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Chapter 16

Truths Within the Heart

Not a lot had happened since Akihiko and Misaki had their talk. They would still have conversations with each other and enjoy each other's company. The only difference was that any time Misaki asks about what was wrong with Akihiko, which were rare as the princess wouldn't bring it up unless it appeared that the older man was concerned about it, the silver haired man would tell him it's nothing and keep quiet until a different topic was brought up. This, of course, worried Misaki, for he knew that Akihiko was suffering. As for the latter, he wanted nothing more than to tell him the truth; that he had regained his memories and tell him everything about his past. But he didn't want to risk losing Misaki. He wouldn't know what to do if the boy began to hate him.

So he kept quiet. He kept the charade of being 'Usagi', a young man who had lost his memories and is searching for them and spending a lot of time with the princess of Erden until he got them back. He never wanted his time with Misaki to end.

A couple days had happened since then. Akihiko would still spend his time with Misaki. Every now and then, he would talk with Hiroki and Miyagi, but Hiroki would only growl at him before turning his back to him. Akihiko would ask Miyagi what was wrong with the cinnamon haired man, but the weapon's master would not say anything. It wasn't long though until Hiroki did start talking with the silver haired man again.

"Akihiko, how much longer will you keep this up?" he asked, "I can sense it; the people are starting to get suspicious. They keep asking why you keep hanging around the princess so closely. They're thinking you are faking everything."

But Akihiko shook his head. "Hiroki, I think you're getting paranoid," he responded, "Everyone knows that Misaki found me and he's been helping me get my memories back. Surely they would think that I would only be close to him because of that?"

"And you lost your memory for how long? From what I heard, you had lost your memories four days ago. And apparently according to them, you still have absolutely no clue. Even when you mentioned you've been recollecting some things, it suddenly stops. And don't forget why we're even here in Erden. You are here to obtain the requirements for your freedom. If you stay here too long, demons may find you."

"He's got a point," Miyagi replied, joining in the conversation, "Getting too comfortable here may not only put your life in danger, but everyone here as well. Aren't the demons known for ruthless to even those that aid a fugitive?"

Akihiko hadn't thought about that. Haruhiko said so himself back in Feuern and it was proved true because of Hiroki's clan. Although part of the reason was because the clan was to be used as an experiment to turn them into demons, if Akihiko had not been there… He didn't want the same thing to happen to Erden, especially to Misaki.

He couldn't think of much more when Todo appeared before them. "Excuse me traveller," he spoke up, "Usagi, is it? His Majesty wishes to speak with you."

"King Takahiro?" Akihiko was not sure what it was. He followed Todo to the cave castle and met up with Takahiro. It was obvious that his wife, Manami, was not there with him. Todo bowed before him.

"I have brought the man Usagi as you requested, Your Majesty," he explained.

Takahiro nodded before dismissing him. Todo gave another short bow before walking away. Akihiko looked up at the king in wonder. "Is there something that you need of me?"

"Yes," the king replied, "I have noticed within the past couple of days how close you and Misaki are despite the short time. Was it that easy for you both to be friends?"

"Misaki is very sweet. Very fitting for a princess. But our relationship may still be the same even if he wasn't of royalty."

"That so?" Takahiro began pacing around. "I apologize for bringing this up when you are a guest with no memories of your past. I've noticed that Misaki acts different when he is around you. I ask this because… well… although he'll try to interact with anyone, there's no one he appears comfortable with; anyone he'll actually talk to. You see, after what happened ten years ago, Misaki had made it his goal to help anyone and everyone with anything. Anyone who is injured, whether family, friend, or stranger, will be aided by him. But out of anyone, I've never seen him like he is around you."

Akihiko felt touched. And yet, he also felt guilty. Here he was, listening to Takahiro ramble about Misaki and how different he acted around Akihiko, but the silver haired man himself had been lying all this time. Would Misaki really think of him the same should the truth come out?

Before Takahiro could continue, Todo ran back in; his face showing distress. "Your Majesty!" he cried out, "Demons are spotted nearby! We made sure to evacuate everyone into their homes. But the princess… Princess Misaki is no where to be found."

Both Takahiro and Akihiko were alarmed. "Wasn't a soldier assigned to keep watch on him?" Takahiro yelled.

