The Power He Knows Not

The smallest member of number four Privet Drive sighed as he watched the sun set from his barred window. His Uncle Vernon had reattached them before Harry had returned home from school. His messy head of dark hair rested against the window as he curled into himself. At 5'4'' and 100 pounds, the tiny teenager felt his body weaken from lack of food and the bruises his uncle had left him with after their return to the house. He had been summarily locked in the room with his owl, Hedwig, and the door was locked unless he was being allowed out for chores

The stress from the nightmares of his godfather's death and the fight in the Ministry were taking their toll on the already weakened boy. Not eating, though something he was used to, was not helping his body or his mind in the slightest. Harry Potter sighed once more before falling into bed and closing his eyes. He counted backwards from 100 and had barely made it to 50 before his exhausted body took over and demanded sleep.

Several hours later, Harry was awoken by a slight pop coming from the corner of his room. He was up in a flash with his holly wand pointed at the intruder. Said intruder slowly raised its hands and smiled. The lights in his room flicked on and Harry found himself face to face with someone straight out of the world he had been denied contact with all summer.

"Griphook? What are you doing here?" Harry asked, rubbing his eyes and putting his wand down.

"I'm surprised that you remember who I am Mr. Potter," the goblin answered before seating himself in a chair.

"Of course I remember you, sir. You were the first one to take me to my vault in Gringotts," the teenage wizard replied, wrapping his arms around his knees and smiling slightly at the shorter man. Yes, man. He didn't see a difference outside of the man's 'race'.

"Well then, some matters have recently come to our attention that have made us question certain dealings in regards to your accounts, Mr. Potter. And as the head of your family vaults, I was sent to discuss these matters with you. Why have you not responded to any of the letters that have been sent to you this summer?" he asked, watching Harry. He noticed the teenage wizard adopt a face of confusion as he looked towards the window where the bars meant that no owl could get in or out. Interesting.

"What letters, sir? I haven't gotten any letters this summer. From anyone," the young wizard muttered, a sense of depression over his exclusion from the Wizarding World washing over him as he ran a hand through his hair and looked the goblin in the eyes. Eyes that were narrowed as rage shuddered through Griphook's body.

"That is quite peculiar, Mr. Potter, as we have sent you at least five letters in regards to your inheritance and the Will of Mr. Sirius Black. We finally gave in and did a will reading for all of other parties involved, not counting the portion dedicated to you of course. Mr. Dumbledore attempted to have this suppressed but even he could not override the law as it stands in regards to the head of an Ancient and Noble house," the goblin stated and peered at Harry.

At the mention of his precious godfather, Harry closed his eyes as an undeniable wave of sadness washed over him and caused Griphook to take in a sharp breath, his Goblin magic allowing him to see something rather interesting about the young man in front of him.

"Mr. Potter! I am going to need you to come with me right now. We need to investigate a few matters and my office is the best place to do it. Your bird is welcome to join us but we must go now," he said.

Harry nodded immediately and climbed out of bed. He pulled his worn trainers on and shuffled sluggishly over to where Griphook now stood. Harry took the offered hand and the two disappeared with a faint 'pop'. The wards placed over the Dursley residence never registered so much as a disturbance.

The two magical beings reappeared in a grand office in Gringotts. Harry stumbled slightly, his weakened physical state throwing his balance off greatly. Griphook frowned and lead his client to a soft chair in front of his desk. He snapped his fingers and a tray of food appeared in front of Harry. The skinny boy smiled his gratitude at the goblin and began to slowly devour the food and milk in front of him.

"As you did not get our original letter in regards to the will of Mr. Black, nor were you able to attend the hearing, I shall start with that before moving on to your parent's will and your inheritances, along with a certain problem that has arisen," Griphook said as he shuffled papers around on his desk. He opened up a red folder and began to read off the page in front of him.

"This is the last will and testament of Sirius Orion Black. To the Weasley family, I leave 500,000 galleons to not be returned. Use it to buy a house that suits you. To Hermione Granger, the brightest witch of her age, I leave every non-tainted book in the Black library, my cottage outside of Glasgow, and 250,000 galleons. To Fred and George Weasley, I leave 100,000 galleons and all the books of pranks the Marauders pulled whileat Hogwarts. To my favorite niece Nymphadora Tonks (I can now finally call you that without fear of retribution), I leave 200,000 galleons and reinstatement to the Black family. To Remus Lupin, my old friend and the last of the Marauders, I leave 600,000 galleons, 12 Grimmauld Place, and the order to watch over our cub and to protect him. To my godson Harry James Potter, I leave everything else and the mantle of Lord Black. I claim him as my heir and legacy." Griphook read. Harry looked close to tears again, curling in on himself as he heard the words. The goblin studied the wizard closely.

"Mr. Potter, are you aware that there are a number of spells and charms placed on you. Including one that inhibits your magical core and one that causes crippling sadness when the name Sirius Black is mentioned? You are also in possession of a Horcrux which resides in your scar," he said carefully, leaning back and folding the arms across the front of his muscular body. The Goblin proceeded to explain to Harry exactly what a Horcrux was and the implications it held. The way Harry stared at him was a sufficient answer.

"So that is how that bastard Tom Riddle was able to implant that vision in my head. And who in their right mind would cast a spell like that on me?" Harry raged. Griphook grimaced and stood, walking to Harry's side.

"Mr. Potter, if you have no objections, I can remove every bind placed upon you and remove that horrible piece of soul that has attached itself to you," he said politely, standing in front of the wizard. Harry nodded.

"Yes, please Griphook. That would be greatly appreciated," the emaciated boy said. The goblin nodded and wrote on a scrap of parchment, sending it off airplane style. Harry closed his eyes and tried to calm himself. Several moments later, two more goblins entered the room.

"Mr. Potter, this is Director Ragnok, leader of the goblin nation, and his son Gnok. They will perform the needed ritual. Upon the completion of this ritual, we will go over your parent's will and your overall estats, as well as address the other issues that have been brought to our attention," Griphook said and stepped back. Ragnok and Gnok stepped forward.

"In order to release the bindings, we shall perform an ancient ritual that works only on the pure of heart. To complete the release, we will trace your scar with the goblin-made sword that has already chosen you as its owner," Gnok said respectfully. Harry nodded absent-mindedly as Ragnok leaned his chair back. The wizard closed his eyes as the two above him began to chant in their native language. Their hands moved over his body in intricate patterns, causing warm sensations over most of his body.

When the sensations were at their highest, Harry felt the two goblins move and a sharp, cold object being placed against his scar. The sword of Gryffindor began to cut his scar open, causing Harry an enormous amount of pain. Griphook held the struggling wizard down as a scream tore from his throat and a green mist escaped from the curse scar. Harry's sweaty body shut down as his magic was released.


In the mighty castle of Hogwarts, every instrument the Headmaster had monitoring Harry gave off one high-pitched squeal and ceased to work. The Headmaster slept on soundly.


In a secluded house, the Dark Lord screamed as he felt part of his soul die.

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