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"Killing and being killed... those are just ways to pass time!" The door banged open, revealing a short woman holding a sheet of paper. She had a smirk on her face, green cat-like eyes glittering with amusement.

The President looked up, a frown on his face. "Excuse me?"

"Well." The dark haired woman stepped fully into the room, grinning. "I thought I might as well make a cool entrance, huh? And awesome lines for the win and all that. Plus I thought that making references would be cool!"

"I don't even..." The President shook his head. "You are Daenerys? Daenerys Atreides?"

"You can call me Dany~" Her smile widened. "I'm your new head Gamemaker! Awesome, huh?"


"Hey, have you got any tea here?" Dany looked around the sumptuous room, a bored expression on her face. "Or cake. I like cake. Drinking tea and eating cake are my hobbies~"


"And watching anime! And sleeping! And-"

"And hopefully designing ways to kill innocent children," the President interrupted. He was not used to being cut off over and over again like this. Fear was a more familiar expression on the faces of his underlings than this easy-going grin Dany had. It was actually a refreshing change.

"Of course~" Dany nodded solemnly, trying and failing to wipe the smirk off her face. "Here's my list of Gamemakers... and an arena plan... and all the usual stuff! It's gonna be super fun, huh?"

"Mm. We'll see." The President took the paper she handed him, glancing over it briefly. "This looks... hm. I'm not sure how that works."

"Seeing as your last Gamemaker gave you time travel in his final arena, I'd have thought you wouldn't be surprised by much~" Dany smirked. "It's not that interesting. But it'll be fun to torture them!"

"Don't mess up," the dark-haired man replied, handing the packet back to her.

"Do you know who I am?" she asked, drawing herself up with an arrogant smile. "I am Daenerys Atreides! I am the most awesome Gamemaker ever! When I say I will do something, I will succeed at it amazingly!"

"Fine. Go."

She saluted him with a sardonic smile on her face and swept out, humming something under her breath.

Well, then. The President swirled his blood red drink in his cut crystal glass, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. This will be fun...

Sansa Arryn stood at the window, sipping her cup of gently steaming tea and gazing down into the street below. Her long pink hair fell over her face as she regarded the bustling road she viewed.

Peasants. One day they will all bow down to me as their queen and goddess. One day I will rule the world... as is my right.

She smiled, cherubic pink lips curving in a perfect bow. Straightening her long blue robe, she glanced at the clock. Nine o'clock. Time to head out to that Gamemaker meeting.

Ah... what am I supposed to wear? Merete Amaranth regarded her wardrobe with dismay, running a hand through her mousy brown hair. She had a meeting to be at in half an hour and she still hadn't picked anything out.

The painfully shy woman was surprised that anyone as high-ranking as the head Gamemaker would ever take notice of someone like her. She had never excelled at anything in her life, and her unfortunate habit of tripping over her own feet meant that most everyone saw her as a liability. Which left her pretty much friendless.

But she had been summoned to a Gamemaker meeting nonetheless. And while she was terrified that the others would take one look at her and burst out laughing and kick her out, she had to have something decent to wear.

Kushana Visery's apartment was very dim, as every curtain was drawn against the morning light. And that was how the tall woman liked it. Dark and creepy. She ought to suggest a dark arena at this Gamemaker meeting.

The television was on, sound muted. The bright colors of a Hunger Games playback flickered across her impassive face as she watched a Tribute get squashed by a giant bear.

How unoriginal. The mutts are always so boring. There needs to be something interesting, like... vampire bats. Crossed with moles. So they can burrow and fly and suck your blood.

She considered bringing this up at the Games planning session.

Isis Perra almost tripped over a pile of books on her way into the dining room, a plate of toast in hand. She regained her balance and adjusted her glasses. which had been knocked askew. A book at the top of the pile caught her eye and she picked it up, read the back, and tucked it under her arm.

By the time she had finished breakfast, the book was back in the pile, read straight through.

She liked books. She liked losing herself in them, entering the characters' minds and worlds. It was a nice escape from real life, where she was a social loser. Reading books was better than watching the Hunger Games- and more interesting. There wasn't nearly enough graphic violence and sex in the Hunger Games. She could get much more for a few credits from the used book store.

Maybe that was why the head Gamemaker had asked her to join them. Because reading books gave her more to draw on. More ways to torture tributes to death in very creative ways.

The reason that the last batch of Gamemakers had died, Azuki Madarame decided, was because they weren't smart enough. They hadn't taken the necessary precautions, they had not planned with sufficient detail to cover every eventual possibility. It was common knowledge that they had all been executed for almost failing during the Quarter Quell.

