You're Beautiful

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The morning of the 19th of September dawned bright and early for the citizens of Hogwarts. The students got up and got ready for their day, scrambling around to do last minute homework. The professors awoke and began to prepare themselves for the day, reviewing lesson plans and gathering necessary materials.

In the suite for married students, Harry Potter-Black was sneaking out of bed. His wife rolled over and cuddled his pillow, deep in sleep. The young Lord walked into the nursery and quietly called for two bottles. He fed and changed his two and a half month old twins and carried them into the kitchen and placed them in their swings. He started on breakfast for his wife, making her favorite chocolate pancakes from scratch and a vegetable omelet for them to share. He soon finished and was back less than an hour later.

"Love, wake up," Harry whispered, running a hand through his wife's curly brown hair and kissing her forehead. The brunette hummed and stretched, opening her eyes and smiling at her husband. He kissed her gently on the lips, and moved back, placing the tray on her lap.

"Happy birthday, Mione!" he cheered, causing her to laugh.

"This smells amazing, Harry. Where are Luke and Jessie?" she replied, taking a sip on the water on her tray.

"They're sleeping in their swingers, being watched over by Dobby," he replied, settling next to her in bed. Harry tried to feed her but that was rebuffed and was treated to a slight rant. He chuckled and agreed, taking a bite of her pancakes.

"You're insufferable Mr. Potter," Hermione shot, playfully rolling her eyes.

"Takes one to know one Mrs. Potter," Harry replied sweetly, finishing his food.

"In honor of your birthday, we're skipping our morning workout. I know we have lessons today but tonight, Luna and Neville are babysitting," he told her, running a hand down her face.

"Why are they babysitting?" his wife replied, sitting up in bed and standing up.

"I realized that we've never had a proper date and I intend to fix that tonight," he replied, pressing a kiss against her lips. She smiled and the two ventured off to get dressed.

"This better be a good date, Potter," Hermione snarked, coming out of the bathroom a little while later in her Hogwarts robes.

"Believe me, Potter, it will be! I've got a master plan for tonight that you will most assuredly enjoy," Harry replied, adjusting his tie in the mirror, scowling at the sight of his unruly hair. He smiled as he heard Hermione's musical laugh and exited the bathroom. Soren ran up to him and rubbed against his leg. The young wolf cub was growing fast.

"Oops, I guess I forget to feed you all this morning," he murmured, running into the kitchen and pulling their specially made food out. He portioned it and let the cubs go at it.

Two hours later, Harry and Hermione were double checking homework and packing their bags for the rest of the day. Charms and Potions, both double blocks, were on their agenda. He picked up his daughter and cuddled her against his chest, smiling at her dark purple dress. She cooed and ran her hand on the front of his uniform. He settled into her magical carseat and went to kiss her mother, covertly taking their son from her hands and tickling his little stomach. Lucas was dressed in a red long sleeved-onesie with a roaring lion on the front and little black pants. Harry adjusted the baby's socks and put in him his carrier.

Hermione whistled for Athena and Soren and put their little harnesses on. She felt bad about acting like they were common animals in need of restraint but it was necessary in order for them to walk around. She sighed and grabbed her bag, mentally running through her checklist for the day.

Books. In the bag.

Wand. In her holster.

Homework. Completed and ready to go.

Writing utensils. In her bag.

Babies. In carriers.

Husband. Gorgeous as ever.

Hermione smiled and thought about her husband. His beautiful, bright green eyes. His unruly, charming black hair. His sweet and swift smile. His understanding ways. His shy demeanor and protective disposition. All of those things about him, though not the whole reason, made her love him even more every day. It's what had drawn her to him, almost as soon as she saw him on the train when she was 11.

The more she got to know him, the more attractive she found him. Hermione wrote home to her parents about him, telling them about his adventures, about his bravery. As the years wore on, she realized that he really embodied the best about every House. He had the cunning of a Slytherin, the bravery of a Gryffindor, the intelligence of a Ravenclaw, and the loyalty of a Hufflepuff. He was a leader but he knew how to listen to other's ideas. He was a team player but could be independent. He was simply amazing.

