Brought Together In Darkness

Part Four

By: ArtikGato

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. However, I'm attempting to collect the magic Dragon Balls and make a wish to Shenlong so that I CAN own Digimon...

Author's Notes: The final chapter! Yay! Well, this is it. What will happen to Kari? Will they escape from the clutches of the evil Dragomon? Why do I sound like that creepy announcer? Ahem...sorry. To all of you that reviewed: thankees! I LOVE getting reviews!! Anyway, still a Kekari up until the end, blah blah blah, ect. There is a sequel to this fic, which I'll tell you about at the end. Ok, without further adue, I bring you part four!!

            "WHAT?? What do you mean something happened to Kari?" Davis practically yelled into the receiver. Tai grimaced.

            "Gatomon Dedigivolved into her Baby form, that's the only explanation: something happened to Kari!" Tai repeated. He heard whimpering on the other end of the line. "Davis? You ok?" he asked.

            "Yeah, I'll be fine...thanks for letting me know, Tai," Davis replied, and hung up the phone. Tai sighed, and dialed another number. TK is going to take this harder than Davis. There were a couple of rings, and then the phone was picked up.

            "Hello?" a female voice asked.

            "Hi, Mrs. Takaishi, it's Tai Kamiya, can I speak to TK please?" he asked.

            "At this hour of the night?" she asked.

            "It's's about Kari," Tai replied.

            "Oh, goodness, what's wrong?" Mrs. Takaishi asked.

            "She's...uh...really sick, and had to be rushed to the hospital," Tai lied.

            "I'll go get TK, so you can tell him what happened," she replied, and there was silence on the other end of the phone.

            "What happened to Kari?" demanded TK, loudly, and out of nowhere. Tai jumped.

            "I don't know! Gatomon Dedigivolved into her Baby form, so the only explanation is something happened to Kari," Tai replied. He heard a snuffle, and a sob on the other end of the phone.

            "TK, you all right?" he asked.

            "Yeah. Well, I guess we can give up all hope of getting her back now," TK replied, solemnly.

            "No, Snowbotamon is still here, so she's still alive, but something happened to her and left her very weak," Tai replied.

            "Who's Snowbotamon?" TK asked.

            "Gatomon's Baby Form," Tai replied.

            "Oh...wait, isn't Agumon's Micro form called Botamon?" TK asked.

            " they'd be related. Huh, that's weird," Tai acknowledged. TK yawned. "Listen, don't worry yourself sick, all right? I know my sister, she'll be just fine..."

            "Ok, see you tomorrow, Tai," TK said, and hung up the phone.

            "I hope," Tai said, and tried to decide who to call next.

            "Are you going to call everyone tonight?" Snowbotamon asked. Tai shook his head.

            "No, no use getting them all up, they'll find out soon enough." he said, and hung up the phone.

            "Why'd you call Davis and TK?" she asked.

            "Because they really care about her, more than the others." was his response.

            I can't let her die. Lot's of people would be really mad at me...Tai, Gatomon, TK, Davis...everyone else...they'd all be really mad at me. I'd hate myself for letting her die. But, what can I do? She said herself that she can't just borrow my light to regain some strength. Now what? Ken looked over at Kari, still asleep on the floor of the cell. As he did, he felt something flicker inside of his heart. He couldn't explain it, or understand what it was, but he definitely knew where it had come from: a part of his heart darkened recently by pain and guilt. The only way to get her back to normal is to get her power back to her somehow...but how? He felt a pang of guilt. I know there's some way I can help, but I can't figure out how to do it! I feel so useless! I don't want her to die, and yet I have to sit here and watch her die because I'm locked in a stupid dark cell! This isn't fair!! He looked back over at her, and felt that flicker in his heart again. I think I understand why Davis and TK are always fighting over her. She's...caring, and sweet, and kind...and beautiful... He felt the flicker again, but it was bigger this time. He couldn't understand what was going on. I have to be able to help somehow! A sudden glow from somewhere reached his eyes. He looked down, and realized it was his Crest of Kindness. It was glowing! He watched in amazement, as it floated up, through the air, and over to the wall the door was on. Two lines of light shot from it, horizontally. Two more stretched from their tips down vertically, until they reached the floor. White light filled the area in-between the lines.

