So I decided to do something like a second point of view from Cat's side. Idk. A change of pace. Something to break the hiatus pattern D:

Disclai- this is really pointless you guys. Really.

Jade had a crush on you.

Obviously, she wasn't going to tell you or let alone talk about her feelings, but you knew. You knew because you picked up on the smallest things she did. It was the way her fingers twitched when you would graze her hand, as if to hold on just for a second longer. How her voice had a softer tone when directed towards you. The way she'd roll her eyes at every boy you seemed to mention. All the little smiles, well can you even call them smiles? Smirks, let's go with smirks, she would let slip. The way she hinted at you to be with her at all times. All the little things made sense. But what seemed to pull it altogether was the way she'd look at you. Not the fact that she'd stare and have no trouble admitting it, because she was Jade West and she could do whatever the hell she wanted. It was that little something in her eyes whenever she laid her eyes on you, the little spark that tried to manifest its own voice. It said all the things her pride made her choke down. It was almost talking in a little slurred voice, so small you can barely hear. More like the soft whispers you'd leave on her skin every once in a while.

That's when you realized. Wait, no, you forgot.

You weren't stupid. You've had countless of crushes before. Not saying that you get around, because you don't. You had this weird thing that once you'd admit it, it would go away. The point is, you knew these signs better than anyone and Jade West, without a doubt, has a crush on you. You managed to convince yourself not to go with your gut this time. You were no scientist, mathematician, or savvy of anything remotely academic, but you decided to put this hypothesis to the test.
How? You don't know yet, but you will.

Jade had broken up with Beck a couple of months ago and you have to admit that even you felt a little happy when they did. You remember telling your mom this and asking her why it made you so happy but she only smiled and told you she loved you no matter what. You didn't quite understand this yet, but you will later on. Right now, you just find yourself in bed, thinking. Somewhat of a rare event, usually you'd do the thinking out loud, up in the attic with Mr. Purple, but today it was the bed.

Jade likes you. You nodded in agreement, just making sure to yourself that you're still well aware. How do you feel about her though?

Well, Jade is Jade and you are Cat. Jade wasn't the friendliest when you first met, but you surely wore her down after a week. You'd hold her hand whenever you were scared (or at any time, really); mostly assuming she'd be scared too. You never really noticed until much later that she actually smiled (smirked?) at whatever you found remotely scary. Jade is gorgeous. Her green eyes, who ironically matched her name, were her most captivating aspect. Jade's hair is your favorite toy. You love the silkiness of it. You'd riddle your fingers in it, gently massaging her scalp, watching out for the extensions that strictly depended on her mood. Her moods were actually something you don't concern yourself over. You never thought Jade was mean, a bit harsh, maybe, but never mean. Of course, not everyone thought the same thing as you, or anything else for that matter, but you never really cared much about anybody else. Just Jade. Yep, you care about Jade a lot…like, a lot, Cat.

"Oh!" It hit you again. That's what it was. You love Jade. Well, you loved her before but now you love-love her.

You sunk a little into your pillow, every little thought of Jade made the blood rush to your face. You were burning, causing you to squirm all over the place. You've loved Jade all of this time and you only just noticed. It made you really happy but also very embarrassed. Are you going to do now, Cat?

In class you would sit on her lap. She'd shift in her seat, trying to keep her hands busy. She didn't know where to put them, on you or to herself. Sometimes you'd shift in her lap and wrap her hands around you, but she never moved. It was exhausting, this whole scientist-for-a-day thing. How do people do this for a living? You shook your head for a few seconds. It's not enough. So you kept going. You showed up at her house and convinced her to play with you. You noticed how it wasn't such a hard thing to do if you pulled the right strings.

You'd call her Jadey. "Jadey?"

She'd call you kit-kat "What's up kit-kat?"

And everything played out smoothly. But what game are you trying to play? You didn't want to play, you feel like watching a movie. A scary movie. Now, anyone in their right mind would never add you up with anything close to a thriller let alone horror, but scary movies are all about touching the one you like..right?

"Could we watch a scary movie?"

"Of course kit-kat."

And the movie was about vampires. You didn't really get it though. Why did he have to ask her to come in? Are vampires really that serious about manners? Scary. You clearly didn't think this one through. You forgot all about what you came here to do.

You moved your head from the spot resting on her neck and your mouth made its way to Jade's jaw line. You never realized how ever little part of Jade was simply dazzling.

