A/N: Thank you Scribes and Scrolls for helping with the wet direction of this story.

With no stores open, no clothes and nowhere to go, Emma and Mary Margaret accepted the Mayor's invitation, and made their way over. Henry flung open the door and ushered them in before they even knocked. He'd obviously been looking out the window in anticipation of their arrival. Emma could barely squeeze through the door in her stupid costume.

"Mom's not gonna like that you're still dressed as a turkey," Henry warned as Emma shrugged haplessly. Sure it was uncouth to eat the creature she was currently dressed in likeness of, but what was one to do? Regina had forced her to dress up in the first place and it was Thanksgiving: a time for forgiveness and gratefulness.

Thankfully, the scent of a tantalizing meal covered up the smell of smoke on Mary Margaret and they slowly made their way inside toward the dining room. Emma noticed the centerpiece cornucopia spewing apples and plastic autumn leaves first; the candles were a nice touch too.

Regina had changed into a formal royal purple dress, and wore a floral apron over it. She carried out serving platters of mouthwatering food. Seriously, there was more than enough for the whole town. The entire table was covered in all manner of delicious looking eats rivaling a Norman Rockwell painting or a Top Chef competition.

"How kind of you to join us; I hope everything is suited to your taste," Regina smiled so brightly Emma wished she had sunglasses. "Mary Margaret, would you care for dark meat or white meat?"

Watching Regina cut into the crispy skin of the turkey and saw it off like a pro made Emma shiver with uneasiness. The woman didn't even blink.

"White meat, thank you," Mary Margaret held out her plate while Regina piled a huge portion of turkey on it.

"Help yourselves," Regina extended an arm toward the dishes and Emma wasted no time, digging in to the potatoes, filling three-fourths of her plate just with a mountain of mashed Yukon gold and drowning it in gravy.

Everything was delicious, like out of this world, sell your soul to the devil gourmet. Emma was still shoveling food down her gullet when she finally paused to chew and noticed no one else was eating.

"Oh," she managed around a mouthful of green bean casserole.

"Henry will lead us in Grace," Regina fixed her gaze on the blonde and narrowed her eyes slightly. Emma dropped her fork onto her plate with a loud clank, feeling guilty. She looked at Regina's outstretched hand across the table like it was an open flame. She took it grudgingly; she was sorta new to this whole 'grace' thing. Emma took Mary Margaret's hand on the other side, while Regina took Henry's.

"Go on, Henry, just like we practiced," Regina encouraged before slipping her eyes shut. Emma stared for a moment before doing the same.

Henry began to speak, "In sharing in this meal let us be truly thankful for the good things we have for the warm hospitality and for this good company."

Short and sweet, now the forks can get back to work. Emma tried to release Regina's hand, but found Regina didn't let go. Her eyes popped open, "Now we all go around the table and tell each other what we're grateful for on this holiday."

Emma wanted to groan as she felt her belly rumble. She couldn't complain; she supposed she had more to be thankful for this year than any other.

"Ms. Swan, what are you thankful for?" Regina had a way of asking as if it was a challenge.

"Um..food, a job…family, the usual," Emma shrugged in the way she did when it was hard for her to really express her emotions. Mary Margaret squeezed her hand. "And thank you Regina for sharing your lovely dinner with Mary Margaret and me…in our time of need."

Regina nodded, the strained smile on her lips looked as though it wanted to swan dive into the gravy boat to get away.

Henry was thankful for comic books, his moms, his teacher, and oxygen. They were learning about the elements in science class. Never under appreciate oxygen, important lesson.

Mary Margaret was thankful for birds, her students, Emma's friendship and also very grateful to Regina for inviting her over. Regina seemed to straighten her back and preen a bit while Mary Margaret rambled on, almost as if Regina thought she was groveling.

"Let's eat," This time Regina tried to take her hand back from Emma, but Emma gave her the 'not so fast' face.

"What is Madam Mayor thankful for this year?" Emma wasn't going to let her get out of her own game.

Regina glared, but managed to keep her smile firmly affixed, her brown eyes shimmered as she directed her words at Emma, "I am very grateful for my loving and dutiful son, my important and prestigious position as a community leader, and my perfect health."

Emma bit her lip, but realized she finally had full permission to eat, so she wrenched her hand out of Regina and Mary Margaret's grip simultaneously and used her fork as a shovel. The conversation was very limited after they started to eat.

Henry finished first and asked to be excused to go get the football, "Emma come outside when you're done! I want to show you my sweet spiral."

"Sure thing buddy," Emma wasn't really in the mood to toss around the pigskin, not dressed as a turkey anyhow, but she'd do anything for Henry. When she looked over at Regina the smile was gone, and she was already out of her seat and clearing plates- Emma scraped a few more spoonfuls of mashed potato off even as Regina lifted the plate from the table.

"Oh, thank you," Mary Margaret mumbled as Regina gave her plate the same treatment.

"I assume you'll want pie," Regina said in an accusatory tone as if wanting pie was a crime. Who wouldn't want pie? It was fucking Thanksgiving. Emma and Mary Margaret shrugged helplessly and looked down at the table.

"Pumpkin or apple?"

"Pumpkin!" Emma and Mary Margaret said simultaneously and a bit too frantically.

"Um...Regina let me help clean up, pie can wait," Emma offered, standing up, her turkey butt knocked the over the chair. She was soo full of goodness.

