This was written and posted last year as part of the HD Holidays fic/art exchange on livejournal and I'm posting it here as I wait for this year's stories to be posted (and as I take a break from writing Choosing Family). This story is complete (!), and I'll be posting chapters twice per week.

My giftee was Pessen03 who requested "any kind of first-time fic where either draco or harry courts/woo/date etc with flirting and ust and then FINALLY when they end up together and in love and having sex". I'd like to think I came close (feel free to disabuse me of that in reviews :) ).

My original debts of gratitude remain: Thanks to the HDHols mods, especially Taradiane for the hand-holding and infinite patience, my sister for her help with the bunny-breeding, for her willingness to listen and keen eye, and Tith and TLF for finding the time to beta.

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Originally posted for the 2011 hd-holidays fest on livejournal; posted on FF 31 Dec. '12

Searching Diagon Alley


The Harpies had made it to the quarter finals for the British and Irish League cup, and the extended Weasley family were gathered in a visitor's box to watch the game.

Ginny needed to join the team – she should have left at least five minutes ago, really – but Harry and Draco had yet to arrive. She'd made each and every person there promise to behave, but she would have preferred not to leave Blaise to face the mercy of her brothers alone.

She'd just given up and headed for the door, when it opened to reveal the two missing men, looking very dishevelled. "And just what have you two been up to?" she asked teasingly.

"Harry's been helping me with defense," Draco replied blithely. Then he turned to Harry and said so quietly that Ginny was sure she wasn't supposed to have heard, "I really think I'll be able to manage the Patronus Charm now."

Harry was suffused with warmth – not a simple blush, but deeper. It was the feeling he associated with casting his own Patronus, and it bubbled inside and needed to be out of him.

So he kissed Draco.

In front of everyone.