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Author's Note: I just watched Titanic, knowing that I am a cough*YaoiFanGirl*cough, and addicted to 1827 pairing. I thought what if it there is another couple aside from Jack and Rose?

Well, here goes the result of my imagination..



Love Beyond Death

The Titanic has hit an iceberg and is now on descend deep into the ocean depth forever. As people try to escape, two lovers, Hibari and Tsuna come to consider that they will die tonight. But instead of being afraid, they come to grasp that if they are to die, let it be with each other. And so here unfolds a tale of true love. As death is sure to be face, love is forever there.


As the boat known as 'Titanic' begin to sink ever so slowly allowing water to rush in and consume those that haven't awoken from slumber.

As Tsuna gripped the hand of his lover tightly, they begin to rush for the stairs in hope of making it. Screams echo heavily off the wall bringing only more horror to the scene before them.

"Come love. I wish not to die like this." he screamed to Tsuna who looked back towards Rose and Jack.

How he had envy the two lovers almost completely. Knowing that they were bound to live through this and go on together forever. When the doubt of his life and his lover play cement in his mind. Racing to pass the captain who only stood there, they came to the deck now huffing heavily. Turning around, Hibari placed a hand onto his lover cheek caressing it gently.

"My love. If this is our end, then let it be you I die with. For I shall not enter heavens gates without you at my side." he spoke trying not to bring tears to his eyes. Hibari lean in placing a kiss to the lips of Tsuna.

As they kissed for what seem to be a hour, women and children rushed for the life boats getting into them as if to avoid the coming fate. Men ponder their next escape route having watch as their love's vanish into the night safely.

Pulling back from the kiss, Hibari wiped a tear from the eye of his love. Staring into the blue ocean like twinkle, he felt himself become undone that very second. The world around him started to fade and he came to grasp the concept of what was about to happen. His face composed a rather soft tender look that had gave away the sudden sadness he felt.

Reaching a hand out for Tsuna, he gripped it in fear.

"Don't let me go please. I can't go without you love. For you mean the world to me. And if I must move on from this world to the next, then let it be you who I see last." he said.

Snapping back to the moment at hand, the boat began to tilt ever so slightly causing people to barrel down into the poles. Racing to the side, the two males gripped onto the handrail looking into each other's eyes.

The screams of others falling to their doom fading once more.

"I love you." they both spoke together, laughing. Moving as close as they could, the two embrace each other now with a kiss letting go of the handrail. As the boat tilted more, they begin to fall never letting each other go. They wanted to remain wrapped in each other's arms till the final moment.

To remember this day as lovers, as soul mates. To know that even through their first meeting on that faithful night at the ball, they were meant to be. As they rammed into people then the poles, they never let go. Taking their final kiss before the world above faded deep in the forever blue.