Brought Together In Darkness

By: ArtikGato

Disclaimer: *sigh* I don't own Digimon. Some Japanese people own it.

Author's Notes: Well, this is my first serious fic. Yay! It's a TAD bit angsty, but not really all that much since I'm not too good at angst. Ok, now for my warnings and explanations. This is mainly a Kenkari fic, with a little Izzlei. But mainly Kenkari. It's set in the Dark Ocean, and at the time I wrote it, I didn't really know WHAT to call those weirdo creatures that weren't Scubamon or whatever, so I named them Gessappemon. As usual, '___' are thoughts and "___" are spoken words.

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, or any of the characters or creatures. If only life was FAIR!!!!!:C I don't own Gesappemon, although I created the name. They were nameless Digimon, and I needed a name, so I chose Gesappemon. Don't ask me why, I just did.

            Today seemed like the perfect day to be depressed: dark, ominous clouds in the sky, no wind at all, and pretty soon the rain would start pouring, and the thunder would start flashing. Ken Ichijouji stared out the window, lost in the sea of dark clouds. He had a lot on his mind that day, and it seemed like the only thing he could concentrate on was the darkness of the clouds.

            "Ichijouji!" his teacher brought him back to reality.

            "Yes?" he asked. His teacher glared at him.

            "Get your head out of the clouds and start on your work right now!" his teacher bellowed.

            "Yes, Mr. Sazura," he said, blankly, and turned back to his paper.

            What did I do to deserve this? I hate math! And, my teacher is the worst! He has no compassion whatsoever! Can't he see that I'm depressed? He sighed, and started scratching down equations on his paper.

            "Hey Ken, are you all right? You seemed kinda out of it, today," a girl asked, walking up to him, after the bell had rung. He was putting his books away. She had green hair, tied back in a ponytail.

            "Oh, hi Milayou. Yeah, I'm fine," he said, though his voice betrayed his words.

            "Are you sure? You seem kinda depressed," she replied.

            "Yeah," he said.

            "Ok, well, feel better!" she exclaimed, as she walked off.

            "I'll try, thanks, Milayou," he replied, after her. He picked up his books, and left the room.

            "Earth to Ken! What's the matter?" Minimon, his Digimon, asked him, as he stared out the window of his room.

            "Nothing," he replied, trying to hide the fact that he was depressed.

            "Ken, I can tell when you're depressed, you can't hide your feelings from me, you know," Minimon replied. Ken was silent for a moment, and then his eyes started to water up.

            "It's Yolei," he said, his voice wavering. Minimon looked surprised. "I...I was too late,"

            "Late about what?" Minimon asked.

            "I never told her...and I'll never get the chance," he continued.

            "Told her what?" Minimon asked.

            "That I'm falling in love with her...but...but now...she's with Izzy, and I can't tell her..." he squeezed his eyes shut, refusing to cry.

            "Oh," Minimon replied, not knowing what else to say.

            "I feel like my heart has been ripped in half, and there's nothing I can do to ease the pain..."

            "Do you need to see a doctor?" Minimon asked, a little frightened.

            "No, I'm not hurt physically, Minimon...I'm hurt emotionally," he said. Minimon looked relieved.

            "Ken, it'll be all right," he tried to reassure his partner.

            "How can it be all right? She was the only girl I've ever loved, and she's with someone else," he replied. Minimon was silent for a moment.

            "You're only fourteen, Ken, you'll get over it," was all he could think of to say. Ken didn't answer, and continued to stare out the window, into the rain, which was now pouring down.

            Across town, at Odaiba Junior High, TK, Kari and Davis stood in their classroom. The bell had just rung.

            "Come on, we don't have all day! The Digital World needs us!" Davis exclaimed, urging Kari and TK to speed up. TK did, but Kari didn't. She continued at the same, slow pace as she had been going all day. Davis and TK turned around.

            "Kari! Come on, we have to move!" Davis exclaimed. Kari didn't respond. She kept her gaze locked at the ground in front of her feet. Davis blinked in surprise.

            "Kari? What's wrong?" TK asked, walking back to where she was. She kept walking forward, with her head down, at the same, slow pace.

            "Earth to Kari! The Digital World's in trouble!" Davis exclaimed, passing a hand in front of Kari's vision. She still didn't respond.

            "Are you sick or something?" TK asked, but still no response.

            "Kari, are you listening to me? The Digital World is in trouble!" Davis exclaimed.

            "Are you mad at us?" TK asked.

            "US? I didn't do anything wrong!"

            "Neither did I, but something is wrong!"

            "Well SOMEONE must have done SOMETHING to make her act this way!" TK just shook his head, and ignored Davis.

            "Kari, can you hear us?" he asked. She didn't respond.

            "This is getting weird, why's she acting like a zombie?" Davis asked.

            "I don't know, has she been like this all day?" TK asked.

            "Huh?" Davis asked, in reply.

            "You have first period with her, right? Did you notice anything was wrong?"