Harry saw the look on his wife's face and smiled at her. He strode over to her and pressed a kiss against her lips, smiling at the feeling of the physical connection. Her mental presence was always there, on the edge of his consciousness unless either one called on it. It was a special feeling, he had decided, always being connected to his wife. He would always be able to find her, and communicate his love with his feelings if not with his words. He was so proud to have the brightest witch of their age as his wife, mother to his children, and partner for life.

The two pulled away from each other and smiled, allowing their feelings to cross their soul bonds, filling them with a warm golden glow. They donned their backpacks and grabbed their babies, double checking their safety bonds.

"Oh! Before I forget, I redid the necklace charms for Lucas and Jessica," Hermione told her husband, flicking her wand and summoning the two silver necklaces. She showed them to her husband.

The charms were little silver medallions with the Potter and Black crests on the front and the Hogwarts crest on the back. She showed him the runes she had painstakingly carved around the edges and gave him a rundown of their uses.

"This is an upgraded version of their portkey necklaces. Now, if the babies are in danger, the necklace will portkey them to the school on Black Island. The portkey is designed to not harm the babies with the magic and also sends out a signal to the Potter and Black elves so that one will be there to take care of them. There is also a charm that makes it so that no one who wishes them or us harm can touch them," she said, putting the necklaces on her children and spelling them so that no one except for the parents and godparents could remove them. Harry nodded and the two continued to class.

Across the country, an old man woke up, feeling his head pounding. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore could not believe that he had been tricked! And attacked by a house elf no less! Did it not know who he was? He groaned and threw an arm over his eyes, knowing that they had taken his magnificent magenta robes and given him a plain white night shirt like item with no shoes! Or socks for that matter! He knew that his wand had been confiscated and he hoped that his trial would be soon. He couldn't escape this cell without losing all credibility with the public!

Escaping would make him look like he was guilty. All he was doing was protecting the greater good! So what if that brat was abused for his whole life? It made him pliable. And Albus needed him weak so that Voldemort would kill him. The stupid brat didn't know that he had a horcrux in his soul. I mean, the child did not even know that horcuxes even exist. He thought that mudblood he was supposedly married to would figure it out eventually.

The old man got up and walked around his tiny cell, not having had the opportunity to see what was in the cell. He had a tiny bed, a chamber pot, and a thin cotton blanket. This enraged him. How dare they give him, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, Supreme Mugwump of the ICW, Order of Merlin 1st class, and Chair of the Wizengamout, this cell for commoners? A guard walked by his cell.

"Excuse me! Where is the warden of this facility? Auror Comperton, I believe. I demand to speak to him about my accommodations!" the old wizard yelled. The woman walking by didn't even spare him a glance. She knew why he was in jail. The man had tried to kidnap several children and was wanted on charges of facilitating child abuse and neglect. She would ignore the man as long as possible, only interacting with him on an as needed basis. Same with the redheaded woman in the cell across from him.

"Headmaster? Is that you?" Dumbledore heard. He look to the cell across from his and sighed. Molly Weasley's face peered back at him and she started in on a rant about the injustice of their situation. He sighed and slumped onto his lumpy bed. He closed his eyes and ignored the yammering of his number one stooge as he concentrated on a plan. He smiled as the perfect one popped into mind. He silently called for his personal elf.

Classes seemed to last for an eternity. At least, that's how Hermione felt. The more the day wore on, the more excited she got. This would be her and her beloved Harry's first date and they could concentrate on themselves and not worry about their children, knowing that they were in good hands with Neville and Luna. She had no idea what her man was planning and it thrilled her to no end that someone cared enough about her to plan something so special, especially with everyone going on around them. After potions was over (including the derogatory comments from Snape), Hermione, Harry, and Neville retreated back to their rooms, meeting Luna along the way.

