I just HAD to combine my favorite TV show with my favorite book!- AJ ThaPlatypus

I poked my stick around in the fire they had kindled and stared deep into its flames. Night had cast its dark blanket over Alagaësia. This little band of five had stopped to camp here for the night. The journey they were on was a strange one; each of them had come with a different purpose to do a different thing, but now they'd forsaken all to follow the ideas of a certain strong- headed optimist by the name of Phineas. He claimed that he had a message for an Eragon Shadeslayer. Of course, the other human by the name of Ferb had wanted to follow him, saying that this Eragon fellow was a dragon rider from Carvahall. This, of course, intrigued both of the elves and the dwarf. As for myself, I was none of the above. In fact, I wasn't even really there.

I know I said I was poking at their fire with a stick. But I was there in spirit, watching Phineas' every move, waiting for him to arrive here and find me. Poking the fire with my mind was a childish endeavor, as my mind at the time was, indeed, very premature and I had yet to even enter the world. I was still awaiting Phineas.

You see, I was with Eragon. Yes, he was exactly who Ferb had said he was. Eragon was the rider who brought about the end of a tyrant king's rule; and for any that know, that king was none other than the repulsive Galbatorix. He was waiting with great anticipation for a new generation of dragon riders. Now, many had thought that his dragon, Saphira, and Eragon's half-brother's dragon, Thorn, were the last two dragons in Alagaësia, but this was not the case. There were eggs. Many, many, many eggs. How do I know this? Well, I was one of these young dragons, waiting to be hatched.

Focusing back on the group of five, they were headed in an undeterminable direction. Phineas was a nomadic human who'd lived with his parents until they'd both died. He refused to tell his traveling companions about his life, but he was exceedingly optimistic about anything and everything they came across.

Ferb was a young human that had descended from the people of Carvahall. He'd known about Eragon because he'd known the rider's cousin, Roran, and heard many great stories about the man. For a human, he was extremely silent and rarely spoke a word to anyone, save for Phineas.

Two elves resided in the group, Isabella and Baljeet. Both were from the elven land of Du Weldenvarden. They had been on separate missions for their queen, Arya, who was also a dragon rider. Neither would disclose the information of their missions with anyone or one another, but both wanted to see Eragon.

The fifth member of their band was a dwarf named Buford. He was just as secretive as the others, and he wasn't too keen on meeting Eragon, but he was curious enough to see if the rider would allow a dwarf to see the dragon eggs.

And thus, each one with their own lives, none sharing anything at all, they travelled through thick and thin to find Eragon. Sadly, the rider had long left Alagaësia, as I have said earlier, to watch over the eggs and hopefully someday train future dragon riders. But a day would come, and very soon, that he'd have the ability to, and this band could find their destination and a destiny.

Just the prologue :)