She could do a much better job. She was much more intelligent than them. That must have been why she had been invited to join the elite ranks of this year's Gamemakers.

Shrugging on her coat, she ran a few swift calculations in her head. If the typical Careers volunteered this year, and the usual mixture of inept, vaguely trained, or strong-ish tributes were Reaped, then an arena that could provide the highest level of entertainment for the audience would involve a field-leveling element.

Numbers and percentages tumbled through her mind as she strolled leisurely towards the Gamemaker complex.

"Pow! Bang!" Regina Targaryen finger-pistoled her twin sister. "Wake up, Regina! Right now!"

"Mmph..." The dark haired woman rolled over, eyes fluttering open slightly.

"All you ever do is sleep," her twin complained, rolling her eyes. "We've got that Gamemaker meeting today, though, so you have to at least get up long enough to walk over there."

Regina's hand made a twirling motion.

"No, we can't take a hovercraft over. It's three blocks away, you lazy idiot."

Regina groaned and held out her arms, eyes still closed.

"I will not carry you! Lazy, lazy, lazy!" Rowena slapped her sister playfully on the shoulder. Regina's eyes flashed open, dark blue and deadly, fingers closing around her sister's wrist with surprising force.

She spoke for the first time, voice low and husky. "Don't touch me, sweet sister. I don't think you'd want me to get angry."

Alyza Spinifex sighed, stretching and regarding her reflection in the mirror. Purple eyes stared back, hard and cynical, framed by close-cropped dark hair.

Aw, heck, even my reflection's glaring at me...

She rolled her eyes. "Why the heck do I hafta go to this meeting, anyways?" she asked the mirror. "Do I look like I give a damn about the Hunger Games?" Oh, sure, she watched it every year like a faithful Capitol citizen, but she had never cared about them. Not much, anyways. It wasn't like she was a rebel- that would be too much effort- but it wasn't like she cheered every time a replay came on tv.

"Oh, well. Nothing to do but go." She glanced down at her skimpy nightgown. "Maybe I'd better get changed. I'm sure they'd be scandalized if I showed up half-naked like this." On second thought, it might be amusing to see their expressions. But it wasn't worth the risk. Probably.

"Good morning, Gamemakers. We are under attack. But first I suppose we should... warm up some tea."

"We're under attack?" a short Asian woman gasped. "That's terrible!"

"Just kidding, there's no attacking. I just wanted to say that~ ...all right! Is everyone here?" Dany cleared her throat. "Roll call! When I say your name, say here and something cool about yourself!"

"What do you think we are, five years old?" A purple-eyed woman leaned back in her chair, sighing.

"Merete Amaranth!" Dany called, ignoring her.

"Eh?" A woman at the far end of the room looked up, looking flustered. "H-here!" She stood and promptly tripped over her own feet, landing with a loud thud and a yelp. She looked up from the floor, blushing. "I-I'm Merete! And I trip and fall at least once a day!"

"Sansa Arryn!"

"Here." A pick-haired woman stood, smirking. "I'm the best here. And all of you should bow down and worship me."

"Okay, next. Daenerys... yeah, I'm here." Dany grinned. "Call me Dany! Especially if you're a hot girl! 'Cause I might want to ask you out, then!"


"Azuki Madarame! Did you know that your first name means red beans and your last name is-"

"Here," the short woman from before replied. "I do hope that this proves to be a profitable venture, as I have no wish to be associated with a failure."

Dany nodded. "An admirable sentiment, I'm sure. Isis Perra!"


"Speak up, bro, can't hear you~"

"Here." Isis pushed back her glasses and fidgeted, face turning bright red. She buried her face in the thick book she was holding, apparently unwilling to say more.

"Alyza Spinifex!"

The purple-eyed woman that had complained earlier looked up. "Here. I was wondering why we're all female...?"

"Because that's what I wanted this year's Gamemakers to be." Dany grinned. "Regina and Rowena Targaryen?"

"Here! I'm Regina. That's Rowena. She's asleep so she can't answer you. She sleeps all the time. And we're twins. And we're identical. And the only way you can tell us apart is our hairstyles~"

"And finally, Kushana Viserys." Dany turned to the last person in the room, a solemn-looking blue eyed woman. "I suppose that's you?"

"Yes. I look forward to causing great pain and suffering among the unfortunates Reaped for these Games." Kushana gave them all a creepy smile.

"And I look forward to working with you!" Dany cheered. "Now where's my tea?"

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