            "Well....I wasn't really paying attention, I was day dreaming about playing soccer,"



            "Well, I didn't see her until the beginning of fourth period, but she was already sitting down, and I was almost late, and you were late-"

            "I ALREADY explained that! Someone tripped me up in the hall!"

            "I don't care WHY you were late! The point is, she's probably been like this all day, and neither of us have paid a bit of attention to her,"

            "You think that's the reason why she's mad at us?"

            "Must be, otherwise she'd say SOMETHING to us,"

            "I'm not mad at you guys," came Kari's voice, from ahead of them, in the empty hall. They jumped, in surprise, and then rushed up to her.

            "Kari?" they asked. They both saw the strange look on her face, and her eyes filled with tears.

            "What's wrong?" TK asked.

            "Sorry, but I can't come with you to the Digital World today," was all she said.

            "What? But we need you, Kari!" Davis protested.

            "I can't come today, you'll have to go on this mission without me," she replied.

            "Why can't you come? Is something wrong?" TK asked. Her eyes welled up with tears.

            "I just can't come, all right!" she yelled, surprising them both.

            "What happened?" Davis asked.

            "Nothing happened!" she replied, heatedly.

            "Kari, please tell us so we can help!" TK pleaded.

            "Just go to the Digital World without me, today. You're wasting time, Yolei and Cody are already waiting for you," she said.

            "We're not moving from this spot until you tell us what's wrong! We're you're friends, Kari, we can help you get through this...whatever it is," Davis said, firmly rooting his feet to the spot.

            "Just go away!"

            "No!" TK replied.

            "Fine, stay right here, I could care less if the Digital World is destroyed, I'm leaving!" she practically shouted, and sprinted down the hallway, before either of them knew what was going on. They turned and ran after her.

            "Kari!" they called after her.

            "Wow, she's fast!" they exclaimed, coming to a stop. They'd lost sight of her. Kari came to a stop in the middle of an empty hallway. There were still tears in her eyes, but she refused to cry. She couldn't cry; not here, certainly not at home...

            "Why me?" she asked. I have to get away from this...I have to be alone...somewhere where I can cry and let this all out...those two wouldn't understand. Neither would Yolei and Cody...I don't think even Gatomon would understand. I can't talk to anyone... "Why me," she asked again, and leaned against the wall for support. Across the hall was a class room...and the door was ajar. She slipped quietly inside, and closed the door behind her. No one was in the class room. She looked around. They'll find me here. Her eyes rested on a computer. Wait! The Digital World! They will still think I'm here, so they won't look for me there! She walked over to the computer, and turned it on. She waited for it to load. Finally, it was done.

            "Digiport Open!" she exclaimed, and held up her Digivice. She knew going into the Digital World without Gatomon was risky, but she needed to be alone, and this was the perfect place. Besides, she knew that Arukenimon didn't see her as a threat without her Digimon, and wouldn't bother with her. She was sucked inside of the Digiport.

            Ken sighed, as he checked his new message on his computer.


            This is urgent! Come to the Digital World right away! Hurry!


            He sighed again, and deleted the message.

            "Aren't we going to go?" Minimon asked.

            "I can't go right now," was Ken's reply.   

            "What?" Minimon asked, surprised.

            "I mean, I can go to the Digital World, but I can't face those guys right now...especially Yolei," Ken replied. Minimon grimaced.

            "Oh, yeah. Aren't you going to tell them to go without you?"

            "I guess,"

            "Huh? Hey! An email!" Yolei exclaimed. Cody and the Digimon looked up at the screen.

            Sorry guys, but I can't come today. Something came up, you'll have to go on without me.


            "I wonder what's wrong?" she asked, and shrugged. "Well, I suppose we could go on without him for one mission," Just as the words came out of her mouth, Davis and TK rushed in. Yolei and Cody turned to them. 

            "There you are! What took you so long?" Cody asked.

            "Yeah, and where's Kari?" Yolei asked.

            "You mean you haven't seen her??" TK asked. Everyone except TK and Davis blinked in surprise.

            "," Yolei replied, shocked.

            "Did something happen to her?" Gatomon asked, jumping to her feet.

            "I think...but she wouldn't tell us what was wrong, and she just ran off and told us to go to the Digital World without her today," Davis replied.

            "Oh no! Now we're down TWO Digidestined?" Yolei practically screamed.

            "What?" Davis and TK asked, turning to her.

            "Ken just emailed and said that something came up and he couldn't come today," she replied. Davis and TK groaned.

            "We'll never be able to stop Arukenimon and Mummymon between the FOUR of us!" Davis exclaimed.

            "Without Kari and Ken, we don't have Paildramon and Silphymon," Cody pointed out.

            "Maybe we should just forget it and not go to the Digital World today," Yolei responded.

            "WHAT? But we have to!" Davis yelled.

            "Davis, if we can't stop Arukenimon and Mummymon OR Blackwargreymon, there's no reason for us to go!" Cody exclaimed.