"How were your classes, love?" Neville asked, slinging an arm around his beloved Luna's waist. She nuzzled against him and told him about her day. The two looked at Hermione with glee, knowing what was happening in the room. They talked quietly and observed Harry wrapping an arm around his soul mate.

"I can't wait to see the twins. I miss them when they can't be in class with us," Hermione sighed, dropping a hand down to rub Athena's head. The children may not have been from her womb but they were definitely of her heart. Her heart sang as she neared the entrance. Hermione rushed ahead and said the password and was allowed entry. She nearly had a heart attack.

"SURPRISE!" she heard screamed at her. Letting out a yelp, the dark haired mother almost sent them all crashing into a wall with her telekinesis.

"Happy birthday, beautiful. This is part one of your birthday," Harry murmured in her ear. Tears filled her eyes and she kissed the man of her dreams for all she was worth. She sent her thanks over their link and showed him her past birthdays, spent by herself and occasionally with her parents or relatives. He sent back reassurance and Hermione looked around.

Fred, George, Remus, Tonks, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet, Katie Bell, and the entirety of the Slytherins living in the separate dorm greeted her, each bearing a gift for her! She could not believe that her husband and two best friends had done this for her. It was honestly surreal and Harry reminded her that the night would not be over after the party.

The group mingled and had a good time. Hermione was sung to and presented with a huge cake shaped like a dragon, made by Dobby and Winky. The two favorite Potter elves received hugs and thanks from the excited young woman.

After cake, she opened her presents. She received several rare books from Alicia, Angelina, and Katie and a basket of joke products from the twins along with several WWW shirts.

The Slytherins gave her a book good for free babysitting with a coupon from each along with a huge basket of her favorite candy.

Tonks and Remus gave her a necklace in the shape of a wolf with emeralds for eyes. He told her it had protective charms and runes on it that would offer her protection from spells and would act as a portkey in an emergency.

Luna and Neville gifted the birthday witch with a pass to use the Longbottom and Lovegood libraries at any time along with several new items of clothing.

Hermione smiled as Harry handed her a box with pink and blue bow. She opened it and her breath caught in her throat. Inside was a silver bracelet, accented with rubies and diamonds. The word 'Mother' was carved into the bracelet. A tiny card was attached, proclaiming the gift to be from Jessie and Luke. The brunette woman tried to control her tears as she hugged her husband and skipped over to press a kiss to the top of her sleeping babies' heads. She spotted matching bracelets on each of her childrens' wrists, each proclaiming the child's full name (Lucas Matthew and Jessica Lillian Potter-Black) along with their birthday.

"Thank you so much for coming out to celebrate this occasion with us. I am so grateful to have you all on our side and for your support," Hermione announced about an hour later as all of the guests were getting ready to leave.

"It was never a question in any of our minds," Katie assured, generating shouts of support. In groups of two or three, everyone filed out until only the current Hogwarts students remained.

"Thank you all for coming," Hermione told the Slytherin students. They all expressed their gratitude at the invitation.

"It was a lot of fun!" Aven Riddick told them, smiling brightly at her temporary head of house. Harry smiled back at her. The students all retreated into their rooms and the black haired teen looked at his wife.

"Now that the party is over, you can go and get ready for our date. I shall come and get you in three hours," he said, leaning over and kissing her. Hermione giggled and nodded. She entered their bedroom.

"Nev, Luna, may I use your rooms to get ready for this evening?" Harry asked the couple.

"Why certainly Harry. It is nargle free and Neville and I intend to take a walk around the lake this afternoon and get in some training. We'll be back by the time you are ready to leave," the blond haired teen replied, smiling and patting his cheek affectionately. Harry just smiled and kissed her cheek, sharing a look with Neville as the two exited the rooms hand in hand.