            "A portal!" he exclaimed. He stepped forward, and looked back at Kari, still asleep. "I'll be back," he whispered, and stepped through the portal. He immediately found himself just outside the door of the cell. He looked back, and couldn't find the crest of Kindness. He touched the wall, and his hand went straight through it! He was surprised, but looked back down the dark corridor. There was a faint bit of light, which he crept towards, silently. He stealthily crept down the corridor, and finally came to where it led out into the huge room, which Dragomon was in. He looked out, and realized that it must be night time, because Dragomon, along with a bunch of Gesappemon, were all fast asleep. He looked around, and spotted where the light was coming from: a small crystal ball, sitting on a stand near Dragomon. Light radiated from it, but Dragomon didn't seem to mind. That has to be Kari's light. Ken silently tip-toed up to the crystal, and took it in his hands. Now I have to sneak off, unnoticed. Easier said than done...maybe if I go backwards so the light of the crystal isn't diminished... He checked behind him, to make sure he had a clear path, and began to slowly creep backwards, holding the crystal in front of him. He was almost to the mouth of the corridor, when Dragomon awoke with a snort, and looked directly at him.

            "YOU!! HOW DID YOU ESCAPE??" he bellowed, and the Gesappemon awoke with a start. Ken turned and ran, holding the crystal. He entered the corridor.

            "AFTER HIM!!" Dragomon bellowed, and the Gesappemon jumped up, and ran off in the direction of the corridor. Ken reached the end of the passage, where the cell was, and stopped. He stepped through the wall, and into the small cell. He looked from Kari to the crystal, now faced with the task of how to return the light to it's owner. Suddenly, he realized that the light the crystal was giving off was some how absorbing into Kari's body. He watched, as she suddenly began to glow. The glow from the crystal suddenly intensified, causing Ken to drop it accidentally, and shield his eyes. The crystal smashed into a thousand pieces, and the light inside it was released. Ken closed his eyes, blinded. The light faded, and he opened his eyes. Kari was standing now, eyes wide open, and glowing. Her eyes, he noticed, were full of tears. Her glow subsided, and she stood there, trembling.

            "You light back..." she said. Ken blinked. She suddenly rushed forward, unexpectedly, and hugged him. "Thank you!" she exclaimed. He blinked, in shock.

            "No...problem..." he replied, returning the hug. What Davis or TK wouldn't give to be in my position right now! he thought, and smiled. He released her, and she released him, both of them kind of blushing. Suddenly, there was pounding on the door. Ken walked over to the wall, where the portal still was. He took his crest, and then motioned to her, and she came over. He stuck his hand into the wall, and quickly pulled it back. She nodded. The door burst open, and in swarmed the Gesappemon...but Ken and Kari were nowhere to be found. They suddenly heard footsteps in the corridor, and turned to see Ken and Kari running in the opposite direction.

            "HOW did they do THAT?" one Gesappemon asked. Ken and Kari ran through the corridor, and came to the entrance to the large cave. They just kept running, and Dragomon spotted them.

            "So, you think you can outrun me, huh? Tentacle Claw!" he shot a bunch of tentacles toward them. They tried to dodge them, but they snapped around them, and pulled them into the air, struggling.

            "I see you got your power back, a minor inconvenience," Dragomon snarled. They struggled against his tentacles.

            "But first...I'll make you pay for that, boy, and you, child of light, you will watch as I kill him and be able to do nothing!" he exclaimed, and laughed, ominously. Kari struggled against the tentacles even harder now. Dragomon shot out five more tentacles, and wrapped them around Ken. He struggled against them, but to no avail. Kari squeezed her eyes shut, as Ken once again had the life squeezed out of him. He cried out in pain.

            "That's IT!!" Kari yelled, and began to glow, fiercely. Dragomon stopped his attack on Ken, surprised. She glared at Dragomon through the glow, and it suddenly increased, making Dragomon yelp in pain, and drop both her and Ken. They landed on the marble floor, without a scratch on either of them. Kari stood up, still glowing.

