Uzumaki Naruto- Shinigami Powerhouse

Cross Over- Bleach / Naruto

Pairing: Naruto (As Gin Ichimaru) x Hinata Hyuuga

(A/N: This is my attempt at 'The InFAMOUS Man''s vengeful Naruto challenge)

Chapter 1: Execution – Resurrection

(Disclaimer: Bleach and Naruto are owned by Tite Kubo and Masashi Kishimoto respectively. I own only this fics plot... somewhat...)

Konoha 3 years before Shippuden. Naruto had successfully retrieved Uchiha Sasuke from Orochimaru. Though he was told to bring back the arrogant punk by any means needed when he brought

back the boy who was battered they sentenced him to be executed for use of excessive force when Naruto was the one who was hit by two chidori's against his chest and nearly died. Everyone

was against the boy who was the only reason the Leaf scum had the Uchiha at all. Tsunade walked into the prison cell along with Ibiki, Jiraya who couldn't even look the boy in the eyes due to his

own shame, and his 'sensei' Kakashi Hatake. "Naruto, you are to be formally executed for assaulting the Uchiha. You brought him battered and bruised and he is still in recovery. You are a tool to

be used yet you had the audacity to attack the one who should be using the tool? While I tried my best to believe in you during the mission you showed yourself to be incompetent and unable to

use self-control." Tsunade said until the boy laughed while his eyes were showing that he had been sent to Hell and back sadistically "Hahaha. That's a good one old woman. Tell me another one

of your funny jokes hag! You are supposedly the worlds greatest Medical Ninja and yet you say he is beaten when I have burns all over my body and have a splintered ribcage? Perhaps you need

a moment of clarity to understand this. You sent me on a mission and when I accomplish said mission you tell me I'm going to be executed. Surely there must be more to this then you are saying

wench." Naruto laughed again and spit on Tsunade's face putting emphasis on when he called her "hag". Tsunade had to be held back by Jiraya and Ibiki while Kakashi shook his head in

disappointment and told Naruto why he needed to die. "The Uchiha Clan is said to unlock total mastery of Sharingan after killing their best friend. You being Sasuke's friend fit the bill and will help

him achieve his own Mangekyo Sharingan through your death. Be proud you can make your teammate stronger." Kakashi tried to console the boy who then let out a loud insane laugh saying "Is

that so Kakashi? My death gets him what he wants? I'm a sacrifice? You're funny even for an apathetic bastard who couldn't even save his closest friend and then stole said friends Sharingan! You

doing this out of guilt or maybe obligation? Well Kakashi 'sensei' I hope this will all work out." Receiving a punch from Kakashi growling "Don't you dare mention Obito in this! If you don't accept

this then I will make you wish you were in Hell!" Naruto laughed as the group left him and he was smirking now knowing that the Uchiha's future was in the palm of his hand. Things are starting to

look up yet were his thoughts at the moment. He cackled through the night. On the day of the execution he was on public display when his apparent 'best friend' walked up smirking while

charging his chidori whispering "Be glad you can grant me the Mangekyo to kill Itachi. Oh and I'll also take your dream of Hokage while you die." Naruto grinned as Sasuke pierced his heart and

Naruto in his dying words spoke "You know Sasuke? You want to rule a village of cowards and fools be my guest. As for Mangekyo since you said you need to kill your best friend I have to tell you.