Upon entering his friends' room, he found his chosen outfit laid out by a very efficient Winky. He smiled and called for Dobby, instructing the house elf to bring his children into the room so that he could spend time with them. He knew Winky would be assisting Hermione as she got ready for their first date. The young Lord started the shower and took off his shirt, tie, vest, socks, and shoes, leaving him in just his pants. Dobby entered the room with his son and Harry picked the little boy up, and cuddled him, staring into his impossibly green eyes. When his daughter arrived, he picked her up too and began to talk to them softly, telling them about the date he was talking their mummy on. He placed them in their swings and went to take a shower.

Twenty minutes later, he emerged, toweling his hair dry. He and Dobby carried the twins into the bathroom and gave them their evening baths. He put lotion on their soft skin and put on his undershirt and boxers. He climbed onto the bed and placed the twins on his chest, clad only in their diapers. He read to them from a book of fairy tales until Jessie started to cry for her bottle. He fed them, changed them, and put them in their cribs, singing them lullabies and reading them stories until they fell asleep a little while later.

Returning to his room, Harry looked at the time and saw that he had a good two hours left and finished some of his homework up so that he would be free later on. He tried valiantly to get ahead in his reading but failed miserably, spending the remaining time alternating between practicing his fine control of his elements and meditating.

With an hour left to go, he sent Dobby off to get the food ready and to prepare the Room of Requirement. The little elf placed a spell on the room to make sure nobody would feel the need to use it while his Master and Mistress were in it. He did not want anyone to interrupt the two while they were having their date.

With half an hour left, he began to worry. What if Hermione didn't like his surprise? What if she reacted badly to what he had planned? What if, what if, what if? The thought constantly plagued him as he entered the nursery to check on his twin children and to gently lull Lucas back to sleep after accidentally waking the child by stepping on one of the colorful toys littering the floor.

With twenty minutes to go, Harry picked up his walnut wand cast an ironing spell on his dress clothes, making all of the wrinkles disappear. The young man pulled his socks on and took a deep breath. He entered the bathroom and washed his face and brushed his teeth. He took a brush to his hair and tried valiantly to get it to lie flat with no luck. He cleaned up after himself.

Next, he donned his black dress shirt, made of the finest silk available. He buttoned it, leaving the top two undone. He pulled the black pants on and added a belt with a silver buckle with the Potter crest on it and tucked both of his shirts in.

Harry sat on the bed and put his shoes on, making sure each bow was centered. He put his light blue vest on and buttoned it, smiling because he knew that it would match the dress that Hermione would be wearing. He put on a necklace with the black crest and felt it settle against his chest. He looked himself in the mirror and smiled. He made quite the picture. Squaring his shoulders, he picked up the flowers Dobby had left him off the bed and went to fetch his wife.

Meanwhile, Hermione could not get over how great her day had gone. From breakfast in bed to a surprise party to a date with her handsome husband, the day had been perfect. She took a shower, taking extra time to massage her head with a new shampoo and conditioner set that would make her hair easier to manage. The curly haired teen took a considerable amount of time in the shower, carefully and thouroughly going through her hygiene process so that she would be clean and presentable for her husband.

After drying her body and wrapping a towel around her hair, Hermione put on her bra and underwear and opened her closet, searching for the perfect outfit. She dismissed pants and skirts, wanting to wear a dress on her first date with her husband. Her eyes lit up as she spotted the perfect one and pulled it out, placing it neatly on her bed. The young woman sat at her desk, transfigured a mirror from an old piece of parchment, and started on her makeup.

Being a minimalist in the makeup and hair department, it did not take Hermione long to finish these tasks. She checked the time and noticed that she still had an hour and a half left. She checked on her sleeping infants and came back to her room, doing some homework and reading ahead in two of her classes (Ancient Runes and Arithmancy).

With half an hour left until her Lord would come for her, Hermione stepped into her dress. She pulled the light blue dress up and Winky popped in behind her, zipping and hooking until it was safely secured.