            "You're about to learn that you don't mess with me OR my friends without facing the consequences!!" she shouted.

            "Oh really? You don't stand a chance against me, girl, I am an all powerful Ultimate level Digimon! Without your two Digimon, you can't even so much as touch me!" he exclaimed.

            "We'll just see about that," Kari replied, and held up her hands. Dragomon snickered.

            "You don't scare me, girl," he replied. She didn't respond. "Come on, give me your best shot!" she glowed even brighter.

            "Don't Kari!" Ken exclaimed. She ignored him, and continued to glow brighter. Dragomon snickered again. She suddenly shot a blast of that light into Dragomon, stunning him and blasting him into the other wall. Ken gasped, and stood up, in awe. Kari's glow went back to normal, and she fell to one knee, exhausted.. Dragomon shook his head, and climbed out of the wreckage that was once a wall of black marble.

            "Amazing power....but not enough. Tentacle Claw!" he shot all of his tentacles out now.

            "Oh no!" Ken exclaimed. There was a flash of light, and the tentacles hit the spot where they were, but they weren't there.      

            "They disappeared!" Dragomon exclaimed, furiously.

            Tai sat in his chair, and looked out the window, depressed. It was already 7 AM, but he hadn't slept at all since Gatomon dedigivolved.

            "Tai!" Snowbotamon exclaimed. He looked over at her, and she began to glow.

            "Oh no!" he exclaimed, fearing the worst.

            "Kari's got her power back! Snowbotamon Digivolve to...Nyaromon!" she changed form, into a small, round Digimon with ears and a tail. She looked kind of like a furry, yellow version of Koromon, only her ears were more catlike.

            "She's got her power back?" Tai asked, jumping up. Nyaromon smiled, and nodded. Tai laughed, and tears of happiness sprang into his eyes. She might just make it after all!!

            "Whoa, I didn't know I could do THAT," Kari exclaimed, as she and Ken had reappeared somewhere else. But where were they?

            "Black marble...we're still in the palace, somewhere." Ken commented. There was a set of steps to their right, leading down farther into the palace.

            "FIND THEM!!" they heard Dragomon roar, not to far off.

            "We'd better run," Ken said. Kari nodded, and they started down the steps, deeper into the palace. Kari's glow lit their way, as they stepped off the staircase and into another passage. They ran down this passage, and stopped, suddenly, as the floor stopped, and was replaced by water. Black water.

            "The exit?" Kari asked.  

            "This palace is underwater, it has to be the exit," Ken replied, and started to jump in.

            "Hold on! We don't know how far underwater this place is! We might not make it!" Kari exclaimed, stopping him.           

            "We have to get out of here! We're just going to have to chance it," Ken replied, looking into her eyes. She nodded. They heard footsteps and yells coming from the staircase.

            "Ready?" Ken asked. Kari nodded. They counted to three, and then jumped in, and dove underwater. A troupe of Gesappemon ran up, and watched them swim away.

            "They'll never make it," one said.            

            "Let's go tell the boss," another one said. They started toward the staircase. Meanwhile, Kari and Ken swam for dear life. They could see nowhere in this deep, black water, but they were sure they were headed up. Kari's light lit up part of the darkness for them, but it didn't penetrate far into the dark water. They swam up...and up...and up...but still no sign of the surface. Soon, Kari began to lose strength, and her light began to dim. She suddenly stopped swimming, and was about to pass out. Ken swam back to her, and tried to pull her along with him, but he couldn't hold his breath much longer either. We can't die now! Not after all this!! Suddenly, another glow shot into the water, illuminating the darkness. It was coming from Ken's crest again. Kari was nearly ready to pass out, and so was Ken! The two glows surrounded them, and formed a bubble, which rocketed upward. Just as they were about to pass out, the bubble rocketed them to the surface. They gasped for air, as the bubble flew them into the air, over the water, and finally, sat them down on the beach. They were both dripping wet, and had nearly died for the second time in this world, but otherwise, fine. The bubble disappeared, and the glows from Ken's crest and Kari subsided. They made it!

