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Summary: A particularly nasty storm forces Arthur to spend the night at Eames' place with unforeseen results. Arthur/Eames.

A/N: So, because I'm in Wales and we get rain campus has flooded and that's essentially where this inspiration for this came from. It's a very short little Arthur/Eames ficlet. Gold stars to anyone who can spot the musical reference in this and which musical

Dedicated to two of my flatmates (you know who you are) because they both love this fandom as much as I do – think of it as an early Christmas present

It was going to be a no more than fifteen, tops twenty minute in and out operation. Arthur had it all planned out; he was going to give Eames the document and then get back home to have an early night. He wasn't going to fall for Eames' games of seduction and tricks to make him stay. Quite frankly, he'd had more than enough of them over the past few weeks and was tired. However, there was one thing the Point Man hadn't counted on and that was the weather. Officials had warned people against going out and urged them to stay indoors until it had quieted down. It hadn't been quite so bad when Arthur had made his way through Los Angeles to Eames' flat but it had gradually got worse. In fact, at this point he was pretty sure this was the storm that took Dorothy and Toto to Oz. So there he was, soaked through to the bone with all of his plans shattered, sat in Eames' kitchen, cursing the Universe for his infernally bad luck. As Jane Austen once wrote, Eames had bewitched him; mind, body and soul. It annoyed Arthur something fierce and probably because he was finally starting to admit it.

"This is insane; I'm going back out there. I can walk it back to mine." Nerves. The thought of being alone with Eames for a longer period of time made Arthur so nervous it made him sick to his stomach. It was ridiculous, stupid even. It was as if he was having some silly schoolgirl crush on Eames of all people. Surely, Arthur thought, he would have better taste than that.

"You're not bloody going anywhere. Wait it out and go home in the morning. Jesus Arthur, if I didn't know better I'd say you were scared of me." Eames said as he poured himself a glass of Jack Daniels.

"Okay first of all, I'm not scared of you Eames and secondly don't tell me what the hell I can or can't do. I'm a grown man for God's sake. I am leaving." Arthur didn't get far and Eames was annoyed at his arrogance, his way of sometimes acting like he was so superior to him in a way. Strangely though, that's part of what made him amazing but Arthur was blind as a mouse and impossible at taking hints, or perhaps he just didn't want to see it. Eames grabbed Arthur's arm before he made it to the door and for a few moments their eyes met.

"Sit. The fuck. Down. Or I swear on my life Arthur I will make you."

And by god did he want to. It had begun as the simplest thing really, years ago with the bantering and getting on each other's nerves. When it had turned into actual emotions, Eames' didn't know. Maybe it was during the Saito job or before but none of that seemed to matter so much. Arthur had ensnarled him without even knowing it. Or maybe he did know, maybe that was the fear Eames saw in his eyes that he so desperately tried to hide. Realising his hand was still holding onto Arthur's arm, Eames let go and they stood in silence for a few moments. The words slipped out of Eames' mouth before he had time to think it through but then again, he had always been an impulsive man.

"It's just three little words Arthur; do you love me?"

Perhaps, Arthur thought with a smirk across his face, that storm wasn't an entirely bad thing after all.

the end

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