"Sumi was assigned to escort him to the waterfalls as the princess had his eyes on some flowers he wished to collect. Both have not returned."

Akihiko began to notice the king's gaze to be dark and frightening. It was like an aura was surrounding him. He wouldn't expect nothing less from a king that wanted to protect his little brother, the princess. "Todo! Go on ahead and find Misaki. I will round up the soldiers."

"Your Majesty," Akihiko cried out, "Let me go with him! It will make it easier to find him."

"Understood! Just find him before anything happens to him!"

They went their separate ways. Akihiko and Todo left the cave castle as fast as they could. Before they managed to leave the village, Hiroki and Miyagi caught Akihiko and asked out of concern what was going on. The silver man explained about how Misaki was in danger. They wasted no time. With Todo leading, they hurried to the waterfalls.

They got their in time to see Misaki attempting to defend himself against the demons and failing. Akihiko stared at the demons. These were Level 4 demons but their strength seemed to almost reach Level 5. The demons knocked Misaki down to the ground. Luckily, Misaki used his magic to avoid major injuries but still had a few scratches on him.

Akihiko and Todo ran to Misaki's aid with Hiroki and Miyagi walking behind them. "Princess, what had happened?" Todo asked in worry, "Where is Sumi?"

Misaki shook his head. "I don't know," he cried, "We heard something and he went to check it out. Before I knew it, demons began attacking. I don't know what happened to him. I hope he wasn't…"

The demons began acting restless. They were ready to attack. All four men stood up and began taking their own group of demons. Todo fought using his mace, Hiroki used the steel claws and his fire attacks, Miyagi kept switching between weapons, and Akihiko used his staff. It was no use though. The demons were too powerful. Hiroki, Miyagi, and Todo were knocked down to their knees and all the demons focused on Akihiko. He was almost a goner.

It wasn't until something completely unexpected happened.

As he fought, Akihiko's thoughts were focused on protecting Misaki no matter what. His determination kept on going even when it seemed like he couldn't win against them. He refused to give up if that meant he could protect his princess. This resulted with his subconscious to summon a Level 5 demon. The demon did not have a solid form but was shaped like a bear, similar to Suzuki and Saitou and managed to destroy the demons in one attack.

They were saved. Akihiko gave a huge sigh of relief as he almost stumbled off his feet. The Level 5 demon took a lot out of him. Even so, he was glad that he was able to protect Misaki.

Misaki! Akihiko looked over to see the chocolate haired princess standing there, emerald orbs wide. The silver haired man smiled and tried to walk over to him. However, as he tried to get close, Misaki only took a few steps back. Akihiko didn't know what was going on. He kept taking more steps but Misaki only kept going backwards. What was wrong?

"You…" Misaki began, almost in the brink of tears "You just… You just summoned a demon! Y-You're from Damonen!"

Akihiko began to understand what had happened. Pain struck his heart as if a knife stabbed through it. He never wanted Misaki to know that he was from Damonen. But now… "Misaki, I-!"

"You knew, didn't you?" the princess continued, tears starting to fall, "You lied when you said you didn't get your memories back! You had remembered this whole time!"

"Misaki, let me explain, I-!"

"No! Just… Just leave me alone!" Akihiko couldn't get another word in before Misaki ran out of there as fast as he could; Todo following behind in concern. Hiroki and Miyagi could only watch the pain so obviously seen on the silver haired man's face. They were not sure with how they could talk with him.

"So all this time, you were from Damonen."

The three men turned around to see Takahiro standing there with soldiers behind him. The soldiers looked ready to deal with Akihiko but were stopped by their king before they could take another step.

Instead, Takahiro demanded an explanation from Akihiko. The silver haired man had no right to refuse this. He explained his entire story to him; his true identity, about himself fighting for his freedom, and his purpose in Erden. Once everything was explained, Takahiro just nodded.

"I understand that you are going through a tough situation 'Prince Akihiko'," he began, "If I can do anything within my power to help, I can, especially since you saved my younger brother from the demons and I am grateful. However, it is best that you no longer stay in Erden. Your presence will only cause trouble. You are to stay away from anyone in Erden, especially Misaki. You have already hurt him enough just from being born from Damonen."