"Thank you Winky," Hermione said, causing the elf to puff with pride. She had come a long way since being hired by the family. The elf popped off and Hermione slipped her black flats on. She finished her look with earrings and a necklace that appeared on her dresser (courtesy of Winky and Harry) and her newest bracelet and charmed necklace. She thought that the two necklaces together would look gaudy but a spell lengthened the chain of her wolf and she slipped it into her dress.

Harry wouldn't know what him. And indeed when he knocked on the door and she answered, his jaw dropped as his eyes roamed her body. She didn't feel violated, only loved as she saw the passion and want reflected in his eyes.

"You clean up nicely, Lord Potter-Black," she told him fondly, taking the flowers from his hands and placing them in a vase.

"You're a picture of radiant beauty, my Lady Potter-Black," Harry replied, bowing at the waist and shooting her a smile. They heard Neville and Luna enter the suite but did not acknowledge them, having only eyes for each other.

"Shall we go?" Harry asked. Hermione nodded. Dobby appeared, wearing a little tuxedo and took their hands, transporting them to the Room of Requirement.

Hermione looked around and was awed by the set up. There was a small area with a couch and table set on one side and a table for two on the other, laden with all of her favorite foods. Candles dotted the room and she sighed happily, leaning into her husband. The two settled in for a meal, talking deeply about their plans for their future and enjoying their stress-free time together.

After the dishes were sent away, Harry snapped his fingers and soft jazz music resounded in the room.

"Would you care to dance?" he asked, standing and offering his hand to the lovely witch. She blushed and nodded, taking his hand and the two began to sway gently to the music.

"You're beautiful," Harry whispered in her ear, kissing her cheek. His wife blushed and wiggled slightly in her arms. She had just barely begun to see herself as attractive. Harry could feel her discomfort and gently guided her to the couch.

He sat down and gestured for her to sit next to him.

"I have a gift for you. I want you to listen to me speak, and feel my emotions," he told her, reaching beside the couch and lifting up a box wrapped in plain dark blue paper with a lighter ribbon. He handed it to her and she could feel the weight of it. She shot him an anxious look and opened the box with care.

When she reached the gift, she felt slightly saddened to see a mirror. Harry felt her thoughts ('He thinks I need to spend more time looking presentable) and pushed a wave of love and contentedness through their bond.

"Hermione Jane Potter-Black, I love you. I love all of you. From the way you take notes, to the soft sounds you make in your sleep, to the way you are with our children, to the way you sound first thing in the morning. I cherish every moment I spend with you and I can't wait to end this war so that we can spend the rest of our lives together as a family.

"This mirror is special; it's the only one in existence. I want you to look in this mirror every day and see yourself the way I see you: a beautiful young mother with expressive eyes, stunning features, and a killer intellect. I charmed this mirror myself so that each time you look in it, it will show a word or a quote that I think of whenever I see you. I love you with all of my heart and my soul and I cannot wait for our future," Harry told her earnestly, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

Hermione took a shuddering breath and placed the gift on the table where it was whisked away by Winky. She took another break and put her hands on his cheeks, leaning in to kiss her man with all of the love and emotion that she could possibly express. Their kiss evolved from loving to passionate and Hermione took a deep breath and remembered the feelings her husband had sent her. She began to unbutton his shirt.

A while later, somewhere in Britain, a Dark Lord screamed as a white mist entered his body violently. His beloved snake began to writhe on the floor and a black mist floated out of her body and left her passed out next to her master.

The next morning, Harry and Hermione were enjoying some good natured teasing from Neville and Luna about the change in their relationship. The Slytherin students rescued from the common room were sitting at the end of their House table, several benches worth of distance between them and their next housemate.

All present in the dining hall were enjoying breakfast and several were wondering about the absence of the Headmaster when suddenly, the doors to the Great Hall opened with a bang. Everyone turned and looked. Luna, Neville, Harry, and Hermione sighed at the figure who entered.

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