One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Don't Wake Me Up Chapter 1

Where I Belong

I pace back and forth. Then walk back to the mirror. I peer into it once more, taking in the woman before me. My dark brown hair that falls just past my shoulders. My fair skin and almond shaped hazel eyes. My thin lips and high cheekbones. I look like everyone else. I walk and talk like everyone else, but I'm not like everyone else. No, I don't belong here.

I can't explain it, but all my life I've felt drawn to adventure. Not normal adventure, I mean adventure like learning archery and swordplay. Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved being outside under the sun or stars. Even to this day I hate big cities. I live in a small town just outside a huge forest. I manage a small book store and in my spare time, I hunt using a bow. Not overly practical, though I do it for fun. I use a large recurve with a powerful draw, and pride myself on my accuracy. I also enjoy swordplay. I prefer long swords, though I own a variety of weapons. It's a leisure activity and while I'm good, I am not sure how effective I'd be in a real fight. Not a very concerning issue though so I am content to just practice.

I resume my pacing, lost in thought. I misplaced my signed copy of the Fellowship of the Ring. This is a huge problem because my best friend Leah just bought it for me. She knew I was about to reread the series, and managed to get her hands on a signed copy. But of course, just as I'm about to read it, the book wanders off, and I cannot seem to remember where I put it! I must have done something with it, I just can't remember what. I most likely left it at the store. I grab my coat and step outside, locking my door behind me.

"Elsira!" I hear a voice call. I turn, seeing the blonde-haired best friend of mine named Leah. She waves and walks towards me, a pizza box in one hand. I smile; Leah was my first friend when I moved here with my family when I was 14. My parents moved away when I was 18, leaving me the house as a gift, knowing I loved this place and would be crushed to leave it. They were always so supportive of me, which makes their death just that much harder

"I was just coming over to drop off that pizza you ordered. Something on your mind Els?" Leah worked at the pizza parlor. It was the only one in town, so it was pretty popular. It's good though, so there was never any competition. I shrug, and then take the pizza box from her. I'm glad she arrived when she did, I'd forgotten I'd ordered it. I hand her some cash before shrugging.

"It's nothing. I'm just heading over to the store to check up on some things." Leah nods.

"Ah, I see. I should have known." She flashes me a teasing smile before turning to leave. "I'll catch ya later Els!" She calls over her shoulder before walking off. I smile at her retreating figure, glad to have her as my friend. I start the walk to my shop, the smell of pizza inspiring me to walk a bit faster so I can eat it.

When I get to my shop, it's about 9:30. The sun set long ago ago and I would rather not walk back this late. I have a small room set up in the back for just the occasion, as I often work late. I go to open the door and notice that the lock is broken. I peer inside the store but to no avail. I can't see a thing. I push open the door and flick on the lights. Adrenaline begins to pump through my veins and my breathing quickens. My shop is in ruins, books are strewn about everywhere, and many things are broken. Why would someone do this? It doesn't benefit them to ruin my store like this unless it's some sort of personal vendetta. I go to my room in the back, and hear a click. I turn, and look down the barrel of a gun.

I stumble back, a mind numbing terror overcoming me. I scream, shutting my eyes tightly. I am expecting to die, but as I close my eyes I see a massive field with flowers of every size and color. Directly in front of me, is a man. He has long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. His face is fair and inhumanly beautiful, but my eyes are drawn to his ears, his pointed ears.

My eyes open, and I see the gun once more. I feel a power surge from within me and the man flies back. Everything goes black, and unconsciousness claims me.

I wake up in a soft bed with warm blankets and downy pillows. How odd, I don't recall my bed being this soft. I open my eyes, and abruptly close them again. This can't be real. I must be dreaming. I open my eyes once more and take in my surroundings, noticing how much better I can see. I'm in a white room with silver swirls at the base of the walls. I'm lying in a large white bed, much larger than my own. The room is lit naturally, and smells of the forest. Where am I?

I sit up and look around, trying to get a better idea of where I am. There's a large window with flowers sitting on the ledge. They are a soft lavender color, and I can't recall for the life of me what they are. That's odd because my general knowledge of plants and herbs is fairly good. I feel as though I haven't even seen these before though, which is strange as I've lived here a long time. What part of town is this?

