Phew! It's been a while since I posted one of these stories...Hello minna! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I am referencing my multi-pairing, multi-fandom series 'Sing for Me'. As the title implies, each story is based on a song. This is the first Inuyasha based one, (featurnig Sesshomaru and Rin :3) and is also the first multi-chapter story of the series (le GASP!)

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song: Cinderella

artist: Stephen Curtis Chapman

Rin giggles to herself as she spins around in the field of flowers, arms reaching out to the sky. She turns again and let gravity do its job, and she falls with a soft thmp, sending loose petals into the air. One floats down lazily towards her, and Rin playfully blows a puff of air at it, sending it off on its way.

"What are you doing Rin, spinning around recklessly like that? If you get injured on my watch, Sesshomaru-sama would be so angry with me!" Jaken worries to himself, pacing back and forth in front of Ah-Un. "His wrath! I don't even want to think about it!"

The human girl sits up and rolls her eyes. "I'm not 'spinning around recklessly', I'm dancingJaken-sama." She explains standing up. Humming to herself, Rin stands and begins to sway. "Dare yori mo, takaku takau. Uchiagare fuyu no hanabi. Sumikitta yozora
ga yoku niau."

"What are you talking about Rin? 'Rising higher than anyone else, shooting up like a firework'? That hardly makes sense!"

Again, Rin rolls her eyes, and plops back down on the ground. "Oh forget
it." She pouts to yourself.

Jaken gives her an inquiring look. "Why are you dancing anyway? There's no reason to." He says, inspecting his hands attempting to sound superior.

Rin grins happily, as the story begins taking shape in her head. "Of course there's a reason! There's a ball at a castle and I've been invited, so I have to practice right?" She says getting up and holding a hand out to the little demon. "Will you be my practice partner

Jaken-sama?" Jaken splutters indigniantly, and even though Rin knows that she shouldn't have gotten her hopes up, she's still slightly disappointed. So instead of taking the hands of a real partner, she raises her hands and spins around with her imaginary partner.


Whirling around the little girl's face lights up as she sees the familiar white haired figure walking towards them. "Sesshomaru-sama! You're back!" Rin cries happily, running towards him, stopping just in front of him. "How was your trip?"

"Sesshomaru-sama! You're doing well, correct? Is there anything that you want me to do milord? " Jaken runs up beside her and asks several questions of his own.

Sesshomaru doesn't say anything, but looks out at the field of flowers that Rin was just lying in. "What were you doing Rin." He says. The way he says it doesn't really make it sound like a question, but she looks down at her feet and smiles shyly to herself.

"I was practicing how to dance."

She says simply, peeking up at him hesitantly. "Eto, Sesshomaru-sama…um, if you aren't busy, would you mind being my partner? Onegaishimasu?"

He looks down at her, and his eyebrows are raised by just a fraction, but it's enough for Rin to tell that he's surprised. She hold her breath in anticipation as he closes his eyes and exhales slowly. The silence lasts a moment longer, but then Sesshomaru walks past her, and Rin releases her breath in disappointment. She stays in her place without turning around and spins a loose strand of hair around her finger


The human girl looks up and turn around. Blinking once, She sees Sesshomaru standing in the field of flowers, a hand out-stretched towards her and a breeze causing his hair to wave in the air. A smile breaks on her face and Rin runs towards him and takes his hand in her own as his other guides her unoccupied hand to his hip.

"Stand on my feet." He orders, and she immediately do as he says.

"Like this?" Rin asks, and she gets a silent nod in approval. The two of them stand like that for a couple of seconds, then he starts moving his feet to
an unheard rhythm guiding the pair in a slow dance.

Meanwhile, Jaken is babbling about something in an extremely flustered manner.

Neither of them notice.

Much shorter than the others, but keep in mind it is split up into chapters.

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