Annabeth smiled in memory of her last play date. She was doing another one today, with Hannibal and Frank. Two elephants were waiting for her in the Fields of Mars, one with armor that said Elephant and another that seemed abnormally large. Frank turned into human form and stepped toward her "Hey Annabeth!" He greeted her.

"Hi Frank" She responded "This is Percy's Hellhound, Mrs. O' Leary" Frank shifted forms to match the large dog's then barked something to her, then after she responded became human once again, after catching his breath he said

"She wants to start playing" She directed her eyes to the dog and said "Well she can start" Mrs. O' Leary looked at her for a moment then barreled towards the elephant, only to be flung aside by Hannibal's tusks, landing about twenty feet away. She charged again, this time changing tactics and dodging to the right at the last second, then pounced on the elephant's hindquarters. Frank turned into a Hippopotamus and ran to Hannibal's aid, only to be jumped on by Annabeth, who he threw off. Fortunately, Mrs. O'Leary caught and pummeled into Frank, who halfway through accidently turned into a Weasel and got stuck in that form. Unfortunately Annabeth and Mrs. O' Leary had totally forgotten about the huge elephant behind them and got ambushed and thrown across the fields.

"Ambrosia!" Annabeth called Frank had a moment to look at her inquisitively before about 25 Greeks poured out of the surrounding twees. They all surrounded the boy and Elephant, who quickly surrendered to the twenty-five armed demigods. Who wouldn't?