Akihiko wanted to object to this, but the look in Takahiro's eyes told him that it was dangerous to press the issue. His eyes appeared dark, similar to when he first met him. This showed how much he loved Misaki and how much he was willing to protect him. With no more words left to be spoken, the king and his soldiers left, leaving the three men standing there on their own.

The night was peaceful and yet felt sorrowful. Even as they sat near the bonfire, Akihiko stayed silent as the pain in his heart made it hard for him to speak. Even when the three of them got reunited with Suzuki, who kept himself hidden as to not cause alarm, the silver haired man didn't give so much as a tiny smile.

Hiroki sighed. "Well, maybe now you'll be willing to continue on. We need to find the item of this place. What was it again?"

"The flower that never dies," Akihiko replied in a disinterested voice.

"Maybe you can focus on that. It was the reason we came here to Erden in the first place, right?"

Akihiko shook his head. "I can't think of anything else right now. I hurt the one person I didn't want to hurt. He trusted me and I… I only deceived him. All because I wanted to stay by his side." He stood up and began walking away.

"Where are you going?" Miyagi called out.

"I'm going to set things right," Akihiko replied, "I'm going to apologize to Misaki."

Hiroki, in alarm, ran after him and stopped him. "Akihiko, are you insane?" he yelled, "The king told you not to interact with him anymore! You're only going to get yourself into bigger trouble."

"As long as I can apologize to Misaki, I don't care how much trouble I get!"

"Why is it so important to you to apologize? Is it guilt? You don't want to look like a bad guy?"


Hiroki just stood there in shock; a pain striking him like it did for Akihiko. Making sure he wasn't going to be stopped again, he continued on. The cinnamon haired male slowly went back to the bonfire and sat down. He looked up at Suzuki. "Make sure Akihiko doesn't get himself into trouble again." The bear nodded before chasing after his master, leaving the half demon and the weapon's master alone to talk.

At the secret flower garden, Misaki sat there, trying to stop his tears. He slipped out after Todo chased after him back into the cave castle and relieved when he saw that Sumi was okay. He didn't want anyone to see him cry. He didn't want anyone to try to comfort him. He just wanted to be alone; alone, like he always had been, like he always will be. Nothing will change that. Only one person seemed like he understood him and he turned out to be a lie. How hard it was for him.

He stopped crying when he heard footsteps coming his way. He looked over to see a familiar figure he didn't want to see standing there. "I knew I'd find you here."

"You!" Misaki stood up as fast as possible and kept his guard as he glared at the silver haired man. "Why are you here? You shouldn't even be here!"

Akihiko just stared at the chocolate haired princess before speaking up. "I just want to say that I'm sorry that I deceived you. The truth is that my name is actually Akihiko. I am supposed to be a prince of Damonen but I abandoned my throne to obtain freedom. I am travelling so that dream can come true and-!"

"STOP!" Misaki's mood did not change. "Why the hell are you telling me this? It's not going to change anything! You are from Damonen and you lied to me about it! You had your memories back the whole time and never dared say anything to me! I thank you for trying to tell me now, 'Prince Akihiko', but now I want you to leave."


"JUST GO! I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE!" Misaki began storming away over to a tree and leaned against it, letting out his tears once again. Akihiko stretched out a hand before letting out a sigh of defeat.

"Alright," he replied, "I'll go. You'll never have to see me again. But just let me say that I'm really sorry about what happened. It was wrong of me to deceive you. It was part of my own selfishness of wanting to stay close to you that made me keep my memories a secret from you. Doesn't make it right. And I'm sorry about your parents and how they were killed by demons. If I had been there, I would've done anything to save them," He sighed. "But what's done is done. And you're right; no matter what I say, it doesn't change anything. I'm sorry. Goodbye."

Akihiko began walking away. Misaki, noticing the footsteps walking farther away, began to turn around and watch with sorrowful eyes as the silver haired man walked away. He wanted to call him back but he couldn't find his voice. It was too late. Akihiko was leaving his life for good.

The silver haired man continued to walk away, walking slowly with the weight of his heart dragging him down. He kept walking, even when Suzuki appeared in front of him and tried to do tricks to try to cheer him up. The bear kept trying until Akihiko finally stopped with a sigh.

