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Chapter 4

Over the next few weeks, nothing major happened in his classes.

Harry had gotten a good 3000 Exp for his leveling over the last few weeks and he was proud of the fact. Not that he had anyone to brag to as he couldn't tell someone about it without sounding insane. What was he supposed to say, "I am stuck in a video game and you are all characters in it that give me Exp and that was why I became your friend."

Harry had also noticed changes between this world and the last, or he had just never noticed them in the first world.

For one thing, there was the matter of the extra classes that he was able to take and study with supervision from the teachers. That wasn't there in the original world, or, if it was, it would explain why Hagrid had immediately started on Hippogriffs. It would also explain why there seemed to be no foundation for Divination in third year.

Another change was that Ron was more arrogant than ever, even going so far as to try to claim that he was friends with Harry and think that he would just go along with it without any complaint.

The final change that he had noticed was that Dumbledore always seemed to be glaring into nothing and that he got a sharp pain in his head whenever Dumbledore would look at him. Afterwards, Dumbledore would glare even harder than before. Harry had never heard anything like that.

Harry didn't get into the Quiditch team this year as Gryffindor was the team that had its flying classes with Slytherin, and not Ravenclaw. Harry had heard a few teachers muttering about not knowing whether or not Harry was any good at flying this way, and figured that they must have known that his father was good at it.


Ron was being his usual self that day. Prattling on about nothing and about how good he was at flying or even how much he could eat.

Everyone was disgusted by the second part, even Ron's best mates.

Ron had said a derogatory remark at Hermione and had her rush out of the great hall in tears. No one would talk to him that night and they just let him prattle on and think that they were listening.

Harry then almost bashed his head against the ground in annoyance. He had just remembered something that he had forgotten the last few weeks.

Today was Halloween.

More specifically, today was the day Quirrel would let the troll in to try to get the stone and leave Hermione practically defenseless.

Harry thought through his options for a few minutes before coming to a conclusion.

Harry would have to use all of his knowledge to stop the troll from killing Hermione.

Quirrel would never know what hit him by the end of the year.

This was payback.


Hermione was crying in the bathroom when she heard it coming. It had large footsteps.

The troll smashed in the door before getting hit by a minor explosion from the floor and the roof.

The troll roared in pain and sent a swing of his club at the wall and smashed the mirror on it, sending glass everywhere.

With every step, the troll was in even more pain than the last time. Each time that he pushed his club out, he seemed to be in even more pain than the last time he had done it.

The troll was on the ground by the time that he got to Hermione, revealing that it had been knocked out by the runes on the ground that Harry had put there a few moments ago.

"Let's get out of here before we're blamed for something." Harry said.

Hermione just nodded in fear, realizing if Harry hadn't been there, she would have died.


Harry went to bed that night and went to his leveling area.

Harry saw that he had leveled and opened up the menu to spend the points that he had gotten from the troll.

He also saw that he had something called a life debt for Hermione.

Harry resolved to check the library for that later on, it could be important.

Beat up the troll without taking damage!

Exp: +10,000

Hermione's life debt holder

Exp: +5,000

Level up!

Harry Potter

Basic Points to spend: +100

Health: 525

Magic: 550

Stamina: 525


Points to spend: +20

Parseltongue: level 8 70 points

Magic senses: Level 4 30 points

Animagus: Level 4 30 points

Potions master: Level 14 130 points

Alchemist: Level 5 40 points

Enchanter: Level 9 80 points

Seer: Level 10 90 points

Warder: Level 20 190 points

Curse Breaker: Level 8 70 points

Trap maker: Level 8 70 points

Beast master: Level 12 110 points

Leader: Level 5 40 points

Dark arts: Level 15 140 points

Financer: Level 10 90 points

Wand Maker: Level 3 20 points

Eidetic memory: Level 5 40 points

Quick reader: Level 4 30 points

Gardener: Level 13 120 points

Chef: Level 4 30 points

Defense: Level 15 140 points

Charms: Level 25 240 points

Runes: Level 15 140 points

Transfigurations: Level 20 190 points

Total Level: 19

To next level: 8,900

Exp gotten: 63,000

Perks to spend: 38


Ward maker/breaker: full

Quick Ward: full

Novice warder: full

Object warder: full

House warder: locked


Speech: full

Investment: Locked level 15 speech


Basic: full

More ingredients: Locked-level 15 alchemist



Novice: full

Longer: full

Speed: full

Object: full

Practical: full

Theory: full



Novice: full

Mind: full

Body: full

Animation: full

Theory: full

Practical: full

Dark arts:


