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Chapter 20

The Rogue Prince and the Hybrid Demon, Fight

The room was filled with shock. Never had anyone assumed that the soldier before them was the hybrid demon. Taken aback from this, Misaki was led by Miyagi over to Akihiko and the others to stay a distance from Sumi. He didn't know how to react to this. The moment he noticed Misaki closer to him, Akihiko stood up and gave the wounded Suzuki to the princess to keep safe. He wanted to keep his hands clear to wield his weapon in case the facts were true and he would need to protect himself and Misaki.

"So you are the hybrid demon?" he asked, wanting a clear answer.

Sumi was silent and his face was hidden under his bangs. Soft noises came from his voice, almost sounding like sobs. They grew louder and instead of crying, he was hysterically laughing. "So hybrid demons is what you'd call someone like me? If that's the case, I am the hybrid demon that you've been talking about. I'm the one behind everything; the princess' kidnapping, the entire charade of this being Damonen's plan in order for Erden to attack, everything!"

"No!" Misaki cried out, tears welling up in his eyes, "I don't believe this! I can't! Sumi, don't you remember? Our childhood together! It was the three of us; you, me, and Todo! We would always play together! You both swore to be soldiers to serve Erden while I encouraged you! There's no way you could-!"

"That is enough out of you, Princess Misaki!" Sumi snapped, "Think of the reality before you! Do you really think that anyone can properly tolerate you? It's only because you were a princess that Todo and I had to be friends with you. And honestly, are you that good a princess? All you do is sit there and expect someone to save you; someone like Prince Akihiko or King Takahiro!" He crossed his arms. "Of course, not that King Takahiro is any better! All he does is sit on his throne and pretend like nothing horrible has happened to our continent! The only time he takes any action is when you are missing. What kind of king is that?

"Imagine a king like that; almost his whole entire continent was wiped out by the demons from Damonen 10 years ago, many lives were taken. Instead of pretending it never happened, we should wipe Damonen from existence!"

Kaoruko lowered her katana and stood there, staring at him. "Listen to me," she tried to explain, "No one from Damonen was ever able to explain this to anyone in Erden. The demons that attacked Erden 10 years was not from Damonen, at least not what we allowed. They were summoned by a former Damonen Knight who abused his power to try to begin a mutiny on Damonen. He attacked Erden because of the discovery that happened 30 years ago; that certain humans could become hybrid demons, just like what you have become. He hoped that the certain people would appear and become hybrid demons, serving him to destroy Damonen. We managed to stop him, which resulted with him disappearing out of sight. Unfortunately, we were too late to save everyone that had been killed, including the former king and queen. I apologize for that."

Everyone, mostly Sumi, Misaki, and Akihiko, tried to absorb all that. Damonen tried to save Erden, not destroy it. That was unexpected. However, the shock on Sumi's face didn't last long, for as quickly as it came onto his face, anger replaced it.

"That is a load of bullshit!" he snapped once again, "This is only an excuse to save Damonen! But it's no use! Damonen will fall if I have something to say about it!"

Something took over Sumi. Everyone else watched defensively as they saw his skin change to scales and inhuman things such as claws and a long lizard tail sprouted. Only Misaki stared in fear, completely confused on what to do. Akihiko took in front of him in his way of protecting him. He wasn't going to let Sumi take his beloved Misaki; not again.

His transformation was complete and Sumi lifted up his dual axes that never left his hands. A smirk appeared on his face. "Well then," he continued, "Come and get me, Damonen born!"

Akihiko stepped forward but held his staff so no one else went past him. "I'll fight him on my own," he spoke up, "Make sure no demons go after Misaki!" Knowing they got the signal, he continued forward and held his staff in the offensive position. They gave eye contact, signalling each other that they were ready to fight.

Sumi was the first to attack. He charged at Akihiko and raised one of his arms for a strike, but the silver haired man raised his staff to block the attack before using a lot of strength to push the arm away. When the arm was out of the way, Akihiko began his own strike with his staff, but Sumi dodged it by lowering his head. This gave him the opportunity to use an uppercut slash. Akihiko was hit, but luckily for him the slash didn't go deep.

As Akihiko and Sumi had their fight, the others watched until they saw reptile like demons crawling out of hidden places. Hiroki, Miyagi, and Kaoruko armed themselves and began taking the demons on. Only Misaki, who stood there with the injured Suzuki in his arms, just stood there. His heart thumped in terror as he watched everyone trying to protect him and his eyes stung with tears welling up. The pain was already hard to take seeing Akihiko try to protect him from the person he believed was his friend. It was even harder to see the others fighting demons like this was a war.

As if this was the war 10 years ago.

He fell to his knees. He felt so weak, only watching as everyone fought. He then heard a squeak in his arms and remembered the injured bear demon. He placed the bear down on his knees and used his healing on him. Suzuki was back to normal but was still too weak to do anything.

"Suzuki!" Misaki sobbed, "Is there some way I can stop this? Is there some way I can stop Usagi and Sumi from trying to kill each other? I don't want anything to happen to either of them." But the bear only stared up at him, unable to give a proper response that would help the princess feel better.

After a while of fighting that resulted in a tie with Akihiko and Sumi; the silver haired man with lots of scars from the blades of the axes and the hybrid demon who ended up caught with lightning bolts when Akihiko was desperate to get him, Sumi began to chuckle. From the look of his face, it seemed as if he had something that was going to give him the advantage.