"This pain in my heart," he spoke up, "That shows how deeply I love someone, right? Even if they despise me?" He then continued to walk.

Suzuki knew that was the first time his master was like that. He really did love the princess. The bear refused to let this pain continue on. He was determined to get his master and his love interest back together. But how? He tried coming up with a plan as he went back to where the princess was.

And indeed, Misaki was sitting near the river, his hand moving around in the water. It was time the bear put his plan into action. He just hoped it worked instead of making things worse. He gave a squeak as he sat beside the princess. Misaki was startled when he first heard it but let down his guard when he saw the bear with wings. He stared at the bear in awe. Never had he seen a creature so adorable that looked like that.

"Hello," he spoke to the bear, "Where did you come from?"

Suzuki responded with gliding around the princess, receiving a giggle. The bear knew that he gotten the attention he needed. And so, he began flying away. Misaki stood up and began chasing after him.

With Akihiko, he was still walking until he heard something come his way. He turned around to see Suzuki fly past him and Misaki bump into him. He stood there confused as Misaki kept his hold on Akihiko before looking around for something. The silver haired man noticed that it was Suzuki, who was floating a little distance away, facing their sides, that had gotten the princess' attention. He chuckled.

"This is Suzuki," he spoke up as Misaki walked over to the bear, "Though I didn't think you would be interested in him."

The princess looked over at him. "Why would you say that?"

"I assumed you would be afraid of him."

"But he's adorable."

"He's a demon."

Misaki just stared at him in disbelief. "That's impossible," he exclaimed, "Demons are supposed to be big, scary creatures."

Akihiko chuckled. "I can assure you that just because something is big doesn't mean it has to be scary." He demonstrated this by summoning Saitou. Once Saitou appeared and Akihiko introduced him, like with Suzuki, Misaki stared at him with awe.

"They're both demons?" he asked, "They're not scary at all. But how do your demons look different from all the ones I've seen?"

"I remember learning something in my lessons when I still lived in Damonen about demons," the silver haired man replied, crossing his arms, "Although you can tell their strength by looking at them, they are all unique as they look different from any other Damonen born's demons. It is because demons, apparently, reflect on their master's heart."

"Their master's… heart?"

Akihiko nodded. "Most likely the owners of the demons that have been attacking are from a cold heart, but not everyone from Damonen is like that," He rubbed Saitou's head, getting approval from the bear when he got an idea. "Have you even wanted to see Erden in a different view? From the sky? We could take a ride on Saitou and see the entire continent from above."

Misaki stared at him. "Would it really be okay? I don't want to cause any trouble."

The silver haired man shook his head. "It will be fine. I promise." He lent out his hand for Misaki. The chocolate haired princess was hesitant on it before finally accepting the hand given to him. Akihiko then helped Misaki onto the bear before climbing on himself. "Better hold on tight. It's a rough start." The boy complied and held on to Akihiko's waist before Saitou began running for a head start before flapping his wings and flying. Suzuki gave an angry squeak for leaving him behind before going after them.

The sight from above was the most magnificent thing Misaki had ever seen. He could see how wide the continent was, stretching until it touched the edge of the night sky. The wind that brushed through his long chocolate locks felt warm and comforting as they flew. But the most comforting was the strong back in front of him. It was definitely the back of a man who had been fighting a lot, compared to the young princess well known for his healing magic.

Akihiko heard a soft dreamy sigh from the princess before the latter rested his head on the silver haired man's back, still watching the breathtaking sight below them. This action made him smile. Only Misaki could make him smile like this.

After flying everywhere through Erden, they returned to the flower garden. Akihiko helped Misaki off Saitou and unsummoned the bear. Suzuki went off his own way as he knew that the two would want their privacy. Both the prince of Damonen and the princess of Erden stared at each other as it seemed like if they tried to look away that the other would disappear. Akihiko sighed.

"Misaki," he spoke up, "I really am sorry about lying to you, I just-!"

