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Chapter 40


"Alice, you're welcome to hang out with us for a while, but there isn't much room to crash on the boat," I told her and she smiled.

"I'm staying with the Denali's, but tonight Kate is crashing at Garrett's. They drove me to the long-term parking lot where I'd stored my car over the summer and then went their own way." Alice looked a little sad as she said it, but I was surprised that Edward beat me to offering her an alternative.

"Alice, my air mattress is onboard, so if you and Bella are okay with sharing the bed, I'll sleep on the top deck. That way you don't feel weird staying with Kate's family without her there."

"I don't want to intrude-" she started, but I waved her off.

"You aren't," I silenced her argument. "We're looking at furniture on different sites, trying to figure out what we might splurge on and where we're going to buy second hand."

"You two are ridiculously cute, but as long as I'm not ruining your night, then I'd like to stay," she admitted.

And that was how we spent the rest of the night, looking at the different rooms and trying to decide on a basic idea of what we'd like so we could move from there.

Edward went outside, leaving Alice and I alone to have some girl time, which I'd been woefully low on recently.

"Does he really act like he can't stand her?" Alice asked once the lights were off and she didn't have to see my reaction.

"He does. She is so forward and all he keeps telling her is he has a girlfriend, he's in a committed relationship, but I think she has brain damage because it isn't sinking in." I laughed a little, and Alice joined in.

"Thank you, Bella. I was worried going home for the summer, but I didn't have a choice. I'm in college housing so I couldn't hang around, and my parents would have seriously freaked if I had tried." Another sigh had her drifting off, so I let her go to sleep, hoping Jasper's return would ease her mind.