*after the first kiss*

"Dang solo! What did you do?" han whispered to himself as leia had scampered off he thought she enjoyed the kiss as much as he did because she was kissing him back but after a certain golden pest interrupted she raced away

*in the carbon chamber*

It was hard for her to look at him but she did leia knew she had to be strong and confident that han solo her lover would return she passionately kissed him one last time before shouting "I LOVE YOU!" and his quick reply was "I KNOW" Chewbacca thought "what kind of reply was that she just confessed her love and all he had to say was "I Know" what a complete idiot!"

Love lifting

Leia: tears falling down how could I bare another moment without you
I love you from the day we met I feelings strong will and never distilled what will I do without you?

Han: I'd cross any ocean to see your beautiful face to hold kiss love I don't know what I'll do without you
they froze me where I stand I just wish to hold her hand I don't know what I'd do without you?

Both: love is strong thing and if we believe we will see each other again
no matter what comes we will see each other again and again and again
I miss the kisses we'd share you left me kiss impaired I know I'll find you
some where out there I know I'll find you-