"Please stop!" Misaki snapped at him, "Stop apologizing! It's not going to change anything. Especially since there's nothing to apologize for," Akihiko stared at him in confusion, causing the princess to continue. "Yes, I was angry that you lied to me about your memories. And yes, it really… upset me that the person I began to trust turned out to be from the same place as the one who killed my parents. But as much as I wanted to… I felt like I really couldn't get myself to hate you because of the things that you did do that made me feel happy. A-And… after you showed me your demons and showed me Erden from a new perspective, I realized… that you are still the same person I met here in this garden."

Akihiko smiled. "Misaki," he chuckled, his eyes filled with sincerity, "You don't know… how happy I feel hearing you say that."

The princess blushed. "Y-Yeah. You… may actually be Prince Akihiko of Damonen… but to me… you are Usagi. And as Usagi…" He closed his eyes and just stood there, as if expecting there, causing the silver haired prince to stare in confusion.

And then he remembered. He got his memories back. That means…!

Akihiko pulled the beautiful princess close to him, fiddled with the long chocolate locks in his fingers, and leaned in for a warm, tender kiss. What took him by surprise though was that before Akihiko could let his tongue out, it was Misaki who slipped his tongue in. The silver haired man pulled back slightly out of surprise and looked into the boy's eyes. He was not sure if it was his own wishful thinking or not, but it felt as if those radiant, innocent, emerald orbs desired him. He could've sworn his heart skipped a beat and with his chest so close to Misaki's, it felt like the princess' heart was also beating rapidly.

The kiss continued. Akihiko and Misaki wrapped their arms around each other as their tongues ran their lustful dance. The younger of the two couldn't contain the moans that would escape as they kissed. Their legs felt weak with all the pleasure they were feeling and fell onto the soft grass.

"Misaki," Akihiko gasped as they pulled away, "I want to make you mine." He wouldn't wait for a response before placing a kiss on the princess' nape. While his lips were focused there, his hand found its way under the loincloth styled skirt and began fiddling with the very thing that proved that despite his feminine appearance that he was indeed male.

"Usagi!" Misaki moaned, "Where are you touching? Sto-AH!"

But the silver haired man wouldn't listen. He was determined to touch every place of the princess' body, whether it was by using his fingers or by using his mouth. Misaki continued saying 'no' and 'to stop', but eventually he gave into the pleasure the older man was giving him and the only sound to leave his lips were breathy, melodious moans that were truly music to his ears.

But then the main course came in. Akihiko, after he was sure that Misaki was ready after their 'playing', took off his violet pants and entered so their bodies were joined. The soft moans Misaki were giving out before got louder. Akihiko himself began to moan with the pleasure. He held the princess close to him, like he never wanted to let go. Misaki himself wrapped his arms around the silver haired man with the pleasure he was feeling.

It wasn't long before they both climaxed. Akihiko lifted himself up and looked at Misaki's face. "Are you alright?"

Misaki looked up at him and gave a slight nod. "Was this… what you meant by 'making me yours'?"

Akihiko also nodded before getting up and putting his pants back on. Misaki himself got up and sat there, staring at Akihiko. He was not sure why, but he felt strangely comfortable with him, no matter what they were doing. And although what they just did felt embarrassing to the princess, he couldn't help but find that it didn't feel unpleasant. What was wrong with him?

"Suzuki already went on ahead to let my allies know that I'm still alive," Akihiko continued, "They'll be wondering what would be taking me. You should also get going. You don't want to worry your brother."

"What are you going to do?" Misaki asked, "Are you really going to leave Erden?"

"Not just yet," the silver haired man replied, "There's still something I need to do here. Once that is done, I'm heading out to the rest of the continents with Damonen as the last stop before I finally obtain my freedom. I'll return to Erden once my freedom is assured."

"And what we just did?"

Akihiko pulled Misaki close to him. "It was my confession to you. I love you Misaki. Will you wait for me?"

Misaki's eyes widened. "You… love me?" He didn't know how to respond to that.

"Promise me Misaki," He held the princess closer. "Promise that you wait for me? No one but you has ever made me feel this way."

The princess just lowered his head. "I don't know how to promise something that far ahead. But I will try if that will make you happy."

Akihiko just smiled. "Thank you Misaki."

And so, they both left the flower garden and parted their separate ways after a bit of walking together. Akihiko headed back to the campsite where his allies were waiting for him and Misaki returned to the village so he wouldn't worry his brother. Little did they both know that someone had watched them part.

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