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Sleepovers with Cat aren't as normal as you think they would be, the word normal and Cat just don't go in the same sentence. There's always talking and she's always the only one doing it. There's more sleeping on my part. Or the anticipation of it. Cat doesn't like to sleep when she stays over, or if I stay over at her house. She slept just fine at Tori's. Tori said she was the first one to go out.

Cat's a heavy sleeper, but its nothing compared to how much of a heavy sleeper I am. I like it when she wakes me up though, just not how she does it. I like it because I can't get mad at her, and being mad when I wake up makes everything shittier than it'd normally be. Cat wakes up early and when she wakes me up it brings a bitter-sweet mood to my day. Unlike the rest of humanity, Cat knows just how much I love sunrises and she always tries her best so I don't miss them. I may not be much of a morning person, but I can be a morning person with Cat. Beck woke up late. We never saw the sunrise together.

"Jadey, what are you thinking about?" Cat pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Sunrises." I blurted out. I guess she didn't pull me out entirely.

I shot her a quick glance, preparing myself for whatever she might do, or say. But she just smiled, and to my surprise, she didn't say anything about it. I looked at her. She slid her hands down my arm to my hand and began tracing the lines on my palms with her finger. It always shut Cat up whenever she kept going on with her pointless ramble about something her brother did or any of the random crap that always happens to her. So I let her. It's never bothered me.

Actually, most of the things Cat does don't bother me. But I would never let anyone know that. People might start thinking I'm getting soft if they thought I was giving Cat some sort of special treatment. Which is why I didn't even let Cat know about this, but for some reason, it feels like she already does. The way she smiles when I let her hug or touch me seem to hint at some secret only she knows. I find myself staring at Cat when this happens, trying to figure out her secret. But she hides it so well it bothers me. I try to shake it off by making some rude comment or telling her to go away. It never works. She never goes away.

During the ride on my train of thoughts Cat had cuddled closer to me. The arm she had linked on was now around her, she was still playing with my hand. After tracing a picture of a cat on my palm, she giggled. I rolled my eyes at this with a small smirk on my face. My eyes trailed back to her shortly after. Cat is always amusing to watch, but the silence was beginning to get unbearable. Cat's never this quiet.

"k-" no, not that name again "Cat."

"Dog!" she giggled.

I raised an eyebrow.

"Oh! You meant me!" she giggled once again "I'm Cat." she smiled.
I rubbed my temples once again.

"Think of something to do fast, or leave." I stated while removing my arm around her, hands still linked.

"Let's play a game!" her chocolate eyes sparkled at the idea.

"Whatever." I replied.

"Yay! I love games! What ab-" I cut her off.

"No Monopoly or Candy Land" I looked at my nails trying to pretend I haven't been staring at her figure. She pouted at my demand.

"But whyyyy?! Those are the best games!" She squeezed on my hand.

"Candy Land hurts my eyes and it's stupid. Plus you always want to play Monopoly, Cat. It's getting old." I explained to her. I guess somewhere during my explanation I stroked her knuckles with my fingers because she kept looking at our hands with a small grin painted on her face. I pretended not to notice.

"What do you want to play?" She looked at me with those big brown eyes of hers.

"If there's a game where you get to go home and I get to sleep, then let's play that." I managed to say in the sharpest tone I could pull off and avoided her eyes.

The next thing happened so quickly, I don't think I managed to process it all.

The small girl darted up from her position to only cradle me, still linked to my hand, putting it over my head. She had the advantage here. Advantage of what though? I can't think of anything. Not like this. Not pulled up against this small velvet haired girl. She was so close, she leaned over, too close.

"Jade, you can't go to sleep!" She cried out while slightly shaking her head.

This whole scene is breaking something inside of me. Whatever that is, it's making me crave something I've never experienced before. She was so close to me, to my face. I could feel my heart racing. It felt so strong and loud against my chest. I'm almost certain she can hear it. I'm not even sure what that is either but out of all of the emotions I am capable of feeling, only two come to mind. They say lust and anger are very much alike, and out of the two, anger is something I'm much more associated with. It's like second nature to me. I snapped.

I slipped from her grip on my hands and they made made their way onto her waist. I lifted her up, pinning her down on the couch. Cat's not as heavy as you would think. I know this more than anyone. Cat refuses to sit on chairs whenever we're in class. She often skips her way over to me and sits on my lap, just because. Of course, I let her. Just until she starts jumping and/or I decide it's enough. And not to count the many times I've had to carry her in and out places. But I've never lifted her to pin her down, not like this.

Again, we were so close. Only this time, she was the one with the sketchy breathing pattern. I could hear it, I could feel the warmth of it on my skin. Her big chocolate eyes mirrored the ones of a doe being captured by her predator. That being me. She didn't move an inch, she just stared at me. I strayed away from her eyes. Looking at whatever was the closest. A mirror.

"Let's play cards" I blurted out. Anything to get my mind off of this. Anything to make me get off of her.

"Oh yay, I love playing cards!" she smiled and said in her normal tone. This didn't bother her. Why should it bother me?

I practically jumped off of her, "Well.. um I'm going to go get them. They're in my room.. so you should wait here and... yeah." Oh my god, I'm rambling. I'm turning into Cat.