"You and your companions can take on me and my demons all you want," he explained, "But it's not going to stop anything. King Takahiro and the rest of the soldiers will most likely be ready to go to Damonen by now in order to save their precious princess! And you will not leave here, not as long as I'm here!" More demons appeared and Sumi looked at Misaki. "You recognize this scene, don't you Princess? You even recognize that these demons are the same as the ones that attacked us 10 years ago! These demons no longer have a master to order them around, and now they serve me!"

Akihiko growled. "That is impossible! A demon cannot survive without a master to control them!"

"That is partially true."

Everyone looked over at Kaoruko, who spoke up. "Yes, in normal circumstances, a demon cannot survive without their master. Because a demon is a creature that reflects their master's heart, having their master die means that they die as well. However, if their master's powers are stripped of them, it means that demons can survive, even if their master does not."

Akihiko's face showed disbelief to what she said. "So you mean to say that…!"

Kaoruko nodded. "Only by that can demons live without their master."

"That is correct," Sumi replied, "And now, with the demons serving me, considering I am one of them in a way, they will obey every command."

Tears began running down Misaki's cheeks. "Please Sumi, stop! If you continue this, you will be no better than the ones who killed our loved ones! Don't do this! You're better than they are!"

But Sumi did not pay attention. He merely continued on. "With the demons here, Damonen will fall and Erden will have its revenge! No more where there be any suffering! And now my demons! Kill them!" Akihiko and the others expected the demons to storm in and deal with them at once.

But nothing of the sort happened.

Sumi looked at the demons. They all just stood there, growling and hissing. The hybrid demon also gave a growl at them. "Did you not hear me? Attack!" And yet nothing would happen. Finally, one of the demons stepped forward and began giving growls. By the way Sumi was listening, it was as if the demon was talking to him.

This proved true when Sumi replied to it. "How dare you say that I am like your former master? Why would you agree to what that little brat of a princess says? I am nothing like your former master! I plan to take vengeance on those that took the lives of people I loved!" The growls continued. "You won't serve me because of my attitude? What will you do then? You can't do anything without me!" More growls. Sumi's face changed to shock and fear. "No! You can't! You can't take the lives of the people of Erden! Not when I strive to save them! If there's anyone you should kill if you really are against me now, it should be me! The people of Erden have nothing to do with this!"

It didn't seem like the demons were going to listen. They gave more growls before leaving. Sumi fell to the ground. Everyone else was shocked from what they were hearing. The demons were going to go after the people of Erden? This couldn't happen. Akihiko was going to follow them out and try to stop them before the wounds from his battle against Sumi pulled him down to the ground. Both Hiroki and Misaki ran to Akihiko's side as fast as they could with Suzuki, who regained his strength to fly again and was no longer in Misaki's arms, and Miyagi behind them and Kaoruko just standing there. Akihiko kept trying to move forward but kept falling down.

"Akihiko, stop!" Hiroki scolded him, "It's not gonna do you any good. Your injuries are getting the better of you." The silver haired man would not listen and kept trying.

"Please Usagi!" Misaki cried, "Let me heal your wounds first!"

"And waste time while those demons hurt everyone?" Akihiko managed to get out through all the pain, "I can't let that happen!"

Everyone was worried for Akihiko. His reckless behaviour was not going to help anyone and they knew that. Misaki tried stopping him by wrapping his arms around him, resting his head on the older man's shoulder. "Usagi! Please don't do this to yourself! Let me heal you! I want to everyone safe too but I don't want to see you kill yourself trying to save them in your condition. It won't help anyone at all! Please Usagi! Let me…"

Akihiko just knelt there with Misaki's lithe arms around him. He could feel warm tears dripping onto his shoulder where the princess' head was resting. He wanted to help everyone, but he didn't want to do anything to upset Misaki. He sighed in defeat. Misaki lifted his head to look into the silver haired man's violet eyes. His tears slowed down as he loosened his hold and hovered his hand in front of Akihiko's heart. His hand glowed multiple colours and a pink light in the form of a flower covered Akihiko's entire body. It took longer than the first time Misaki had used it on him, but when the light subsided, Akihiko's injuries were gone.

The silver haired man stood up, feeling as good as new, while helping Misaki up on his feet. With his injuries healed, he was ready to stop the demons. But before any of them tried leaving, Misaki stopped them to run over to Sumi. Like what he did with Akihiko, Misaki hovered his hand over Sumi's heart. Hiroki was the first to speak.

"Are you fucking crazy?!" he yelled at the princess, "That guy kidnapped you and almost tried to kill us with all those demons!"

"Even if he did do those things, he's still my friend," Misaki shouted back, "I refuse to leave anyone behind! Besides, it's most likely he will fight beside us. He doesn't want to see Erden fall as much as we do!"

Akihiko really wanted to shout at Misaki as well for doing something like this. Even if the hybrid demon wanted to protect Erden as well, his way of doing it wasn't right. But he couldn't do anything once he noticed Misaki was already healing him. He had to wait until the pink flower around Sumi's body disappeared before storming over to Misaki and drag him away. Once everything was taken care of, they left the demon's lair, leaving Sumi behind, who began to think over some things.

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