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I run down the halls of Hollywood Arts too meet up with my favorite red head. I scan the crowd for that red velvet hair to only find her chatting next to Tori. The girl that knew too much. She talks too much. I walk towards them.

"What are you guys talking about?" I crossed my arms and glared at Tori.

"Well, Jade, I was just telling Cat about how Trina got-"

"Yeah, that's boring." I cut her off.

"Rude!" Vega yells out.

"Oh! Jade something happened to me this weekend." Cat smiled at me.


"I was on my bike and I helped two kids find their cat, which was confusing at first because I'm Cat and I didn't know them! Anyway, I lost my gum in the trash can where the cat was in and this garbage truck picked me up and threw me in! Then Sa-"

"Cat!" someone interrupted. I looked to my side to see who called out and it was this short blonde girl. I think I've seen her somewhere before.

"Hiiiiiii, Sam!" Cat smiled.

"Hey, kid. Nona made you lunch and told me to give it to you." She handed a brown bag to Cat. Her hand lingered on Cat's a little bit too long for my liking.

"Oh, thank you, roomie!" She winked at the blonde girl.

"Um. She made you ribs but I ate those.. so I got you cheese burgers from that place." She smiled apologetically.

"Dang it, I wanted Nona's ribs.." Cat frowned.

"Mama, needs her ribs too." Sam poked Cat's cheeks. "Also, you're uh out of fat cakes."

"Caaaat," Vega cut in "are you going to introduce your famous friend?" Vega had that annoying smile on.

"Oh yeah! Sam, this is Tori and that's Jade over there looking bossy." She giggled.

"Cat." I glared at her.

"Hey." Sam looked at me carefully and then back at Cat. "So I'll see you when you get home?"

"I'll bring the fat cakes!" Cat yelled.

"Okay!" Sam yelled back and headed out the door.

"Who was that? Why is she seeing you at home?" I question.

Tori poked my arm and I yanked it away. "Jade! Calm down." She whispered.

"Well?" I pressed, ignoring Tori.

"That was Sam, silly! I just told you! She's my new roommate." Cat smiled into her reply.

"Why do you need a roommate?"

"Well, ever since you brought me to Nona's house I've been living with her since my parents moved with my brother." She explained.

"Go on."

"Well Nona wanted to move into Elderly Acres, and when I met Sam she stayed over because of the garbage truck incident. Nona moved out, Sam needed a place to stay since she's not in Seattle anymore so she's staying with me!" As Cat finished with her story she inhaled deeply. I guess she forgot to take a breath along the lines of her explanation.

"That seems reasonable, right Jade?" Tori looked at me, in hopes I would drop the subject. She knew what was happening.

"Bullshit." I said under my breath. "I'm leaving."

I storm out of the hallways into the bathroom. I glared at the girls already inside and they all got out in a blink. I still have some control, because whenever I'm near Cat that's the one thing I never seem to have. Control. It's such a nice word, every letter fits the context. Context I don't seem to have a lot of anymore. I growled under my breath. I hate this feeling.

After a few minutes of pacing and vandalizing the walls with my scissors, Vega walks in.


"What do you want?" I cross my arms.

"The teacher wants you in the classroom." She glanced at the door.

"What? Why should I go?"

"We're going to study the horror category. She wants you to talk about it."

"Sounds appealing go on." I raised my eyebrow in interest; the horror category does tend to be a major hobby of mine.

"We might watch The Scissoring tomorrow." She offered.

I contemplated on the idea. "I have it in my bag, we watch it today."

She frowned. "Yay."

"Your sadness fills me up with joy." I grinned.

She widened her eyes in fright. "yaaay." She whispered.

I noticed Tori drag her seat next to mine as The Scissoring started to play. It's not like she was trying to be sneaky or any form of quiet, the chair let everyone even in China know she was coming over to me.

"So." She started.

"Go away." I kept my gaze firm on the screen.

"What was that with Cat earlier?" She asked. I knew it was coming.

"I said go away."

"From where I was standing it kind of looked like you were jealous." She continued.

"That's stupid." I tell her.

"Who's jealous?" Andre joined the conversation.

"Jade is." Tori replied.

"I am not!" I glared at Tori. Sometimes I want people to find her body in my closet.

"Jealous of what?" Andre asked Tori.

"I'm not jealous." I tell him.

"Sam and Cat." Tori replied to Andre, both of them completely ignoring me.

"Who's Sam?"

"Oh my god." I frowned. I hate everything.

"Sam Puckett." Tori replied.

"From iCarly?" Andre asked Tori.

"I swear it's like I'm talking to myself." I said under my breath.

"The same one! She's living with Cat and Jade is jealous."

"Jade likes Cat?" Andre shifted towards me "You like Cat?"

"Whatever." I turn back to the screen.

"Wow." Andre said.