            "They do have a point, Davis. At any rate, we have to look for Kari," TK said. Davis sighed.

            "All right," he gave in.

            "Did you see which way she went, or did she say anything?" Gatomon asked.

            "No, she was acting really weird. She just kept repeating that we should go on without her," TK said.

            "Yeah, and she looked like she was about to cry one second, and then she was mad the next! That's really not like her," Davis added.

            "She even said that she didn't care if the Digital World was destroyed or not," TK said, getting a gasp from everyone, especially Gatomon.

            "KARI said that?" Gatomon asked. TK nodded, grimly.

            "We have to find her, something must we terribly wrong with her, if she said that," Patamon, now perched on TK's head, said.

            "Definitely," Demiveemon responded.

            "We'll help," Poromon said, and Upamon nodded.

            "I'm sure we'll find her in no time if all of us look!" Yolei exclaimed, jumping up from her seat by the computer. Nobody noticed the small, pink square on the Digital World map, the indication that Kari was in the Digital World. They all rushed out, to search the school for Kari.

            Ken sighed, and looked over at his computer. Next to it was his Digivice.

            I just got out of a depression just like this one! Why does this stuff have to keep happening to me, I've already paid for my mistakes as the Digimon Emperor! The worst part is, I can't talk to anyone about it this time. No one understands, not even Minimon. Speaking of, Minimon was asleep, on Ken's bed. Ken himself was sitting in a chair, staring out the window again, except when his gaze shifted to his Digivice. I need to talk to someone...but no one will understand. Yolei is definitely out of the picture... Davis wouldn't know what to do, Cody doesn't even like me, TK wouldn't understand, Kari.... I'm sure she wouldn't understand, either. I certainly can't talk to Izzy about this, and I'm not on the best of terms with the older, I'm lost. He stood up, and walked over to his computer. He picked up the Digivice beside it. I need some time to clear my head, and this world is too stuffy and crowded, so maybe.... yeah, a little walk in the Digital World won't hurt me. He looked over at Minomon. No use taking him along, he's fast asleep. I guess I can just take a little walk in the Digital World, and then come back before any harm's done. He turned to the computer, which was on at the moment.

            "Digiport, Open!" the computer swallowed him up. Minomon still laid on his bed, fast asleep.

            Kari surveyed the area she'd been transported to. She was at the edge of a forest. The trees were loosely scattered about, so sunlight lit up the ground under the treetops in one spot, and there was shade in the next.

           "This is the perfect spot to take a break," she said, her eyes still filled with tears. She walked over, and sat underneath a tree. She sat with her back to the tree, and looked out across the landscape of the Digital World in front of her. After a few seconds, she just broke down and started crying. She rested her head on her knees, and let the tears come. She didn't notice, but a strange, dark shadow was creeping toward her from every direction. She suddenly felt a familiar, dark sensation, and looked around. She gasped, and realized that she was in water.

            "The Dark Ocean!" she screamed at the realization, but it was too late; it was already pulling her into the void of darkness. The water was all around her. She started to cry again, but for a different reason.

            Meanwhile, Ken as well was in the Digital World. He was in the middle of a large field, with tall grass that grew up to his knees at places. There was nothing but endless grass for miles in every direction.

            "A savannah...the perfect place to take a walk, I suppose," He said, not to thrilled about where he had come, but, then again, he wouldn't have been too thrilled at any other landscape. He started to walk off, in one direction, after making sure there were no Digimon near him, and the Digidestined weren't in an area close to him. There was nothing around him for miles. He decided to check and see if the Digidestined were in the Digital World at all, but couldn't find their signals. He finally found one signal: a pink one.

           "Hmm? Why's Kari the only one here?" he asked. "And why is her signal so faint..." he shrugged, and walked off. The events of the day, and the days before that, swirled around in his mind. He drifted back to a day last week.... The rest of the Digidestined were gathered at a small mountain, where one of the Destiny Stones was supposed to be. He and Stingmon had gotten there as soon as they could, but Stingmon noticed that he was a little nervous and edgy that day. When Stingmon had asked him what was wrong, he didn't tell him. He was actually planning to ask Yolei out on a date that day, if he got the chance. But, he never did. When they had arrived, Yolei was grinning, happier and giddier than usual. In fact, 'giddy' wasn't her usual style. When he got there, he asked what happened, and she practically screamed, "Izzy asked me out!!" his heart had broken in two, but he had put on a face of happiness, and congratulated her with the rest of the Digidestined. He had started to go down hill from there. Slowly, Ken returned to reality, and realized he was walking in a puddle or something. He looked around, and realized that there was water everywhere, but not just water: black water.

            "Oh no!" he exclaimed, but it was too late. He'd stumbled into the Dark Ocean without even realizing it! His negative thoughts had led him into a trap.

...And so concludes part one. Well, what did you think of it?? Is Brought Together In Darkness a cool title or what? What do you think will happen? (Why do I ask so many questions?)