            "Davis!! Sorry to bother you, but I've got good news!" Tai exclaimed, into the receiver of his cell phone.       

            "Really?" Davis asked, hopefully.

            "Snowbotamon just Digivolved into Nyaromon! Kari's got her power back!" he exclaimed. He heard a stifled cry of joy from the other end of the line.

            "She's all right?" Davis asked.

            "Yep!!" Tai replied. Davis started to laugh, happily.

            "Great!" Davis exclaimed.

            "Ok, Davis, I have to call a few more people and tell them the good news," Tai said.

            "Right. Want me to help?" Davis offered.

            "Glad you asked. You can call Joe, Yolei and Izzy for me. I'll get TK, Matt, Sora, and Cody," Tai replied.

            "Good luck!" Davis exclaimed, and hung up his phone. Tai dialed TK's number.

            "Hello?" asked a cheerful Mrs. Takaishi.

            "Oh! Hello, it's Tai again...I'm just calling to let TK and you know that Kari's out of the hospital!" Tai lied.

            "Oh! That's great! TK's asleep, I think, but I'll go get him," she said. There was silence on the line.                 

            "Kari's ok?" TK practically shouted on the other end of the line, causing Tai to jump again.

            "Yeah, Snowbotamon Digivolved back into Nyaromon! She's got her power back!" Tai exclaimed. TK cried out in joy.

            "That's great! Have you checked to see if she's in the Digital World?" he asked.

            "Well, I can't, I don't have a D-3," Tai replied.

            "Oh, yeah. Want me to check?" TK asked.

            "Actually, could you do something else for me?"


            "Tell Matt, please! I've already got Davis calling Yolei, Izzy and Joe, I have to call Sora, Cody and Matt," Tai explained.

            "Can do. And, I'll be sure to check and see if she's in the Digital World," TK replied.

            "Thanks, buddy," Tai replied, and TK hung up. He quickly dialed Sora's number, which he knew by heart. ^_^

            Ken and Kari sat on the beach of the Dark Ocean. They were both soaked, exhausted, and they had just had yet another near-death experience. They weren't feeling very good right now. After a few moments, they regained their breath, and Kari stood up, wearily.

            "We're still stuck in this Dark Ocean!" she exclaimed, about to cry. Ken stood up.

            "But at least we're out of that awful palace," he said.

            "Yeah, but we're still stuck here, and Dragomon's probably got his minions after us by now," she replied. There were tears in her eyes now. "We'll NEVER get out of this vile place!" she cried, and sank to the ground, crying. Ken looked on, surprised.

            "Kari, don't tell me you've lost hope!" he exclaimed.

            "Well, it's pretty easy to lose hope when you're trapped in a dark world with evil creatures after you, and no hope of escaping!" she exclaimed. Ken knelt down beside her.

            "Kari, do you remember last time we were pulled into the Dark Ocean?" he asked.

            "Yeah, that was the first time Gatomon and Aquilamon DNA Digivolved into Silphymon," she replied.

            "Remember, when we first got sucked in, you said to me 'We can't give up hope, too many people want us back, and we want to go back to badly. I'm sure we'll make it out of here',?" he said. She sniffed, and nodded.

            "Yeah," she replied, and wiped away her tears. She managed to smile.

            "We're going to get out of here, Kari, don't give up hope," Ken continued. She nodded. He stood up, and offered a hand to help her up. She took it, and stood up, with Ken's help. They looked around, trying to decide which direction to go in.

            "Maybe into the forest? That's where we got out last time," Kari said. Ken nodded, and they started toward an area of the cliff, which was gently sloped, and had a path going up it. They climbed up, and walked into the forest, in silence. Finally, after a while, Kari decided to break the silence.

            "Hey Ken?" she asked. He turned to her. "I want to thank you for helping me back there. I'm sure I would've died if you hadn't gotten my light back for me," Ken smiled.

