So...don't except this done in a rush xD

1) Grand Theft Autumn - Fall Out Boy [Slab/Derby/Adam]
There was a knock at Adam's door which was odd for two reasons: He never got visitors and it was nearly 12AM. The young boy got up from his dent in the couch to check who it was.
The shorter boy pushed his friend in and on the floor, all the while kissing him violently.
"Where's Slab tonight " The 'attacked' boy questioned. The smaller boy shrugged, taking off his shirt. "Well I hope he's a gentleman, and maybe he won't find out." He panted while taking off his own shit.
He knew it was wrong but Derby was just so irresistible.

2) I'm in love with a fairy tale- Alexander Rybak [Adam/Derby]
Years ago when Derby was younger he had a crush on a boy in his class, they did everything together, but one day his friend just left for some reason. He didn't even remember the boy's name only his beautiful blue eyes. It was so long ago and the memory was so vague it couldn't possibly have been real. Yet he thought of him every day. He leaned against the wall of the school thinking to himself, 'Ha! I'm in love with a fairy tale!'
He was suddenly approached by a boy possibly his age saying his name. Normally situation like this wouldn't have been as special but when Derby looked up and saw the boy's eyes memories came rushing back. "Adam Young! Where have you been?! "What he actually wanted to say was "Why did you let me fall in love with you then leave?!"