*Please read* Disclaimer: I do not own Dark Shadows or any of these characters. This book is solely for entertainment purposes. You need to have watched the movie Dark Shadows before reading this or it won't make any sense whatsoever. After Josette/Victoria fell from Widow's Hill a second time, what if it wasn't the end? Here is what I think should happen after the film Dark Shadows ends.


She was embraced in his arms on the rocky shore, as waves crashed into the rocks. Despite being in their horrible situation, this was the best thing that would happen to her for a long time...

Chapter 1

Barnabas and Victoria started walking back to Collinwood, hoping to stop the fire or at least save the family from harm. They maneuvered their way to the road, keeping their eyes on the massive fire coming from where the majestic Collinwood once stood. It illuminated the entire town. Even though a truly devastating and tragic event had just occurred, there was almost a sense of relief in knowing that Angelique was dead, or so they thought.

Fire crackled all around her and wood creaked and moaned as it came crashing down. Her porcelain body was sprawled out on the destroyed chandelier, her head hung down in defeat. But she wasn't going to give up. Not now, not ever. Her eyes shot open and she regained her strength and stood up taking in her surroundings. Yes, it was just as she had planned. The family was gone and now Victoria was either dead or almost so. She elegantly stalked through the once beautiful manor, clearing her path with ease. It was time for revenge.

Once she stepped out of the house she turned and saw Barnabas and Victoria staring at her from the driveway with disbelief. Angelique's mind raced as she approached them. No, she was supposed to be dead. Unless she was, she took a closer look at Vicky and what she thought to be was indeed true. They were soaking wet, so they must have been in the ocean, but more importantly so she had long, eerie fingers and dark circles around her eyes. So now she's a vampire too.

"Angelique, you're supposed to be dead", Barnabas scoffed.

"Well sorry to disappoint you but that would be impossible", she replied looking to him and turned to Vicky, "But I guess I'm not the only one you've made immortal tonight". Victoria stepped back, terrified. Barnabas just looked around in awe at his situation and turned to Victoria, but then Angelique saw them look at each other in a loving way.

Angelique noticed this and stated, "No need to be scared of me", she said to Victoria and paused for a moment, "I'm only going to kill you". Barnabas eyes shot up at her and advanced towards Angelique. But she put out her hand and kept him in place as she glared at Victoria and Angelique moved her hand to the Victoria and added, "Goodbye", with a girn and clenched it, incinerating Victoria.

It all happened too fast. She looked up at Barnabas that was focused on the ashes laying where his true love stood just a mere second ago. He couldn't believe his eyes. Then Angelique approached him and he looked her for a moment or two. Her once perfect body had fallen to ruin. Her flawless skin cracked, a gaping hole in her chest where a heart used to be. Her straight, perfect hair in a mess all over, some charred at the ends from the fire.

It was all his fault, he did this. Barnabas took a step back from Angelique and looked into her eyes. They expressed every feeling imaginable, hate, anguish, jealousy, desire, longing and strangely enough, love.

But it was too much for him to take. Barnabas' eyes fluttered around for a few moments and then blacked out. He fell to the ground, motionless.