"Uh-huh!" Tori stupidly replies. "Sam showed up earlier to give Cat her lunch and Jade completely freaked out."

"Ooohh! Sounds like someone's jealous!" Andre smiled teasingly. I like Andre and all, I mean he's about the only one in the group who makes sense, but right now I'm barely tolerating him.

"Who's jealous?" Beck chimed in.

"Jade is." Tori and Andre said simultaneously.

"Oh my god! I am going to stab all of you!" I yelled at everyone. Control. Control. I need it.

"What happened?" Beck ignored my threat, along with the other two idiots.

"Sam from iCarly is living with Cat, she showed up earlier and Jade completely freaked. She started questioning Cat and then stormed off." Andre explained.

"Yup, she's jealous." Beck agreed with a nod.

"Oh my god. Please die." I give up.

"Jade, just talk to Cat." Beck said with a small smile. "I'm sure you have nothing to worry about."

"Whatever." I looked at him carefully. Becks tends to be right. He's like the voice of reason or something stupid like that. It's only stupid because he tells me what to do and it's like I have to do it.

"Go." He patted my shoulder.

"Fine, just don't touch me." I stood from my chair and headed out the door.

"Cat, can I talk to you?" Of course, my heart has to be a bitch and drown the own sound of my voice, but I felt the words bleed out of my throat. I said it.

"Silly, we're talking right now!" She giggled as she looked at me.

I felt my face do some sort of expression. "Alone." I cleared.

She only nodded. I took her hand and walked out of the classroom. I quickened my pace as we made past the first hall, Cat barely keeping up.

"Jade," she whispered, more like pants, like a puppy. "slow down.. please."

I'm not sure what it was, maybe it was the adrenaline from her touch or my nerves acting up again, maybe a combination of both, but I started to walk even faster. I just need to get away. Away with her.

The janitor's closet, unlocked like always. The door swung open with a light shove.

"Jade?" She said my name again, a little raspy, tired.

I think that's what did it. She stressed my name quite perfectly, every letter pretty much perfect on her lips. Every time she would say my name she made it sound differently. It's like there was something in her throat that filled it with want. Just like the way my own throat filled her name with the same feeling.

It only took me second to realize that she placed herself in the most perfect position against the wall. Her shorts barely grazing the door. Her waist held by my own exploring hands. Not like I knew what I was doing, but I had an idea of what I wanted.

"Cat.." I leaned in. "Cat, don't move."

And what I wanted was her.

I kissed the slope of her neck, I felt her hold her breath against my lips. Her stomach caught a rash of goose bumps as my thumb made a small trace against it. I looked at her shirt, a useless piece of fabric if you ask me. My other hand played with the broken ends of her shorts.

"Jade, I-" She started.

"Me too." I said firmly. "I love you too."

Cat stared at me with her chocolate eyes without moving a muscle. That's when it hit me. What if she didn't like me after all? What if it was all in my head? Surely, the heat of the moment was gone. Mainly because all I felt was the chills racing from my back to my feet.


I buried my face in her shoulder. "What?" I mumbled.

"I'm sweaty and stinky." Her tone went back to normal and I felt as light as a feather. She bit her lip softly. "You made me run so fast a-and I didn't want you to think I was dirty when you did all of that." Her lips formed a small frown but I only managed laugh softly against her shoulder.

"Cat, you were delicious." I said smiling as her face flushed in a deep red.

"You shouldn't eat other humans." She looked away quickly, her finger pressed on my stomach.

"But I'm hungry." I joked.

"I have the burgers that Sam gave me!" She lit up but my smile dropped into a small frown.

"Sam." I said in a straight tone. "Do you guys spend a lot of time together?"

"When we babysit." She said with a smile "But she spends most of the time sleeping, eating, or skyping with Carly."

"I see.." My eyes dropped to her hands that were now sliding on to my waist.

Cat's head dropped to its side trying to look into my eyes. "Jade, are you jealous?"

"Jesus I hate that word. Vega and the other keep calling me that and it makes me so mad."

"Don't be mad…" She placed a small kiss on my cheek. "And you don't have to be jealous. The one I love is you." She gave me smile, and you bet your ass that I kissed that smile.

"Okay, but if she looks at me funny I will cut her." I grinned.

"Noooooo" She frowned.

I kept my grin and grabbed her hand. "Let's go. Class is almost over."

"Kay!" Her fingers slipped between mine.

As I walked with Cat I thought of everything that had happened. All from this morning to the moment I tore the halls apart to kidnap Cat has been a huge headache. I want to get things straight with Cat and make things clear with this Sam persona. I know there is a hell of a lot to process when I get home, but right now I want to forget Sam and the others (who I may or may not torment when I finish taking Cat to her class). I want to remain this way with Cat and her wrinkled shirt. I want Cat out of her wrinkled shirt?


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