Here lies everything The world I wanted at my feet

Moriarty is dead. Lying, right there, in front of Sherlock. He's dead. Isn't this what he wanted? For all of it to be over? (John thought he liked the game, but no, he doesn't like this, not when the rules are changed halfway through and then broken.)

My victory's complete So hail to the king

He was so bloody confident that he would win that he didn't even bother to stay around for it.

The blood is spreading. Sherlock watches it.

(Moriarty with the crown jewels.)

"Honey, you should see me in a crown..."

(Everything you ever…) Arise and sing


"John." "Hey, Sherlock, you okay?"
So your world's benign So you think justice has a voice And we all have a choice

No. There are no more choices. John's death is not a choice. He would do anything before he would allow that to happen. And he will. ("Your friends will die if you don't...")

Well now your world is mine (Everything you ever…) And I am fine

They talk. It hurts Sherlock to have to do that. The tear that escapes is not faked. He lets it fall. "Goodbye, John." He steps up to the ledge. He sees John begging.
Now the nightmare's real Now Dr. Horrible is here To make you quake with fear

No. No. He had never wanted to do this to John. He hopes that one day, John would understand it. That one day, he would be able to explain, and John would hate him, but would understand. (Oh god he was breaking him and he still had to watch.)

To make the whole world kneel (Everything you ever…)

His turn.

He steps off.

And I won't feel A thing.