            "Well, come on Kari, I couldn't let you die, your brother and all our friends would've kicked my butt, not to mention Gatomon," he joked. She grinned. "And, I would've missed you too much," he added.

            "Well...when you put it THAT way, it makes you sound like you were only trying to save yourself," she teased. He laughed. Then, she did something that no one would've expected her to do: she leaned up, and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Thanks," she said. He blushed. Oh no, Davis and TK are going to kill me once we get back...not to mention Tai! They walked on, in silence.

            "Umm...Kari?" he started. She turned to him, and looked at him, puzzled. "This may be a strange question but...could I...uhmm..." he was blushing again.

            "Yes?" she asked.

            "Could I...kiss you?" he asked. She smiled.

            "Oh no, not you too!" she exclaimed. He looked shocked.


            "Great, now I've got to contend with Davis and TK AND you?" she asked. She grinned. He was speechless. She smiled, deviously, at him, and leaned closer to him. "Of course you can, silly, I was just joking," she whispered. He gulped. I'm dead meat! TK and Davis and Tai are going to kill me! But, he didn't hesitate, and kissed her on the lips, passionately. She returned the kiss with just as much passion, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

            "Hi, Mrs. Hita, this is Tai Kamiya, I'm a friend of Cody's...which one? The tall guy with the big, brown hair. No, not the one with the goggles, the other one. Yeah, that's me. Can I talk to Cody? It's about my sister Kari...his friend...the one that wears pink and yellow all the time...and a camera around her neck...yeah, her. Can I PLEASE talk to Cody?!" Tai said, into the cell phone. There was silence on the line, and then Cody picked up.

            "Hello? Tai?" he asked.

            "Cody! My gosh, your mother can talk! Listen, I just called to tell you that Kari's just fine! No, she hasn't gotten back yet, and I haven't gotten a call from TK yet to confirm that she's in the Digital World." Tai said.

            "How can you tell, then?" he asked.

            "Well, overnight, Gatomon dedigivolved into her baby form, because Kari lost a lot of power, but she just Digivolved back into In-Training, which means Kari's back to normal," Tai explained.

            "O...k....whatever," Cody replied.

            "Anyway, everyone's going to meet at the school in about 10 minutes, are you coming?" Tai asked.

            "Hang on Tai, there's someone for me at the door," Cody replied. There was a bit of muffled talking in the background, and then Cody picked back up. "That's Yolei and TK. I'll be there in ten! Bye, Tai!" they both hung up their phones.

            "C'mon Nyaromon, we're going to go find Kari!" Tai exclaimed, and picked up the small, round Digimon, and rushed out the door with her.

            When Kari and Ken finally broke their kiss, they realized that they were standing in a field of green grass, with flowers growing everywhere. There were a bunch of trees in a circle around them, but off to some distance. They were in a meadow. They both instinctively pulled out their D-3's to check them.

            "We're back in the Digital World!" they both exclaimed, and hugged each other, happily.

            "Oh my gosh!" Yolei exclaimed, as two dots, one pink and one black, suddenly appeared on the Digital World map.

            "Huh?" everyone asked, and looked at her. She jumped up, happily.

            "They're back! They're back in the Digital World!" she practically screamed. Everyone jumped up from their seats.

            "What are we waiting for! Let's go!" Tai, TK and Davis all exclaimed at once, and everyone pulled out his or her D-3 or Digivice.

            "Digiport, Open!" they all exclaimed, and held up their Digivices. They were instantly sucked into the computer.

            Kari and Ken walked across the meadow, side-by-side. They were headed for a Digiport, but they wanted to take their merry time. Suddenly, they heard something.

            "Kari! Ken!" they heard, in the distance. They looked around.

            "Kari!!" they heard, from behind them.