It started with a kiss on her jaw.

Wait no, you always kiss her though, but this time is different. Jade's face is flushed in a light shade of pink. Oh. I was right.

"Jade?" She made a soft noise that made her neck vibrate, grazing your chin. She's.. "Can I stay?"

And that really did it. She said yes. But what came after confused you so much.

You sat up and started to lean, it was a little gravitational. You just wanted to kiss her.

"Why are you so..why..what's going on?" her eyes showed you that one emotion you've only seen on her once before. You don't remember where or when, but you're damn sure you've seen it before.

That's when you realized Jade didn't know she liked you just yet. So make up a lie.

"My parents are fighting. My brother is hiding in the attic and I was so scared. I didn't know where else to go, so I came here."

She sighed in relief.

You like Jade, Jade likes you, she just doesn't know it yet. Alright. You can fix this..somehow.

Sleepovers at Jade's are really fun. Even when all Jade wants to do is sleep and you won't let her. She just usually has a ton of things on her mind and you always want to know about it. Like right now for instance, she seems so distant. She's off in her own world. It was driving you insane. Maybe it was the hormones, not that you'd really know because this has never happened to you, but you just really, really want to touch her, kiss her, something. But she had that face on, that face she made when she was thinking of something nice. And oh boy, do you like nice things.

"Jadey, what are you thinking about?" you said in a soft voice.

"Sunrises." You saw that..smirk again.

You love the way Jade loves sunrises. You kept in silence, just remembering the last time you saw one together. She kept staring into the sky, waiting for the beams of light to hit her white pale skin. She'd close them as soon as it happened and breathed in deeply into her mug of coffee. Jade, coffee, and sunrises. You love how she loves sunrises, you love how she loves coffee and you love Jade. It worked perfectly, and you have a plan.

"K-.. Cat."

You turned to her. Are we playing a game? "Dog!" and you giggled.. because it was really funny..

Then you noticed a sharp pull on her eyebrow. She's calling you, dummy.

"Oh! You meant me!" and you giggled again. Only this time, you were embarrassed. You know your own name. You should've known she was calling you in the first place. "I'm Cat." You smiled apologetically.

"Think of something to do fast, or leave." She moved the arm that was around you, yet very delicate and extremely careful about your linked hands. God did you want to kiss her.

The words "Let's play a game!" leaked out of your mouth, but that was a great idea. You regretted the whole movie idea, since nothing really came out of that one.


Jade knows you so well. She was quick to toss monopoly and candyland off the table, knowing they're your favorite. Though, you didn't know whether you should be happy or bummed about that. Jade is Jade, and it sure didn't take long for her to suggest an idea related to sleep and as much as you loved jade's sleeping face, you liked that way she is when she's awake so much better. Not to forget, you're losing your opportunity Cat. Do something.

You cradled the taller girl, pinning her against her own couch. The only thing going through your head right now is the many times you've wanted to kiss Jade in these past hours. "Jade, you can't go to sleep."

You sort of lost yourself at this part. You could feel her breath on your skin, heavy and uneven. And that look in her eyes said a lot, she was cracking and you were losing your patience. Out of impulse, you started to lean in. Again, it's sort of gravitational. But Jade is taller and stronger, which is why she managed to do something that seemed very ninja-like to reverse both your positions and breathing pattern.

"Let's play cards."

So. Close. "Oh yay, I love playing cards!" You smiled in a way to hide the disappointment, you knew you guys were only just getting to the good part.

She practically hopped off the couch, off you, and then she ran up the stairs.

Jade is stubborn. She'd never admit on having a crush. She'd never admit on loving a girl. You are stubborn. You can make Jade do a lot of things. So you ran after her. This isn't like in one of stories where after the heated scene nothing happens because neither one decided to go after the other. This is the story where the girl gets what she wants, and what she wants is a stubborn goth girl who likes scissors.

You open the door and you find a pacing Jade, almost running from one side of the room to the other. She stopped in her steps and looked at you.

"What is it, Cat?"

You smiled. "For someone that's always in a bit of a rush, you're slooow." you teased. You poked her shoulder. "Slowpoke." You realized the pun, you finally got the pun, and immediately started laughing. "Oh my god! Slowpoke! I poked you slowly andI said you were slow! So funny.." a hand flew to your stomach. According to you, you are really funny.

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