I ran, not wanting to think about the automatic connection between Larken, and Tyler. I always wanted Larken to

be my own, and should have taken the chance sooner, now it may be too late. So what if I can't be with her? There

are always more girls out there, if she is happy with him, then it will be okay.

"Shane?" Larken sounded concerned. "Are you okay?" She could sense my distress, but I had blocked her out from

being in my head. I nodded my big wolfish head, then continued home. I don't think any of us had realized how far

we had really ran. We would be home soon though, and on to the next task, whatever Xavier decided that would


Xavier pushed his way into our heads, we couldn't push him away very easily. "When we get back we will be doing

hand to hand combat." I wanted to growl at this, when I first went through hand to hand combat years ago I hated

it. It was painful, and the other wolves would not go easy on you. We fought in human form, and in wolf form. I

didn't want to go through that again, or watch anyone else go through it.

We stopped in a clearing towards the edge of the forest. Xavier motioned for me to step forward. I did as I was


"Fight me." I arched my back, and snarled. He circled me, and I kept him in my line of vision. He ran at me full speed,

and I ran at him. The blow wouldn't cause as much damage if I hit him harder than he hit me. Right idea, not

properly executed. He dodged me, and I fell on my back. He jumped on me and started ripping my fur out, trying to

find flesh. I rolled over so I was looking into his eyes, then started snarling. He hesitated long enough for me to get

up. I would definitely be hurting in the morning. I ran at him, finally getting hold of him, he whimpered. I dug my

teeth into his shoulder, I had him. Then I let go, we stepped away from each other slowly.

"Good job, Shane." He said, he sounded pained, but proud. "Now Tyler and Larken." He said, we stepped away.

Larken and Tyler stepped forward and faced eachother.

Larken circled him slowly, she made perfect eye contact, which he broke when she lunged at him.

She bit his lower neck, and refused to let go. Tylers reaction was odd, he started to turn human. His fur slowly got

shorter, and her teeth had nothing to hold. It was odd that he could control the rate of his change so well. When he

got far enough away from her, he changed back. He growled at her playfully. This time he lunged at her. He got

hold of her neck, and then began loosening his grip.

"Good." Xavier said proudly. "We will train more tomorrow." He turned and ran quickly away. We stood looking at

eachother hesitantly. We realized then, that if we turned human now, we would all be standing naked in the middle

of a forest. Not ideal.

"Lets go to my house, my mom will get us clothes." Larken said to us. We walked together, three huge wolves, side

by side. Nothing weird about that. Larken clawed at the door and her mom opened it. She turned around without

even asking what we needed. She brought us clothes, and we changed into human form, and quickly dressed.

Then went into her house, her mother had made dinner, and offered for us to stay and eat with them.