Rituals: full

Elements: full

Dark animals: full

Blood magic: full

Theory: Full

Practical: Full



Theory: Full

Practical: full


Basic: full

Practical: Full

Theory: Full


Basic: full

All serpents: locked-level 15

Beast Master:

Basic: full

Familiars: Locked-level 15


Basic: full

Potions Master:

Basic: Full

Ingredient Power: full


Basic: Full

Object: Full




Future sight: locked

Curse maker:

Basic: Full

Novice: locked

Trap maker:

Basic: full

Novice: Locked

Eidetic memory:

Basic: full

Novice locked

Leader: Basic

Novice: locked

Total level: 19

Exp required: 8,900

Exp gotten: 63,000


Harry looked triumphant that he had gained a full two levels instead of just the one by beating the troll without any damage.

Harry then headed to the library to find out what a life debt was.

Harry was completely shocked and awed at what he had found out.

A life debt could be used to force someone to do any one thing that they wouldn't normally do. Plus, the debtee had to obey it no matter what and no one could say anything about it.

This was perfect for Harry's plans!

He could use the life debt to force Hermione to believe him about the video game! She would help him without saying anything to anyone about it!

Harry carefully made a plan that would allow him to get her to help him, a bit confusing, but something that he could do with ease.


The next morning, Harry laid the foundation of his cunning plan.

He had sent Hermione a note about there being a secret admirer of hers in the library and that he wanted to meet her without anyone else.

Harry had known that Hermione was a romanticist that had read some of her mother's novels about this, and that was why she would go for it without any questions.

Hermione immediately started following the trail to the library.

Harry had purposefully left the book on life debts for Hermione to find and confront him on.

Hermione was one that liked things to be quiet, and that was why she would go to an enclosed, quiet spot and corner him on it, with no chance of someone overhearing.


Harry was right.

Hermione had cornered him into a broom closet.

"What are you playing at Harry?" Hermione hissed at him.

Harry played dumb and said, "Nothing, why do you ask?"

"You wrote me that note and then left that book in the library to inform me of it." Hermione said.

"Fine, I did it. I wanted to inform you of that and allow you to get rid of it." Harry said.

"How do I get rid of it?" Hermione asked suspiciously.

"Come on Hermione, I'm not stupid. I know that the reason that it took so long for you to corner me was because you were going to read the rest of the book." Harry said with a sigh.

"That's right; I have to do one thing for you that I wouldn't normally do to help you." Hermione recalled.

Harry nodded and said, "That's why I have a task for you to do."

"What is it?" Hermione asked.

"It says that you will believe me about this life being a video game and that you will help me through it subtlety." Harry said with a nod.

"Why did you choose that?" Hermione asked, confused at the reasoning.

"It fits into three categories that I created when I was thinking about this." Harry said.

"What are they?" Hermione asked.

"The first is that it is something that you wouldn't normally do, hence the video game part." Harry said.

Hermione nodded saying that she understood that part.

"The second is that this second part about you helping me isn't that out of the ordinary." Harry said.

Hermione understood how that could be important and nodded in agreement.

"What was the third category?" Hermione asked when Harry wasn't forthcoming.

"The third part of the category was just one word: Subtlety." Harry answered.

Hermione understood immediately.

"I give the agreement for the life debt to be used this way." Hermione said, starting the contract.

"I give the agreement for her life debt to me be used to Subtlety be used to help me as if my life was a video game." Harry responded.

A flash of light happened and Hermione looked up at him.

"Oh, Harry, I am so sorry for your life to be this way!" Hermione cried into his shoulder.

Harry comforted her for a few seconds before telling her that people would think that she was crazy and that she shouldn't tell anyone about it.

Hermione reluctantly agreed to that reasoning.

Harry smiled cheerfully as Hermione walked away, knowing that he had gotten a new ally.


The rest of the day after Halloween was spent checking around the castle and creating a map of it inside of his head.

Harry also checked out about the spots that he knew were ways out of the castle from the cannon universe and was relieved to find that they were all still there.

When Harry went to bed that night, he saw a sign hovering above his bed.

You have been believed by Hermione!

Exp: +3,000

Life debt spent! Hermione no longer owes you anything!

Harry smirked before he went to sleep.

Life was good.

Especially when your life was a video game, like his seemed to be.

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