"Come on!" Henry was getting impatient. "Everyone has to play so we can have teams!"

"Mary Margaret will join you while Emma does the dishes," Regina called back, cheerful as ever.

"Okay…right, yes! Here I come," Mary Margaret started out the back door to play with Henry.

The silence that engulfed the house seemed overwhelming to Emma. She sluggishly followed Regina to the kitchen.

"Dish soap, dishes," Regina helpfully pointed out, and added in her best condescending tone, "You do know what to do with them?"

"Got it," Emma clenched her jaw and turned on the water. It wouldn't be difficult except for her useless wings that were attached to her arms making every motion cumbersome. Regina hovered over her to supervise.

Every plate had to be washed three times. Regina checked each one over as Emma tried to rinse and Regina shook her head and made Emma wash it again. Emma did keep getting distracted, watching Mary Margaret run past the window time and again chasing the football.

After one plate's fourth pass, Regina bent over the sink to inspect and Emma inadvertently raised her saturated wing which flung suds and water all over Regina's head and chest. Her response was just what Emma expected: angry. Like wrath of a vengeful God angry.

"Look what you've done, Ms. Swan! You'll be paying my dry cleaning bill!" Regina's nostrils flared her eyes glowering, as she strutted up to Emma, who turned around and leaned against the edge of the sink.

"Accident" Emma automatically lifted her arms in the universal symbol of surrender which only served in sending another spray of water onto Regina.

"Sorry," Emma said again, much less sincere and to add to Regina's indignity Emma let out a rueful snort at the absurdity of the situation. For a brief yet violent moment Emma was sure Regina was going to strangle her, but instead Regina reached past and grabbed the spray nozzle from the sink. Regina squirted her down with a maniacal sense of glee.

Unfortunately for Regina, Emma's attire was like a giant sponge so the water just sucked right up into the plush fleece of her costume. Emma was quite proud of her next maneuver, which was to wrap Regina up in a big bear hug—turkey hug, rather. The water squished out of Emma's puffy chest and soaked Regina all the way through. Regina struggled to get away, but Emma held firm as Regina wriggled and protested. Emma pushed her back until Regina was against the kitchen island.

"Can't we just do the dishes in peace? Why make this day worse?" Emma offered the olive branch, but Regina slapped it away. She was huffing now, taking big gulps of air to regain her composure. She was shivering, from sheer rage or the cold water, Emma wasn't sure- though if she was going to bet on it she'd go with rage. Definitely, rage. The time for diplomacy was long gone. Regina was advancing on her, Emma looked for an out, but she was cornered, and it looked like Regina was going to drag her by her tail feathers over to Granny's slaughtering block. Regina reached for her hands up and claw-like, but Emma saw it coming and grabbed her wrists twisting and pinning them behind her back. Ain't no thang to Emma, but it was a pretty sweet move no matter. Hell, even Regina seemed impressed, her eyebrows raised and startled, as Emma bent her face down against the counter.

"Let me go, Ms. Swan!" Regina was helpless, and Emma pressed her wet turkey belly into her backside.

"Yeah…no, not until we both calm down and play nice. This is a day of thanks, remember?" Emma's damned beak was falling in her face again, blocking her vision.

"I'll…puh-lay nuh-ice," Regina muttered almost inaudibly with her cheek pressed firmly into the granite of the counter.

"Promise?" Emma sing-songed, and then the realization occurred that she was enjoying this dish washing fiasco a little too much. She liked having Regina in this position, it was…exciting to see her powerless and bending to Emma's will. Emma stomped her clawed feet and pushed forward and Regina gasped.

"Time out," Emma sounded slightly confused.

"Time out? How can you call time out while we're in the middle of a fight?" Regina sounded even more confused.

"Are you enjoying this as much as I am?" Emma asked in a shy tone.

"Absolutely not! I'm…really mad," suddenly, Regina sounded anything but, she was laughing. Emma could see her shoulders shaking, dead giveaway.

"Yeah…don't think just answer: if I let you up what's the first thing you're going to do?"

"Let me up and you'll find out," Regina sassed notes of seduction creeping into her voice. This sounded promising. Emma was tempted, but pushed Regina harder against the counter just for good measure. Okay, so now she was basically detaining the Mayor against her will in her own home, no less, but Regina didn't even seem to mind. Her ass was kinda pushing and grinding back into Emma's turkey thighs.

Emma gave Regina's hair a little tug before relenting and slowly stepping back.

"Time in!" Regina popped up and turned around crashing against Emma and almost bouncing off of her, but she grabbed the long extended neck of her costume and pulled Emma's face to hers. She grinned before her eyes flashed down to Emma's lips and she went in for the kill: kissing her soundly. Emma felt body relax and tense all at once. Regina's tongue was hot as molten lava as it possessively plunged against Emma's.

Yep, they were doing it. It was awesome.

Regina pulled back, giving Emma's bottom lip a good lick and tug. Emma stared boldly into Regina's challenging and delighted eyes.

"Leave the dishes," Regina turned and strutted toward the stairs. "Coming?"

"Definitely, but you're gonna have to help me out of this costume," Emma called meekly, and stole a glance outside where Mary Margaret was still playing catch with Henry.

Regina just laughed wickedly.

Despite everything, Emma had never felt so thankful for Thanksgiving than she did at that moment.