Epilogue: Gamemakers

"Who gets to be the primary arena designer next?" Rowena bounced up and down, looking more like an excited two-year-old on her birthday than an adult Gamemaker discussing how to best kill children."Azuki got to have all the fun with this one. Designing it's more fun than doing the actual work."

"You may find that having is not so pleasing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true," Azuki noted, brushing her red hair back.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dany asked, taking a sip of her gently steaming tea. "Anyways. I've decided. But it doesn't seem that we're all here."

Kushana looked around. "The twins. You. Me. Azuki. Merete. Sansa. And Alyza's dead. So who... oh, right. Isis."

"She's probably in a corner reading somewhere," Rowena said. As usual, her twin sister Regina was asleep next to her.

"A peasant like her should be on time. Only princesses like me are allowed to be late," Sansa sniffed.

"Isis!" Dany yelled. "Get in here!"

The door creaked open and a dark-haired woman wandered in, face buried in a book. "Sorry," she mumbled. "Hey, has it occurred to anyone that since Alyza's dead, the eight of us can be loosely compared to FĂ«anor and his sons? We even have twins..."

"You're late," Sansa snapped.

"But that doesn't matter. Because you're designing the arena next, Isis." Dany nibbled on a cookie, breaking off a fragment in her perfect teeth. She made her pronouncement with so little fanfare that it took a few moments for the rest of the Gamemakers to realize what had just been said.

"That peasant is the next designer?" Sansa shrieked.

"That's unfair," Rowena whined. "Regina and I'd be much better!"

"But she sleeps all the time," Merete pointed out in her usual blunt fashion. "She's pretty useless. I think Isis is a good choice!"

"Good luck," Azuki said calmly.

Isis' dark eyes were completely unsurprised, as though this news did not shock her in the slightest. "Thank you. I have some very good ideas. I'll put together a proposal right now, okay?" She turned towards the door, then paused. "Hey, is it socially acceptable to rig the Reaping?"

"As long as no one else finds out~" Dany grinned. "Looking forward to your proposal, kid."

"Thank you, ma'am." Isis bowed once before hurrying out with a small, unsettling smile on her face. Oh, the things she could do with this arena. The things she could do to the tributes. It was almost as exciting as getting a brand new book.

From the files of Daenerys Atreides, Head Gamemaker of Panem:[annotated by androidilenya]

The 101st Hunger Games

Length: twelve days

Winner: Sheila Birsten of District Nine (age 16)

Arena Identification: Forest Incarnation 78 (code name 'Forest of Dreams') + standard muttation array + change program 'Stage One: Dreams' + change program 'Stage Two: Reality' + change program 'Stage Three: Lucid Dreaming' + [feast not applicable] + mutt design #559: 'Orc'

Further records of this Game, including camera records from all Gamemaker meetings and footage for all surveillance cameras in arena, can be found in the Capitol computer records under category '101st Hunger Games'.


Cainan Rubin- #11 (killed by Rowan) [by EmeraldBliss]

Melinda Willmore- #14 (killed by Taristia) [by fantasymoon1]

Ryder Hall- #13 (killed by Elita) [by Glimmerish47]

Elita Upshow- #12 (killed by Primo) [by Squintz]

Branwell Anisson- #16 (killed by Elita) [by peace and joyce]

Fionn Peyton- #7 (killed by Sheila) [by ImmyRose]

Primo Nitore- #2 (killed by Sheila) [by Cronomon]

Taristia Proneram- #3 (killed by Primo) [by lunalovespudding3]

Auden Ringer- #15 (killed by mutt) [by zinkyowl]

Taylor Lezeret- #6 (killed by Sheila) [by nb1998]

Gavin Striker- #22 (killed by Primo) [by raidin221]

Fenetre Feu- #4 (killed in explosion) [by VA842867]

Rowan Lander- #10 (killed by Taristia) [by CalliLily]

Quarry Wainwright- #9 (killed by Taristia) [by zinkyowl]

Ike Reddo- #8 (killed by Primo) [by Cronomon]

Lucy Silk- #5 (killed by Fenetre) [by ellsweetella]

Caden Russell- #17 (killed by mutt) [by nb1998]

Sheila Birsten- #1 (n/a) [by raidin221]

