Maybe Percy shouldn't have pushed Carter through the portal.

Carter hadn't liked it- that was for sure, and he was yelling a few choice words at him while they hurtled through the long, black tunnel.

"Why did you push me? This portal could easily lead to sudden death!" Carter yelled. "There's no knowing who created that portal, why it created it, and where this thing goes! For all we know, we could just pop out of this thing right in front of a 50-foot tall giant!"

"Well, sorry!" Percy yelled back. The wind started to pick up, and they hurtled through the darkness even quicker. "I just didn't think that this portal would have anything on the other side that wanted to-"

His words were cut short when the tunnel suddenly became white-or maybe that was just Percy's eyes adjusting to the sudden brightness. When the white faded away, Percy found himself lying on the ground of a giant cave, with two 50-foot tall giants right in front of him.

"Carter!" Percy yelled. "Why did you have to say that?"

"Sorry!" Carter yelled. "I was trying to talk some sense into you!"

Percy stood up groggily. The giants noticed him. One of them had a face covered with thick skin, and his hands looked like they had been working in a forge for hundreds of years. The other one looked more warlike. He had a giant axe shaped like an omega. It looked suspiciously like the one the Minotaur had been using, when he invaded Manhattan. Strangely enough, Percy had a feeling that it was the same one.

The big one with the giant omega axe sneered said, "Well, well, well. Look who we have here- two puny little demigods trying to stop us. How heroic. Unfortunately, out plan is almost complete. All we need to do is to destroy Olympus, and the gods will crumble!"

Percy suddenly realized the flaw in their plan. The giants were going to tear down Mount Olympus-the real Mount Olympus- and the gods would fall. There would be no more hope, and the earth would be plunged into destruction.

But they hadn't accommodated for that. Their entire purpose in Greece was to close the Doors, and although Percy was about to achieve that (since the Doors were 10 meters right in front of him, albeit smashed to smithereens, and with two giants in between him and them), Mount Olympus was being destroyed at that very moment, and there was nothing that he could do about it.


It was risky, but he had to do it. He suddenly sprinted directly towards the Doors, startling the giants, but when they saw what he was doing they laughed.

"You'll die on the other side anyways. But just because you're trying to get to them and raising suspicion, we're going to st you anyways!" he snapped his fingers, and instantly, about 10 six-armed mud monsters- Earthborn- formed around him.

Okay, so this wasn't going to be easy. Percy had about 3 seconds before they screamed murderous cries and chopped him to bits.

Suddenly, a giant fist slammed straight into the Earthborn and smashed them against the wall, leading straight to a muddy death.

"Carter!" I yelled, exasperated. "Overkill, much?"

"Sorry!" he yelled back.

But the puddles of mud on the wall had already reformed, and one of them was, strangely enough, making a boulder out of the mud piles, and getting ready to throw it. Percy concentrated, and immediately all the water in the mud piles was taken away. The brittle clay was smashed to pieces with the Earthborn's strength.

"Why, you little…" The Omega-Axe giant said. "I am Pelorus, my goat friend right there is Mimas, and this Axe will-"

"Be the last thing I see, yeah, I know." Percy said. "Maybe you should come up with more death threats, because your ones are too- whoa!"

Pelorus had aimed his axe right for Percy, which would have killed him on the spot, but Percy sidestepped just in time, and the giant impaled the ground. The cavern shook. A stalactite fell from the ceiling and went straight through the giant's ear.

"OW!" Pelorus yelled, while his other goat friend watched nearby. "You'll pay for that, you demigod."

"ALL HANDS ON DECK!" Mimas yelled. Suddenly, tiny little skeleton hands started to pop up from the rock like it was mud. And that was when Percy realized that his feet were glued to the ground. Whoops.

Mimas looked exasperated when the hands popped out of the ground, without a body attached to them.

"I SAID, ALL HANDS ON DECK, NOT ALL HANDS ON DECK!" he yelled. His voice was so loud and so goat-like that even Pelorus covered his ears.

The hands retreated back into the ground, but then out came the skeleton army, easily a thousand strong. They each tore off one of their ribs (a very common scene).

"ATTACK!" Mimas yelled.