A slender, graceful girl opens the door, stepping in. Her eyes are the color of honey, and her hair is sleek and dark brown, pinned back so it drapes elegantly over one shoulder. She has high cheekbones, a soft round face and refined features. She has fair skin and as she turns slightly to the side, I notice her pointed ears.

"My lady, you are awake." Her voice sounds like bells; sweet and pure. She walks over to an elegant wooden dresser and picks up a light dress from it. It is light brown in color, reminding me of bronze. She picks up a forest-green corset from underneath it and turns towards me.

"Would you mind telling me where we are?" I ask her. She looks at me, almost as if she was confused by the question.

"You are in Rivendell my lady." Rivendell? The name sounds familiar, but from where? I think back to the many books that I have read and quickly realize which one it is from. It's an elven city from Lord of the Rings. My eyes widen and I look around a bit frantically, trying to figure out where the flaw is. Surely this is some kind of joke. I can find nothing, and the elven maid looks at me with wide, concerned eyes.

"Are you feeling all right my lady?" She sounds a bit nervous, as though taken aback by my behavior. I suppose I would be too were I in her position. I do my best to calm down and steady myself before responding.

"I'm fine, just a little disoriented. What is your name?" She visibly relaxes and carries the dress and corset over to me.

"My name is Nyania, my lady." She speaks formally, and I feel a bit uneasy. Perhaps she thinks I am something I'm not.

"Please, call me Elsira if you would." She nods and quickly gets me dressed. The corset is not laced too tightly, so I can still breathe easily.

"Lord Elrond wishes to speak with you. It would not be wise to delay his wishes, lady Elsira." I nod my acceptance, and allow her to lead me through the place to Lord Elrond. As soon as I enter the room, I know it's him. His face has an ageless quality, and his hair is the color of the darkest of shadows. His eyes are grey, and speak of great wisdom. I bow, and then realize I should have curtsied, oh well. A smile plays at the corners of Elrond's lips, and I know he's amused by my improper response. Nyania curtsies and then leaves, her head bowed.

Lord Elrond motions for me to follow him, and we head into another, smaller room. I spot a tall old man with a long gray beard and kind eyes, and instantly know it to be Gandalf. He smiles knowingly, as if in acknowledgement of an unknown secret. I find myself smiling back, quite happy that Gandalf is here.

"Greetings Gandalf, it's truly a pleasure to meet you." I say warmly. I freeze up a little as I realize that I shouldn't know who he is. Gandalf laughs a little, and then motions for me to sit. I sit in one of the chairs, still a bit stiff, and Lord Elrond sits in another. I realize that in my excitement, I forgot to tell them my name.

"My name is Elsira, lord Elrond." I say.

"Please, call me Elrond. Now, Elsira, where are you from? One of our guests found you unconscious in the forest. You had no markings or papers of any sort on you, and we had no way to find out who you are or why you are here." He says smoothly, his voice is beautiful too, much like Nyania's. His voice has a rich masculinity to it, while still retaining a very regal air.

"Well, that's the thing Elrond; I don't know how I got here. I'm not even from Middle Earth. I'm from a place where the only race is humans. My world is nothing like yours. The last thing I remember is feeling power rush through me, and an attacker across a room without touching him." I know I sound crazy, but I'm relying on Elrond and Gandalf to believe me. Elrond looks to Gandalf, his eyes full of disbelief.

"She speaks the truth. She knows naught of that which she is here in our world, only what she thought of herself in her own." Gandalf's voice is nothing like I expected. I expected it to be like most old people's, frail and quavering. Gandalf's voice is strong and powerful, and I can hear the power in it.

"What do you mean; I don't know what I am? I know perfectly well what I am. My name is Elsira, I own a book store, and I am a twenty three year old woman." My traitorous voice betrays my unease. Lord Elrond arches a thin eyebrow.

"That's what you were." Gandalf motions to a small mirror off to the side of the room and I am shocked. I look at my releftion, noting pointed ears and an elegance and smoothness to my features that was not there before. I reach up to feel my ears, and sure enough they're pointed. I sit there in shock for a long time, trying to get a grip on what I've just learned. Sure I've always wanted to be an elf, but to actually BE one? I can't believe it.

