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About four months ago I lost track of myself. I gave in to anger and broke it off with Beck. I can't say that I regret it, but I do feel a bit sad. Sad that something that lasted so long ended. Which I ended. And admitting that I was the one to give in feels weird on my tongue when I say it. The thought of it gives me a headache. But I'd say we're both over it. I still like him, as a friend. We're on good terms. Even the fact that he's now dating Tori doesn't bother me. That much. But it doesn't mean I like her any better, or less. Or at all, to be entirely honest.

I found myself in my living room, on the couch, wondering if Beck did they same things we used to do with Tori. That's about the time I tell myself to get a grip. Why should I even care? I reminded myself of that dreadful song that played on the radio a bit ago. I Want You Back. And that was so not the case. I scoffed at the idea of getting back together with him. Whatever. All of this is starting to give me a migraine. And the sound of the doorbell sure wasn't being helpful right now.

I groaned and stood up. Slowly making my way to the door. The bell kept ringing. I slowly opened the door. Preparing my glare.
"I swear to god that if whoever you are keeps ringing the damn door bell I will rip your f-"
The flash of crimson hair stopped me from finishing my sentence.

"Hi Jadey!" a voice beamed and small velvet figure ran into a hug with me.

"Cat, what are you doing here? And get off of me." I said flatly and ducked out of her hug.

She pouted. But that sure didn't last long when I met her eyes, she gave into a smile.

"It's the weekend, silly! Let's do something fuuuun!" she giggled.

"Don't. Call. Me. That." I threatened "and no."

"bossy" she said under her breath.


"nothing!" she shot at me. "and why nooooot?" she frowned.

"I've got far much better things to do than to waste my time listening to your pointless ramble." I looked at her.
Her eyes started to water. Oh shit. An upset Cat was a worse than a regular Cat. I really don't want that. Much less, right now.

"Cat, don't. Dont cry." I softened my eyes and placed my hand on her arm. Gently stroking it with my thumb. "kit-kat.."

"b-but I just wanted t-to-" she managed to say in between soft hiccups until I cut her off.

"look, okay. You can spend the day here. We'll do something." I gave in.

"you promise?"

"I promise" I sighed "just don't.. talk so much, okay?"

She wiped her face and gave me a smile.
"Kay kay!" she giggled.

It's like she never cried. Sometimes I wonder if it's all an act. She is an amazing actress after all.. No, that can't be it. She's Cat. She doesn't have the wits. I don't think so, at least. I shrugged it off.

I let her in. I looked at the petite redhead skip her way to the couch I was previously laying on. I swear, no one else would get away with skipping inside my house. Or a 10 mile radius from me. But it's Cat. She's special.

I walked to the couch, sitting next to her. She looked at me and giggled.

"what?" I said flatly.

She giggled. And scooted closer to me.
"hiii!" she bumped my shoulder with hers.

"we've established greetings already, Cat." I looked at her, she was pouting. I sighed. "hello, kit-kat. What do you want to do?" I said softly. I'm way too tired for an apology. I don't even do those. Except with Cat.
"let's watch a movie!" she beamed. Her energy was draining mine, but it's okay.

"I'm picking the movie" I said in a tone letting her know it wasn't up for a discussion.

She nodded. "Kay kay!"

I sat down in front of the tv and went through my film collection. Scary movies were not an option. Cat gets way too scared. To the point that she can't sleep alone.

"jadey?" I heard Cat say in a whisper so low, it worried me. So I turned around.

"what's up kit-kat?" I said in the softest tone I could manage.

"um.. could we watch a scary movie?" her big brown eyes seemed different. It made her question seem like a statement. One too secret to be questioned. Like she had a secret, and that says a lot. Cat can't keep a secret. I didn't question it. I nodded.

"of course kit-kat" I don't know why I kept calling her that.

I ran my fingers over the boxes, looking for the right movie. I stopped over the one I was looking for. Something not too strong. Let the Right One In. I put the movie in, and took the move case and handed it over to Cat while I sat down in my previous spot.
She glanced over to me with a question in her eyes.

"vampires." I stated.

There was still something in her eyes. Quickly covered by a smile.
"one time, my brother thought he was a vampire and he bit me, then he started crying because he didn't want to kill people. But it turned out that he wasn't a vampire! No lie!" she said in amusement and giggled.

"your brother is such a freak show."

She looked at me in shock. "special!" she stated.

I closed my eyes and nodded with a small grin. "special." I agreed. "you're special too, you know."

"what's that supposed to mean?!" she worried.

"no, I didn't mean it like that. I..just forget it" I waved my hand and she pouted. "Cat, the movie's about to start." I pointed towards the screen.

She nodded and scooted closer to me. Her arm wrapped around mine. Her warmth was contradicting the coldness from my skin. She rested her hair on my shoulder. Her scent slapping me in the face every time she shifted around at the slightest. All of this contact was making me nervous. I've never been used to so much touching. Not even with Beck. He always kept his distance. This doesn't bother me though, but I feel like it should. Everything bothers me. But it's Cat. She's special.

The movie isn't scary. It was just filled with gore, but not as much as to completely amuse me. I guess that's where Cat comes in. She was..okay.. cute, the way she covered her eyes every time the main brat got hit or when they were about to kill someone else. It really was...well, cute. The whole thought of cute irritates me. I rubbed my temples with my free hand. A soft groan slipped from my throat.

Cat shifted again. Her hair wasn't on the curve of my neck anymore. But I could feel her breath. I tried not to mind it.

"jade?" she whispered against my neck.

I didn't say a word. I just let out a soft sound again.
She whispered something inaudible. Then I felt something soft and wet against the outline of my jaw.
And I just froze.

"can I stay?" she whispered.

And after a long pause I found my voice, but I didn't think about my answer. It slipped, "yeah."

She laid her cheek on my shoulder and I felt her smile against my skin.

"..Cat?" I turned to her.

She sat up but she remained so close to my face. To the point where I could feel her breath.

"Cat why are you so.." she looked at my lips "..why a-" she met my eyes "what's going on?" I managed to get out, it felt like a whimper.

"My parents are fighting. My brother is hiding in the attic and I was so scared. I didn't know where else to go, so I came here."

I sighed in relief. I don't know what I was expecting to hear, but it sure sent my heart racing to the stars.

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