Foster Beckett- #21 (killed by Rowan) [by CalliLily]

Kivuta Seiswen- #19 (killed by Sheila) [by POMforever]

Pastel Reus- #23 (killed by Elita) [by VA842867]

Trinya Howard- #18 (killed by arena) [MoonlightDiva]

Maxell Kyler- #20 (killed by Taristia) [by EmmileeBlue]

Oliver (Ollie) Tilson- #24 (killed by Taristia) [by XxSockxAxChickxX]


Taristia- Ollie, Maxell, Melinda, Rowan, Quarry (5)

Primo- Gavin, Elita, Ike, Taristia (4)

Sheila- Kivuta, Fionn, Taylor, Primo (4)

Elita- Pastel, Branwell, Ryder (3)

Fenetre- Lucy (1)

Rowan- Foster (1)


Average age: 15.875

Mode: 16 (Primo, Gavin, Fenetre, Ike, Lucy, Sheila, Kivuta)

Median: 15 (Rowan, Quarry, Trinya)

Maximum: 18 (Cainan, Foster)

Minimum: 13 (Melinda, Maxell) [surprisingly, there were no twelve-year-olds this year...]


Volunteers: Cainan, Melinda, Ryder, Elita, Branwell, Primo, Taristia, Quarry, Kivuta (9)

Reaped: Fionn, Auden, Taylor, Gavin, Fenetre, Rowan, Ike, Lucy, Caden, Sheila, Foster, Pastel, Trinya, Maxell, Ollie (15)


Night One: Ollie, Pastel, Gavin, Foster, Maxell, Kivuta (bloodbath)

Night Two: Trinya, Caden

Night Three: Branwell

Night Four: Auden

Night Five: Melinda, Ryder, Elita, Cainan, Rowan

Night Six: Quarry

Night Seven: [no deaths]

Night Eight: Ike

Night Nine: Fionn, Taylor

Night Ten: [no deaths]

Night Eleven: Lucy, Fenetre

Night Twelve: Taristia, Primo


0 siblings: Elita, Fionn, Primo, Taylor, Fenetre, Quarry, Ike, Lucy, Caden, Sheila, Trinya

1 sibling: Melinda (little brother Peter), Ryder (little brother Axel), Taristia (older sister Helinie), Gavin (older sister Levi), Rowan (younger sister Darlya), Foster (younger sister Emily)

2 siblings: Cainan (older brother Jeriko, younger sister Jezebel), Branwell (little sisters Doreen and Megee), Auden (older sister Eliza, younger sister Mary-Clare), Pastel (younger brothers Robin and Red), Maxell (older brother Jacen), Ollie (younger sister Olivia)

3 siblings: Kivuta (triplet brothers Kyle and Joshua, younger sister Yumi)

Well, that's all. It was a long ride, but we made it! My personal favorite tributes were Primo, Sheila, Fenetre, Ike... I mean, they were almost all great people. There were a lot of interesting tributes this year. Least favorite, though, had to be Ollie. Not that anyone probably remembers her.

The most amusing alliance to write for was Ike/Lucy. The Careers weren't as fun this year as they have been in the past, but that was okay. Fionn/Branwell was fun, too. And there weren't many couples this year. I'd have to go with Taylor/Auden for my favorite couple...? I think that was canon. In any case, I'm the author so I SAY IT WAS CANON.

I shipped: Primo/Taristia, Ike/Lucy, Auden/Branwell, Taristia/Elita, Elita/Fenetre, Fenetre/Melinda, Elita/Fenetre/Melinda, Taylor/Lucy, Sheila/Taylor.

My favorite chapter was the one where the Careers fight off the Orc army- er, I mean the mutt army. And Primo goes all Aragorn on them. He. The best death scene was Rowan's, closely followed by Fenetre's. The best last line was Rowan's little smile or Ike's unfinished MUSCLES AW YEAH or Maxell's "I will never forgive you." And I don't feel like answering any of my other questions, but I'm the author so I can do that. I wonder how many of you actually read this long author's note...?

So. I am doing another SYOT, as you may have figured out from the Gamemaker scene. Look forward to it. It'll be great. PM me if you're interested- veterans might get first pick at District slots~

Thank you to all who submitted/followed/reviewed.