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"Katara it can't be done!" Pakku yelled. He was getting frustrated, she just wouldn't let it go.

"Why?" Katara banged her hand on the table. Zuko put a hand on her back... He knew how she could be when she got angry.

"The ice is nowhere near strong enough to hold the fortress you are suggesting." Katara shook her head.

"Then we make it stronger."

"Do you have any idea how long and strenuous that would be?" Pakku huffed. Katara narrowed her eyes.

"I'm not a child anymore Pakku. Yes I am grateful for the help you are giving me but igloos just won't suffice anymore. People need real homes, and real protection. Paku now slammed his hand on the table.

"Protection from what?! You're husband has made the world a peaceful place. The people are fine. End of discussion." Katara shook her head and grabbed Paku's arm.

"My father didn't leave you in charge. He left me to be the leader and if you don't respect that then I want you out of the southern water tribe. Do you understand me?" Katara asked forcefully. Pakku had never heard Katara speak in that manner to anyone and to be honest he was slightly frightened. He knew her power. He knew what she was. But he had thought with the rise of the avatar the world didn't need her anymore and what she was disappeared, but if it hadn't he didn't want her wraith thrown upon him.

"Of course, I'm sorry I forget too easily that I am not in charge here. I will be of as much assistance as I can, and will send for some of my strongest benders to help strengthen the ice." Pakku bowed to Katara as a pupil would to a master and left the igloo.

"That was quite the change of heart Pakku had." Zuko said quietly.

"I have to admit it was odd." Katara agreed. Zuko stared at her. She was changing. Her normally brown hair was darker, actually it was almost black. Blueish tints glinted throughout it. Her eyes had changed too... They were a much darker shade of blue. She even seemed taller. Zuko had also noticed a change in her personality since her father died, really since she married Aang. The motherly love she felt towards everyone was slowly fading into something... darker and disconnected from the rest of him.

"Did you do something to your hair?" Zuko asked. Katara looked up surprised.

"No nothing." She responded. Zuko still felt unsettled but nevertheless let it go.

"It's been a long day, don't you think you should get some rest?" Zuko asked, remembering when they were flying on Appa trying to find the man who killed Katara's mother.

"I'm fine." Replied Katara. If Zuko remember correctly, the way she had acted then was similar to how she had been acting for the past few months. He was beginning to get worried.

"Katara," Zuko held her face in his hands, "you need rest, even leader's need sleep." She closed her eyes and put her hands over Zuko's.

"I guess you're right." Zuko smiled at her and removed his hands from her face placing one on her back leading her to her igloo.

Zuko was completely out of his climate, the snow, the ice, the bright moon... it all weakened him. He wondered how things were going at the Firenation... he knew Mai would have it under control. Marrying her was the best decision politically he could have made, but he always wondered if there was someone else out there. Someone who understood him, who went through the same things, someone who made his heart beat out of his chest. Someone who could send shivers down his spine, even though he would never be cold.

"Good night Zuko, I'd like to thank you for staying, I know your nation needs you and I don't want to keep you much longer." Katara turned to him.

"It's no trouble. Mai can handle things... she has been around political Firenation business much longer than I have. I can stay longer. Sleep well Katara." She smiled gratefully. He was the only person who could help her. He was the only person she wanted there. He allowed her to do things the way she wanted not the way she needed to. As he walked away the air became colder and shiver ran down both of there spines, they blamed it on the weather.