"You know you don't need to just stand there, I can walk to class alone." Derby had his head buried in the bottom of his locker looking for his science book.

Adam leaned against another locker, arms folded over his chest, glaring at anyone who dared check out Derby. "I wouldn't have to if I weren't so worried about you getting raped on the way there."

"That's ridiculous." Finally finding his book he straightened up, "Don't look so angry, you aren't late yet."

"I'd like to keep it that way, thank you very much."

The smaller of the two sprinted out in front of him and began a strut showing off how brilliantly tight his pants were. This made the smarter boy both laugh and turned on, the second wasn't exactly the most ideal situation for someone about to stand in front of a room full of people.

They both arrived to the classroom on time, much to Adam's surprise, and without realizing it he said, very casually, "Not get to your seat before I have to punish you." Followed by a wink. The whole room went quiet and everyone watched Derby dart to his chair. The class immediately shifted their eyes back to their teacher who was standing awkwardly at the front of the class, silently wishing he could drop dead.

'What was I thinking?! As a teacher I shouldn't be harassing a teenage boy. Then again as a teenage boy I really shouldn't be a teacher, not the point!' Adam argued back and forth with himself for several minutes before he finally decided to address his students, "Okay, class, let's get today's lesson started!" He clapped his hands enthusiastically trying to avert everyone's attention from his most recent blunder. He caught a glance of Derby who was still blushing. His eyes lingered on him a moment longer before noticing Echo's silent chuckles behind her book, causing him to glare in her direction.

"What now?!"

"Uh...What, Slab?"

"Yeah I know I don't have my homework done again but that's no reason to glare at me." The very large teenage tried to defend himself.

"Actually that's a very good reason to glare at you. But, I wasn't I was just..." The genius found himself at a loss of words, looking around for helping he noticed Derby writing something on a small piece of paper, "Derby, are you passing notes...?"

Derby who had been incredibly quiet today hadn't said anything until being addressed directly which is very strange. He shot his head up, blush, "Uh...No! I just...well I am but I left my phone in my locker so I can't text and besides we aren't learning anything ..."

Adam tried to seem angry towards the boy but it was hard when his confused state was so cute. "Alright, then let's learn things..." He turned around and pretended not to see Derby pass the slip of paper to Echo.

'It's Adam I wore the skinny jeans for. But I think it's useless he didn't even notice.' Echo smirked and quickly wrote a reply.

'No way, he definitely noticed. Trust me, I'm a girl I know these things.' Derby bit his lip and shook his head looking at her, she laughed in return.

'He straight up refused seduction.'

'Why is it the one time you actually have a chance at 'getting some' you become shy?' Derby blushed hard at this, 'getting some' was the last thing on his mind.

'He doesn't even think I'm attractive at all...'

'If he doesn't think you're attractive then why was he undressing you with his eyes when you were picking up your books? She loved torturing him.

'He was not!'

'It's true! Brush up against his leg you'll feel his boner.'

Adam had been talking for at least forty minutes about the periodic table of elements, or something like that no one really pays attention, when he turned around Derby had finished reading the note and was blushing a great deal, He walked over to the boy and snatched the note from him. "No." Was all he said taking the note to his desk; knowing very well he'd be reading that after class.

Echo laughed at Derby's suddenly ghostly face staring blankly where the note had previously been only seconds before. ''You'll have to get it back if you want him to know" she mouthed to him.

The bell rang, indicating next class. Everyone sprinted out of the room, except for Derby who was walking briskly towards Adam's desk watching him eye the note eagerly. Derby 'accidently' slipped and knocked most of the taller boy's books all around his desk, "I'm so sorry! Let me help you!" He quickly bent over pointing his ass to the sky for the third time that day sneakily shoved the note in his shoe and backed up more to pick of other papers and purposely bumped his ass into Adam's crotch. Two birds with one stone.

Feeling the sudden pressure on his pelvic area Adam jumped back and stared as Derby looked up innocently at him. He managed to create a full sentence without stuttering, "You better get to your next class now!"

Derby grinned at him but got up, grabbed his books and ran off. "Sure thing, Adam."