            "Ken!" they turned around, and saw their friends rushing over the top of hill toward them, Tai, TK and Davis in the lead. They smiled, and glanced at each other before they took off in a dead run toward their friends. Kari ran up to them, and hugged her brother, crying happily. TK and Davis were next. Ken ran up, and as soon as Kari and Davis broke their hug, Davis ran up to Ken, and high fived him. They both laughed as Veemon had to jump off of Davis' shoulder just to high-five Ken. Sora and Matt got hugs next from Kari, who was happy to see each and every one of them. Ken stood, laughing happily, as his friends stood around him. Eventually, Kari hugged everyone and stood in the center of the group of her friends and her brother. Tears were streaming down everyone's faces by now. They'd almost lost them; and they were happy to get them back. Nyaromon broke through the group of humans, and jumped into Kari's arms. As soon as she did, she Digivolved into Salamon. Kari hugged her Digimon tightly, never wanting to be apart from her again.

            "Salamon, what happened? Why did you go back to Nyaromon?" she asked.

            "I went back to Snowbotamon, actually, when your power left you. What happened?" Salamon asked. Ken looked at Kari and Salamon, locked in a warm embrace. He suddenly realized that he missed Minimon.

            "Ken!" came a familiar voice. But it wasn't Minimon's it was... a wormlike creature pushed through the humans, and jumped into Ken's arms.

            "Wormon! Wormon, I'm so sorry for leaving you behind! I hope you didn't worry too much!" he exclaimed, as he hugged his Digimon.

            "So...what happened?" Davis asked them. They sighed, and sat down, to tell their story. They, of course, left out the last part. Davis, Tai and TK didn't need to know about that. They, didn't however, tell WHY they had left their partners behind and come to the Digital World.

            "Kari, I'm sorry about blaming you...I know that's why you left Gatomon behind and got pulled into the Dark Ocean..." Tai trailed off. Kari smiled.

            "Don't blame yourself, Tai, blame only leads to sadness and grief. I forgive you. By the way, how's Dad?" Kari asked. Tai smiled.

            "The operation went perfectly fine, he should be able to come home after a few days," Tai replied.

            "That's great!" Kari exclaimed, grinning. Everyone smiled at that. Yolei turned to Ken.

            "Hey Ken, sorry to bring this up, but why'd you go to the Digital World without Wormon?" she asked. Kari gulped, and looked at Yolei. No good can come of this...but Ken really needs to tell her.

            "Well....truthfully..." Ken started. He took a deep breath. "You," he replied, and looked at Yolei. She was taken aback.

            "Me? What did I do to hurt you?" she asked. He swallowed a knot in his throat. This is going to hurt, but it's the right thing to do.

            "Well... you didn't do anything...but..." he gulped. "The reason is because I was falling in love with you, but Izzy got you first," he stated simply. Everyone, except Kari and Ken, gasped, and almost fell over in shock.

            "I'm sorry, WHAT??" Yolei almost yelled.

            "I was falling in love with you, but Izzy got to you first, hurt," he said again. The second time, it sank in on everyone. They looked at him, with looks of pity, even Izzy.

            "Sorry...I didn't mean to hurt you..." Yolei started, Izzy cut her off.

            "If anything, it's my fault...sorry, Ken. I hope you don't feel betrayed..." he apologized.

            "Well, I did, but this little adventure has changed my view. I don't feel heartbroken anymore," Ken replied. Yolei gave him an odd look, but kept quiet. She'd ask him why in private; she had a feeling now was not the time. Ken held out his hand to Izzy. "Izzy, I just want you to know you've got a great girl, and I'm happy for you," Izzy smiled, and shook his hand.

            "Thanks for forgiving me," he replied. Everyone continued talking for a while, and they started to break up into smaller groups. TK, Tai, Davis, Kari and Sora drifted one way, and the others drifted another.  Eventually, the reason he wasn't sad anymore got to bugging Yolei, and she tapped him on the shoulder, and drug him away from the others.

            "Ok, I want to know why exactly you aren't heartbroken anymore," Yolei stated. Ken smiled.

            "Because I'm not in love with you anymore," he replied.

            "Well, that's GREAT to know, but, and I hope I don't sound too selfish...why not?" Yolei asked. Ken grinned at that.

            "Because I'm in love with someone else," he replied, simply. It took a second for those words to sink in.

            "Who?" she asked, but then a thought struck her, and she looked at Kari. She looked back at Ken. He smiled, and nodded.

