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Chapter 60


Work on Monday was rough. They had me in the back, stationed at the register, but it was a pain in the ass to do it with only one hand. Over the weekend they'd hired a new cashier and floor person, so we were better staffed, even if they were trying to learn about basic store functions on truck day.

No one let me do anything, which was a blessing and a curse, but as my regular customers came in and expressed concern over my injury, I joked and said I smacked around a few smart-ass customers and diffused the awkwardness.

Bree, Maria's replacement, was sent to work with me after I came back from lunch, just to practice cashiering on her own without Tanya yelling that she was doing it wrong. She seemed so worried, like she didn't know what she was supposed to do, so I made the decision to take her under my wing and help her out, seeing as Amun left her training to Tanya, who couldn't be bothered to try.

The new guy, Randall, started in the afternoon, but he seemed hopeless as he followed Alistair around trying to put things away.

Jasper came to see how I was doing, and I told him to stop hovering. We were both avoiding the topic of Alice, but thankfully we were able to fall into our normal relationship after the bullshit had passed that morning.

When eight rolled around, we locked up and I drove back to the house. Edward was smiling when I walked in, so I was guessing that he had good news.

"We found our first flip. It was exactly what my mom and I had been thinking of, and I called Felix to show him some pictures of the new place as well as my portfolio. He and Gianna just left, and they're excited too. My mom is going to contact the bank about it, but we should know something for sure in a few days."

"That's amazing, I didn't know you were that close?" I told him.

"We hadn't been until Mom sent me the listing this morning. We went there early and it was what I wanted to do. I was willing to make an offer even if we flipped this first while waiting for something that would work for Felix, but the fact that they love it too makes it worth it. And, between waiting for the closing and everything, it'll give me enough time to do the roof and siding at Charlie's, so all the exterior work is done before the winter hits."

Edward was vibrating with joy and I was happy for him. "I'm sure Charlie will be happy to get those projects done. I've been hearing about that roof since before I moved in with him. It was a project that he didn't urgently need, so he kept putting it off."

"He won't need to anymore," Edward said. "How was work?"

"They hired two new employees, so that will be interesting, but Jasper and I are good and they let the new girl shadow me so I had the extra hands. Now, I just want to eat dinner and relax."

"Let me throw something together quick and we can get going on that." Edward pulled me closer and kissed my hair as we headed into the kitchen to make something to eat.