I was never your friend. Much less best friend. You thought yourself superior when you couldn't beat me in a fight without relying on an outside power source. You are weak and though you

belittled me I now take something from you in exchange. The chance for the ultimate Sharingan. So you better get working on having a new 'best friend' to kill." While his soul faded he saw the

enraged Uchiha NOT realizing the Mangekyo Sharingan. Even in death Uchiha Sasuke could not defeat Uzumaki Naruto. When Naruto had arrived in the Rukon District of Soul Society he found his

hair was now more tame and seemed silverish-purple, his skin was more fair, and he was wearing a purple kimono with purple lilac design. He wandered over until he had met the girl who he

referred to as 'Ran-Chan' and they were close. He managed to climb up the ranks of the Seireitei quickly going from Squad 5 3rd Seat to Squad 5 Lieutenant of Squad 5 and quickly reaching the

rank of Captain of the 3rd Division. Shortly after making a pledge with Aizen to help overthrow the Seireitei so Rangiku wouldn't have reason to cry he left with Aizen and the blind Squad 9 Captain

Kaname Tousen. They left and he was considered Aizen's right hand man. He didn't seem to be well like by any of Aizen's Arrancars no less the Espada. When they invaded Karakura Town he tried

to kill Aizen who regenerated and not only tore off Gin's arms but also slashed diagonally through his chest. He had failed at taking away the need for Rangiku to cry. Soon he was in a white room

and a sudden voice bellowed *You are Ichimaru Gin correct?* Gin nodded and replied "I am but who are you?" The voice chuckled and said *Just call me Fate. I have a question for you now. Do

you remember a boy named Uzumaki Naruto?* Gin frowned and mumbled "Yeah. I used to be him. Then I was turned into Gin Ichimaru. Now I am waiting for a new name. I failed to even help

Ran-Chan…" *Well then, would you like a chance to return to the world of Uzumaki Naruto? To make the Leaf pay for the pain they inflicted upon you?* "I think I'll pass. Whatever happens ta the

jerks serves 'em right. I got nothin' to return ta back there." *What if I gave you a reason to return to that world?* "How are ya gonna do that?" *By showing this to you* When an image

appeared of a beautiful long ebony haired girl was kneeling in prayer 'Naruto-kun… I am sorry I wasn't able to help you three years ago. I wish I did since you were always my support to continue

working hard and never giving up. That was one of the biggest reasons I admired you, and also why I fell in love with you. The Leaf has become so dark and twisted since you were killed. Those

who supported you were either killed or driven out. Father wants me to marry Uchiha Sasuke but I refuse. I would rather be mutilated then marry the person who killed the one I loved… No loved

isn't the word… Since I still love you… Wherever you are I pray you do not hate me. Iruka-Sensei also was driven out for trying to confront Tsunade-sama about why she had you executed for

fulfilling your mission. Naruto-kun is it selfish that I want you back? Am I at fault for all this mess? I couldn't even confess to you when you were alive.' Hinata was crying silently *The girl was in

love with you. I made a error when you died. I realized this soon after and that is why I offer you the chance to return to the Shinobi World. Do you accept?* "If I do return what'll change 'bout

me?" Gin needed to know what would happen *Your original body was burned soon after your death so you will return there with the powers and appearance of Gin Ichimaru. However your soul

will remain the same. You will keep all your memories from both when you were Gin and Naruto. Do you accept?* "I do. Just don't blame me when people start droppin' like flies. So I'll send 'em all

straight ta Hell." *I understand. You have a right to hate and kill them for unjustly killing you. Now wait while I make preparations for your return. Also you will get to keep your Zanpakuto with all

its powers intact.*

Hinata was praying when she saw a shooting star and when she turned around she saw a note. 'Probably another note from Sasuke.' She thought until she opened the note and recognized the

hand writing 'Thank you for praying for me Hinata-chan. I pray you will recognize me in this altered form by seeing it's behavior.' "Naruto!" Hinata gasped seeing this note was no forgery. Naruto was

back. She knew not to tell anyone else about this so she quickly hid the note feeling an unexplainable happiness then she read the bottom 'P.S.: If you want to meet with me leave Konoha for Wave

Country and stay hidden with a man named Tazuna with his daughter Tsunami and her son Inari. Tell them that Naruto sent you and to hide you. Show them my letter. They will recognize it as me' Hinata

soon after left while Gin walked towards Suna to visit his old friend Gaara.

To Be Continued.

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