            "No way!" she exclaimed, surprised. He nodded again, and his smile got bigger.

            "Uh, Ken, I hate to break it to you, but you've got competition," she said.

            "Oh, I don't think they're much of a problem," he said, slyness in his voice.

            "How can you be so sure?" she asked.

            "Ask Kari yourself," he replied, simply, and walked over to the group, leaving Yolei standing there, dumbfounded.

            "Well, I sure hope I never have to go back to that Dark Ocean again," Kari said.

            "Yeah, I think we all hope that," TK replied. Tai and Davis nodded. So did Salamon.

            "So this Dragomon creep...what did he look like?" Tai asked. Kari grinned, mischievously.

            "Oh, he was big and scary....and he looked exactly like you when you wake up in the morning," she replied, and laughed. TK, Patamon, Davis, Veemon, and Salamon joined in. Tai frowned.

            "Ha ha, very funny. Seriously!" he exclaimed. She opened her mouth to respond, but was cut off as Yolei grabbed onto her arm and dragged her off, saying simply "We have to talk, girl talk," Davis, TK and Tai shrugged. Salamon stayed with them. Yolei dragged Kari off a good ways, before letting her go.

            "What's this all about?" Kari asked, rubbing her arm, where Yolei had gripped it.

           "Sorry, but this is important...are you in love with Ken?" she asked. Kari was taken by surprise, and she nearly fell over in shock. She glanced at Ken, who smiled.

            "Can you keep a secret?" she asked. Yolei blinked.

            "Uhh...yeah..." she replied. Kari smiled.

            "Yeah," she replied, smiling sincerely. Yolei almost fell over in shock, but quickly regained her balance.

            "You're kidding?!" she asked, half expecting Kari to grin and say "Got ya!", but that didn't happen.

            "No, I'm not kidding," Kari replied, dead seriousness in her voice. This time, Yolei DID fall over in shock. She quickly stood up, pretending to dust off.

            "Are you serious?" she asked.

            "Yolei, if I tell you, don't fall over again, OK?" Kari requested. Yolei nodded. "I'm serious." Yolei couldn't believe her ears. She stood speechless. "Yolei, I get the feeling that you might be a bit jealous?" Kari asked. Yolei was taken by surprise.

            "Of course not...I've got Izzy," she said, and laughed, sheepishly.            

            "Good. Now then, don't tell anyone else. ESPECIALLY Davis, TK and Tai. I don't want to have to go to Ken's funeral any time soon," Kari warned. Yolei nodded. "Ok..." she started, but her stomach rumbled. She laughed, sheepishly, and raised her voice, so everyone could hear.

            "Uhmm...anyone got anything to eat? I haven't eaten since...." she was immediately cut off by TK and Davis, who rushed up to her and held out a couple of candy bars. She smiled sweetly, and took them.

            "Thanks guys." She took the two candy bars. "Hey, Ken! Catch!" she yelled, and tossed him an candy bar. He smiled at her.

            "What'd you do that for?" Davis demanded.

            "Davis, really, do you think I'm THAT selfish? Ken and I were trapped for the same amount of time in the Dark Ocean, so I know he must be just as hungry as me," she replied, biting off a piece of chocolate.

            "Can I have some?" Salamon asked. She looked down at the Digimon.

            "Sorry, but I AM that selfish. You'll have to eat later." Salamon pretended to pout, but joined in while everyone laughed. Ken and Kari looked at each other. And smiled.

The End

Whee!! I'm done I'm done I'm DONE!! At least...for now. Well, did you like it? Doesn't the title sound cool? ^_^'' Er...anyway, there IS a sequel, and it's called 'Brought Together In The Aftermath'. It's not EXACTLY a Kenkari, though it has Kenkari in it. It's actually a Daimi fic (Davis X Mimi). I happen to like the couple. I mean, Daimi would NEVER happen EVER in the show, but they seem like they'd be such a good pair...and there is a definite LACK of Daimi fics. Anyway, that's the sequel! Thankees to everyone who read and reviewed! Peace out!