Burning Cold

Seto Kaiba walked briskly down the crowded halls of Domino High. He sighed to himself, opening his locker.

"What's with that Kaiba kid? He's so caught up in himself, it's not even funny," said an obnoxious jock.

"Yeah, like really," agreed his friend. They both walked away, laughing.

Seto chuckled bitterly to no one in particular. He was used to such comments. 'Don't let them know it hurts,' is what he had taught himself, over the years.

He shoved his books into his locker, slammed it shut, and made his way towards the exit. "It's finally the weekend," he said out loud.

Seto was just barely out the door, when he slammed into someone.

"Ouch. Watch were you're going, Kaiba," said a joking feminine voice.

Seto looked down, and his sapphire eyes rested upon Téa Gardner.

"Aren't you going to apologize?" she teased.

"Sorry, Gardner," replied Seto.

"That's better," she said, winking.

Seto smiled at her. Ever since after the Duelist Kingdom, he had decided to open up. It had worked. He was friends with Téa. But, that's not all. He was also now friends with Yugi Motou and his weird Yami, Tristan Taylor, Ryou Bakura, and even Joey Wheeler.

"Have a good weekend, Seto," said Téa breaking his train of thoughts. "And, remember to get some sleep." Téa smiled worriedly at him and walked away.

"Sleep? Yeah, right," he muttered getting into his awaiting limo. Seto's chauffeur dropped him off at his mansion, and sped away loudly.

Seto opened the door, and was right away tackled by his younger sibling, Mokuba.

"Big brother!" Mokuba cried.

"Hey, kid," said Seto smiling warmly.

"I'm glad you're home," said Mokuba happily.

"Me too," said Seto, walking into the kitchen to make his brother a snack.

"Oh, no, Seto. I already made myself a snack," said Mokuba.

"Okay, then," said Seto, grabbing an apple for himself.

"Big brother?" Mokuba said, a bit hesitantly.

"Yeah?" asked Seto, biting down on his apple.

"My friend Andrew invited me to a sleepover at his house, for tonight. I was wondering if I could go," finished Mokuba, giving his brother puppy dog eyes.

"Sure," replied Seto, not being able to resist the puppy face. "As long as Andrew has his parents consent."

"Oh, thank-you, Seto! And, yes, Andrew does have his parents permission."

"Where does he live?" asked Seto.

"Just down the street," answered Mokuba, grinning wildly.

"I'll walk you there. Go pack your stuff," said Seto finishing his apple.

Mokuba ran up the stairs and packed.

Not too long after, Seto and Mokuba were walking to Andrew's house. Seto dropped off Mokuba, spoke to Andrew's parents, and made his way back home.

He went into his room and changed into the usual trench coat, and navy pants. He walked into his huge, but comforting office and closed the door.


A few hours later, Seto stared at the computer screen, blankly.

"Stupid program," he muttered and shut it down.

He got up and stretched, and gave a sideways glance at the clock. It read 7:00 PM.

Seto was about to go downstairs, when a cold, but a burning pain shot through his stomach.

He cried out at the sudden pain, and fell to the floor.

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