"Larken Elaine Bennett!" Shane yelled from the basement. That was his pet name for me, and I would normally act

annoyed. Not today. "I'm in my room." I said monotoned. His steps sounded heavy on my stairs.

"Why did I have to find out like this?" I questioned with disgust. He chuckled, then looked me in the eye. His

piercing eyes had me so distracted I didn't even see his hand move to my face. I felt his warmth on my skin, then

the sting on my forehead. He started laughing, then reached out to thump me again. I shoved his hand aside and

dove onto my bed.

"It just happens to some of us. You will get use to it eventually. We all do." He sounded casual about it, but his

eyes looked sincere. "There are only three ways this could happen, being born into it, like you, changed, like me, or

marked, which is rare." I sat there wanting to tell him he was speaking in giant run-on sentences, but I decided that

now was not the time to be grammatically correct. "Only a few members of the pack were marked" He continued

before I could say anything. I grunted.

"I know." That was all I could think to say, and that much made me mad. I looked at him, his face was twisted into a

confused grin. I understand that he doesn't like to see me upset, but he will get use to it eventually.

"Larken, you will eventually get use to it, and love it." He said. I could see the wolf dancing in his eyes. I grunted at


"Does the puppy want a dog treat?" I teased while throwing chips at him. He reached over and started scratching my

head, like an owner would scratch a house dogs head. I fought the urge to roll onto my back. I hated the wolf.

"You will have to get use to it, learn to love it, someday you may need it." He sounded so serious it almost scared


"Mom is moving me closer to the pack. Into the forest, I'm still going to the same High School though." I mumbled.

Shane Started laughing.

"Only you would hate an amazing gift like this, I was brutally attacked, and still love the feeling of being what I am."

He mumbled. I had to laugh at this.

"Some gift." I said coldly. Shane laughed mockingly at me. "I'm sorry." I finally said through a mouthful of chips. He


" When did Xavier say he would start your training?" He looked casual, but there was a glint of pain in his eyes.

We both new training was hard. Both of my parents where wolves, and they had always told me it was very hard.

"He wanted to get started as soon as possible. He hasn't decided on a date yet, but i figure it will be sometime this

week." I mumbled through clenched teeth. "I'm not very good at controlling the wolf yet. School starts next week,

so he will start before then. The last thing he needs is for me to go crazy and attack people at the High School."

Shane looked at me with shock.

"Has he not opened the pack bond to you yet?" The question struck me. No. He hadn't. Why not?

"Maybe he is waiting for the full moon?" Shane mentioned.

I nodded. "Probably." I hope that is all that's going on.

"Do you understand the gift you have? All the things you can do now? You are special, and I know you will love

this." He blurted out. " I practically died. My laughter rang through the house. Shane looked at me, and I realized

how mad he really was.

"You have a gift that a lot of people would kill for, and I would have much preffered to be born with wolf blood

running through my veins. I wish you would stop hating everything. You would love it if you weren't so pessimistic."

I looked down at the ground, eye contact was the last thing on my list right now.

"I'm sorry, I know I'm being selfish. I never wanted this, as soon as I found out my parents were wolves I was

devastated. I will probably love it eventually, it will definetely take time. A lot of it.

He nodded and stood. "Lets go on a walk." He mumbled. I got up and slipped shoes on quickly.

"How far are we walking?" I asked curiously. He just started walking down the stairs.

"To see the newest member of the pack. Try not to stare too much. He is not ugly, and not happy." I laughed.

"I assume he was changed recently?" I had to know now. He really had me curious. He nodded. We walked out the

front door of my house and headed into the woods. We ran for a long time, then I saw Xaviers home and slowed

down significantly. I let part of the wolf take over, the smells were intensified tromendously. A boy, probably around

fifteen. He smelled good. Like pack.