kept his head lowered. Usagi looked at him. "Misaki?"

"You now know what everyone else knows," said Misaki, sounding a little depressed, "It's because I'm princess of Erden that no one will talk with me like I'm one of them. It's because my big brother is the current king that some people are afraid to approach me."

Usagi put his arm around the chocolate haired boy's shoulders. "I'm talking to you right now, aren't I? I'm not showing any signs of hesitation, right?"

Misaki stared up at him. "You mean you don't care?"

"Of course not! You're still Misaki! Misaki is Misaki. You may be a princess but that doesn't change who you really are. You're no different from anyone else."

Usagi's heart raced as soon as he saw a small smile from Misaki's gorgeous pink rose petal like lips. "No one has ever said anything like that to me."

"Well, I'm not like everyone else. For some reason, I understand what it is you're going through. It's like my subconscious feelings may have something to do with this. But subconscious or not, my words are still true."

Misaki gave a small nod. They stopped at what was to be Usagi's temporary room. It was nice and comfortable; something suited for a guest in Erden. Usagi was about to enter and say goodnight when Misaki hesitantly moved closer to him until there was barely any room between them. The silver haired man was not sure what was going on.

"Y-You didn't want to regain your memories," Misaki started as he kept his head down, avoiding eye contact, "It was only after the possible promise of letting you k-kiss me if you get them back that you want them back. C-Consider this free as thanks for your words just now. Make it last because you're not getting another one until you get your memories back!"

Usagi smiled. He lifted Misaki's chin up and planted another kiss on those soft pink lips. As Misaki told him, he made the kiss last as long as possible. He loved the moans the chocolate haired boy made as the silver haired man's tongue pushed against lips and forced their way into the other mouth, performing a tango of lust. They were gentle and melodious. Misaki only stood there, eyes closed, letting Usagi lead him in this dance. His heart thumped loudly against his chest; his face becoming flushed with heat with everything going on.

Finally, Usagi ended the kiss, staring into shy emerald eyes. Misaki's entire face was red from everything. He told Usagi 'goodnight' before heading out of the room in a hurry, though not of hatred but of embarrassment. Usagi gave a low chuckle before going to sleep. He dreamed of the kiss he shared with Misaki and hoped that his memories would return soon so he could share another with the beautiful princess. However, a part of him started to worry. He had a feeling that getting his memories back would not be pleasurable at all, that getting his memories back may possibly change everything between him and Misaki. He hoped that it was all just a misunderstanding and not something that would actually happen.

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