I almost ran to my room. Cards weren't a priority once I got there. I was focusing on learning how to breathe like a normal person again, more like trying to. I paced around the room like a crazy person.

Shit. What am I getting so worked up for? It's just Cat. Things like these happen. Crazy things. Things that don't require much sense or any at all. It should be fine, Jade. They have to be fine. Jade, you need to calm down. It's just Cat, remember? Just Cat.

I was finally calming down. But I should have known that this would all go to waste, because as soon as I got a hold of a steady pace, Cat came in.

"What is it, Cat?" my tone had a hint of annoyance. I didn't mean for it to, but I guess I kind of am annoyed though. I mean, here I was trying to breathe like a normal person and she comes in making all my effort go to waste.

"For someone that's always in a bit of a rush, you're slooow." she teased. She took light, small steps towards me and slowly poked my shoulder. "slowpoke." she took a small pause, then she cracked up laughing. "Oh my god! Slowpoke! I poked you slowly and I said you were slow! So funny.." a hand flew to her stomach while she laughed.

I don't really get most of her jokes, and when I do, she's the only one that finds them funny. Sometimes I laugh with her. I don't really get this one, but I gave her a small smile as I crossed my arms. I guess she really is cute.

"Ooh! Cards!" she pointed at them on my night stand. My gaze followed her hand. So that's where they were.

"Cat, let's play here instead. I don't feel like going downstairs." I saw her nod as I walked to my bed and sat on it, my back against the wall.

She picked up the cards and jumped on the bed. She crawled onto her regular spot, like it had her name on it. Me. Here we go again. I stared at her. We can't possibly play cards like this. She smiled as she opened the small package.

"Oh my god! There's so many! I wonder how many cards there are!" she gestured at the small card pile she placed on the bed.

"Cat, there's-" I began.

"We have cards at home but not his many! Cause one time, my brother made a fire with our cards because he wanted to see if the flame would change!" her smile quickly turned into a small frown " didn't." she sounded so disappointed.

"He really is special." I said, as I remembered our earlier conversation about her brother. I rolled my eyes.

She nodded and smiled in content. Her scent hit me again. Strawberries. Her vibrant red hair was awfully distracting. It kind of makes me want to touch it. Eventually, I did. I touched it as soft as I could, but it seems that she still noticed. After a few seconds, she pretended to brush a strand of her hair behind her ear and placed her hand on mine who seemed to have been creeping through her hair. The touch of her hand startled me and I pulled my hand away. That was so pathetic on my part and Jade West is never pathetic. It's her fault, Cat's breaking me so effortlessly. I hate it.

I need something to keep my hands busy with, I might touch her again. We can't have that. I saw the perfect distraction, so I reached for the small empty package from under Cat's arm. And then suddenly, her hand reached mine with a startling strong grip, stopping my arm from pulling away. Her fingers slid in between my knuckles, releasing the small box from my grip. She pushed her hand on top of mine, causing my palm to rest on her thigh.

I've never noticed how her skin tone is so much darker than mine. She's so tan. I'm so pale. Her skin is warm, hot even, and mine is cold, like ice. Another thing I had never really noticed before is how her skin is so soft. It felt so smooth against my palm. I subconsciously started to slowly dig my nails in her leg. I gained notice of it about a second later when goose bumps started to spread on her thigh like a bad infection. My grip wasn't rough; I didn't want to hurt her. It was just hard enough to make her notice and I think she did but she didn't move or say anything. Just like before on the couch. Quiet. She just went through the cards on the bed with her free hand.

Cards. Cards, isn't that why we're here for?

"Cat, aren't we going to play?" I questioned as an attempt to get my head working properly.

"I'm counting them though! There's so many of them!" she giggled.

"Oh" is all I could manage to say. In any other situation, I would've gotten her off of me and told her to leave if we weren't going to do anything. But I don't think I could bring myself to do that. I don't think I want to.

I was about to get on another ride on my train of thoughts, but Cat pulled me out before I could even get on. She pushed my hand down further into her thigh, my nails barely touching her. Okay maybe it wasn't that further in, but it was enough to make my pulse spin out of control again. This has to stop.

"Cat, we can't k-" My voice was shaking a little, but she squeezed my hand and turned around before I could even finish was I was about to say.

"Jade, it's okay." She said with a smile. Her tone dead serious.

I don't know what she was referring to, but it sure calmed me down. It's like she knows the language of my body, she knows how to control it when it's spiraling out of control. Not even I know how to do that. Clearly. I feel like I should be mad about this. Cat knowing something that I don't know is almost always never good. And I hate how she knows her ways around me. At least, I think I do. But I can't be mad at Cat, so I let it go. I shrugged it off, resting my chin on her shoulder and counted the cards with her, reminding her where she left off whenever she got lost or was done telling a story. And it went on just like that while the night crept around. To my delightful surprise she let me sleep. We were watching The Little Mermaid and halfway through I couldn't manage to stay awake and simply dozed off. She didn't complain, but I felt her shuffle around the covers and cuddling up to me as the movie went on. A few hours later, she woke me up with a smile and a cup of coffee in her hand. She told me to get ready, the sun was about to rise.

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