Chapter 11

Barnabas was sitting in a chair by the fireplace, the fire crackling and illuminating a soft glow on his pale features. Night had set in a long time ago, he had been sitting there for quite a while, thinking. He heard a voice from behind him say softly,
"Are you okay?". He turned around to see Cassandra standing behind him, her arms crossed. He responded,
"I am fine", and turned back around. She walked around the couch and sat on the couch next to him. She looked at his eyes, to find them somewhat lost.
"Can't sleep?", she asked him worriedly. After a few moments he answered,
"I am what you could call nocturnal", and looked at her for a moment, "It is hard for me to sleep".
After a few moments of silence passed he turned to her and said solemnly,
"I am so sorry Cassandra", he looked into her deep brown eyes, "I never meant for... this to happen". She exhaled at his apology and barely grinned.
"You're not the one who needs to be sorry, there is no way you could have done anything locked in a coffin ten feet underground", their eyes met. He looked down to her feet and back up to her eyes. She was so different than her mother now, her soft words and intuitive words. Actually, he thought, she was exactly like her mother before she was overcome by jealousy and evil. She was the spitting image of his first lover, which scared him a little. He wished she would have stayed that way. Barnabas added,
"You remind me so much of Angelique before...", he trailed off and added, "Just stay sweet". She looked at him intensely.
"What exactly did she do to you and your family, really?" She questioned sincerely, longing to really know the truth. Barnabas knew he would have to tell her sooner or later and he remembered,
"She killed my parents by having one of gargoyles crush them, drove my fiancee mad causing her to throw herself from widows hill. Turned me into a vampire, turned the entire town against our family. Then she locked me in a coffin for what she wanted to be all eternity. While I was imprisoned she built a revival fishing company and slowly killed off my family until only four remained. She killed David's mother and turned Carolyn into a werewolf. When I escaped she then continued to destroy us by burning down this house, attempting to kill everyone here and also burned down our cannery", He took a breath and looked into his daughter's eyes. They were filled with terror, and with good reason. He couldn't imagine finding out that his mother was a heartless witch.
"What's her problem? What's her motive?", she looked deep into his eyes, "What did you do to her?". He dreaded explaining this to people. He never wanted to, it made him very ashamed at his decisions in the past.
"A very long time ago, she was our servant in our household. We were childhood friends, she was the only other person around my age in Collinsport. When we were older became... closer. But I left her for my fiancee Josette. She was overcome by jealousy and pretty much went insane." He sat back in his chair, "And I payed the price for breaking her heart". After a second of silence he added,
"She does not give up, ever". Cassandra's eyes seemed distant and lost in thought. She looked up from the floor to Barnabas. He didn't seem like a father to her, especially not hers. She tried not to take sides in fights, it usually ended badly. Especially in this situation. She couldn't even figure out their relationship, let alone find a way to fix it.
"Are you married", Barnabas added, breaking the silence. She responded,
"No", he barely scowled and looked at her. He was almost glad, that would make their situation even more awkward.
"Do you think you ever will?', he asked making small talk.
"No", she paused for a moment, "I have heard of some bad experiences, I don't want to get hurt". She tried to stop herself before he would figure out she meant him, but it was too late. He lightly snorted at her comment and continued,
"Good idea. You are proving to be a very intelligent woman Cassandra", their eyes met again and she smiled,
"Thank you", after a few seconds she added, "You know, your a lot nicer than what she said", he scoffed.
"Yes, well you have not cursed my whole family. That is a bit different". She didn't laugh but smirked a little and hes reply. They both took in each others physic for a few seconds. She could understand why Angelique had fallen in love with him. His captivating brown eyes, one of the traits she had inherited from him. His cadaverous features and prominent cheek bones, pitch black hair and strong structure. The way he spoke so confidently and seemed to be so put together and intelligent.

"Goodnight Cassandra", he said stood up and turned to leave. She sat there in the darkness and went back to her room a few minutes later.