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This is a lot different than my other work and will be quite a journey for our two favourite love birds, but before we can get to the happy ending, we need to break through the tough exterior. These will be short-ish chapters to allow my updates to stay fairly frequent.

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Chapter One.

Every day always starts the same way for Bella Swan – she trips over dirty male underwear on her way to the bathroom, finds her towel wound up in a ball, soaking wet, by the bathroom sink and, worst of all, sits down onto the toilet, still in a sleepy daze and jumps awake when her bare backside meets the chilling, china toilet bowl. Is it hard to put the seat down, Edward? Yes, apparently it is. Finishing off her morning bladder call in the bathroom, Bella pads her way down the hall to find the creator of the mess; fiancé, Edward. He tends to lean over the breakfast bar, skip through the morning paper and chug down a black coffee.

"Morning!" She cheers, kissing Edward once on the cheek and then proceeding to pour herself a coffee.

"Morning." His voice is barely a mumble; too engrossed in whichever sport article caught his eye. "Argh, what?!" He slaps his hand down in aggravation, "The Cubs lost again?! This is some bullshit, man." Who won and who lost is like six and two threes to Bella – it didn't make any sort of difference; it was the same sport either way.

On Sundays Bella makes homemade blueberry pancakes, but today is a Wednesday, so she sticks with Muesli. "What are you doing today?" She asks, pouring the cereal into a plain white, china bowl.

To save himself from completely losing his shit, Edward folded over the paper and paid more attention to his fiancée instead. "Day off work today, so I think I'll spend my time with my favourite…"

"Aww, you're too sweet sometimes."

From the smirk, Bella should have known he was not talking about her. "What can I say? Black Ops is addictive."

"You're such a jerk!" Edward ducks out of the way of her slap, but her fingers still hit off his head anyway. "I'm not working today either so why don't we do something both together and relaxing – watch a movie for example."

"No, that sounds like a great idea. Why don't you pick out the movies you'd like to watch and I'll get dressed quickly."

"Oh, Edward!" She called, catching him just as he ran out the kitchen; he turned around with a smile. "Next time you need to use my towel for something, at least have the decency to hang it up!"

Yes, there are days where she could strangle him, or they fall into massive arguments and the couch becomes a make-shift bed for the night, but the love they feel for each other will never change – a lot of people don't understand it, but they know how each other feels, and that's all that matters.

As the movie rolls on, Edward and Bella relax together on the couch, watching the characters interact in whichever way and occasionally share their views or ask questions about what was going on. The movie they're watching now, for example, is all about two people that meet over and over in various situations and soon become a couple, but little did the guy know that his new girlfriend is pregnant after she went for an insemination.

If Edward had had his say, he would not have picked this film to watch, but if Bella wanted to then that is all that matters to him. Right now, however, a question is lingering on his mind – one that Bella is no stranger to.

"So, quick question, how long after the wedding would you like to start a family?" He plays with the single diamond ring on her left hand. At first, when picking the perfect engagement ring, Edward felt guilty and ashamed that he couldn't afford a giant rock like you see on celebrities, but Bella doesn't do size and sparkle – it's the meaning and reasoning that she prefers, so this simple silver band with a square cut diamond is too perfect for words.

"Well, the wedding is in five months' time, and I know we don't want to wait too long…so how about a year from now? That gives us time to live as husband and wife and enjoy our months of freedom before the cavalry arrive."

He chuckles, kissing her cheek sweetly. "I love you. I can't wait until you become mine," he presses a lingering to her lips, "forever."

"Silly Eds, I already am yours."

"I know that, but I mean legally; as husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen…whatever you wish to call us."

The movie had been forgotten about. Bella is slipped down onto the couch with Edward hovering over her. "I rather like the sound of Mr. and Mrs. Cullen to be honest…" She only just makes the words out before Edward's lips shut them up.

Their kissing is getting deeper and deeper and hands have started to roam, but the shrill ring of a telephone interrupts their special moment.

"Fuck." Edward swears under his breath when noticing his boss's name on the caller ID. "Hello, Alec."

"Good afternoon, Edward. I hope I haven't called at a bad time."

Oh, no, of course not. Don't worry I lost tightness in my pants when I saw your name anyway.

"Not at all. How can I help?" Edward rolls his eyes and runs a hand through his messy hair. Bella giggles into her hand and went back to watching the forgotten about movie.

"Well, I know you're not down for business travel," Edward's eyes widen, "but Garrett's wife recently went into premature labour and so I need someone to take over his shift on Friday. Would that be at all possible? You will get paid double because of the inconvenience and you may have an extended holiday when you return."

Edward thought it over. Fly to Amsterdam, do whatever is intended and fly back again five days later. Double pay, so that's at least five-hundred bucks (if not more!), and an extended holiday when he got back. Six days away but then a week off plus five-hundred in his pocket…Also Amsterdam is not the middle of nowhere – he can call and email Bella without a problem, when considering the time difference, of course.

It didn't take long to make up his mind.

"Er, yeah, go on then Alec, I'll do it."

"Excellent! We really appreciate you stepping in like this, Edward. Thank you. I'll gather all the information you will need and email it all later. If you wouldn't mind popping in tomorrow for a run down that would be great."

"Yeah that's fine; I'm in the office tomorrow anyway. Thank you Alec, see you then."

The days seemed to fly by, and before they knew it, Edward was standing in the airport, hugging Bella tightly to his chest. They've barely left each other's side since getting engaged almost a year ago, and so the week apart was going to be hard.

"You'll call me as soon as you land, yeah? Promise?"

He stroked away her tears with a pad of his thumb and then kissed her forehead tenderly. "I promise. I love you and I'll see you on Thursday."

"I love you."

Edward was pushing it for time, so they shared one last kiss and then he grabbed his luggage and walked away…


…Bella gasps awake, a hot sweat blazed over her chest, heart pounding and tears already fresh in her eyes. She always wakes up the same way after the same dream. A dream which reminds Bella how her life ended three years ago.

She turns her head to the left, looks at the photo of Edward she has framed and then the cordless telephone she always has beside her bed.

In three years, this phone has rung so many times, but it's never been who she wanted, who she prays for, who she would kill to see one last time.

He promised her that he'd ring when he landed.

But he didn't.


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