"This has to be a dream or something." I take a deep breath, and then wince as I remember the corset. Gandalf shakes his head.

"I promise you, this is no dream." I sit back and try to take in what he just said. All my life, I've dreamed of going to Middle Earth, but now that I'm here, I'm just lost and confused. I didn't belong anywhere in my old life, but what if I don't belong here either? This isn't some dream where you can just wake up or some book where you know there's a happy ending. This is real, and I'm a bit scared of that. I could be killed by an endless number of things here, whereas back home, there were about ten.

"My lady, are you all right?" I realize that my breathing has become rather erratic, and I try to calm down. A small elven boy rushes in and whispers something to Elrond. He nods, and the boy runs off.

"I'm afraid I have some rather important business to attend to, excuse me." Elrond stands and leaves the room. Gandalf looks at me quizzically, examining me.

"Elsira, I know that you are not from here, but would you mind telling me everything that led up to your coming here?" I nod, and relay to him my tale. I include every detail, no matter how small. After I finish, there's a long pause.

"Will I ever go back Gandalf?" My voice sounds small, and almost childlike. He shakes his head slightly, and the reality of it sinks in. I'm not going back. No more movie nights with Leah, no more late nights at the books store, no more three-hour phone calls with old friends. It's all gone. I think then of all the things I won't miss. No more pollution, no more cars, no more big cities, no more incurable diseases, no more bombs, no guns, no more people killing people for the money in their pockets. This world is both better and worse than my own, I just don't know if I have what it takes to survive here. Just then Nyania enters the room and curtsies to Gandalf before turning to me.

"Lady Elsira, there is someone who wishes to speak with you." I stand up and allow her to lead me down the hall and into another room, this one larger than the last. Inside, stands a tall, broad shouldered man. He has shaggy brown hair with flecks of gray and stormy gray eyes. He has an air of strength and nobility about him, and I find myself admiring him.

"Greeting my Lady, my name is Aragorn." I curtsy, and then stand straight, wondering why he wishes to speak to me. Wait, if he's hereā€¦ What exactly has been going on? I haven't read the books since I was 12, so I only vaguely remember the story. But I pictured every character, imagined their voices, and every move they made. I remember their faces, but to see them, living and breathing, right in front of me? It's amazing. I realize that I haven't told him my name and flush with embarrassment.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Aragorn, my name is Elsira. Might I ask why you wish to speak with me?" My tone is very polite because if I recall correctly, Aragorn was royalty. It might have something to do with how attractive he is, but it's mostly the nobility thing.

"It was I who found you my lady. I wanted to know if you were all right." I hear concern in his masculine voice and try not to blush again. I can't believe he actually took the time to track me down just to make sure I was ok. If everyone here is this nice then I could definitely get used to this.

"I'm fine thanks to you, and I appreciate your concern. Might I ask you a question?" He nods. I want to try and figure out what is currently going on without giving too much away.

"Might I ask about Frodo? Someone mentioned him, and said that you might know more" I hope he knows Frodo, if not; I'm going to feel stupid.

"Ah, yes. He is recovering quite well." It's somewhere in the first book, though for some reason I cannot seem to recall much about it. It's getting harder and harder to recall my life before coming here. Recent events I can remember with ease, but things from the distant past? Forget it, literally. It's like trying to remember a dream after you've woken up.

Just then, a halfling man with bright eyes and wavy brown hair walks into the room. I instantly know him to be Frodo. His smiles when he sees Aragorn, and then his eyes turn to me. I see pain in his eyes, a pain that should not be in the eyes of one so young. He smiles brightly and the pain is gone, replaced by easygoing happiness. He is undeniably handsome and seems very relaxed, though I cannot help but think of him as childlike.

"Greetings m'lady, my name is Frodo." I can't help but smile at how young and happy he seems. He bows slightly, and I see a glint of gold tucked away in his shirt. The ring. I tear my eyes away from it.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Frodo, my name is Elsira." My happiness returns. I smile at the hobbit, and watch as he leaves the room. Aragorn turns to me, his eyes scouring me for every detail, measuring my reaction.

"He carries a great burden that many men twice his size could not carry." Aragorn says quietly, as if I knew of that which he spoke. Coincidentally I do, but he doesn't need to know that. Not yet at least. Gandalf walks into the room, capturing our attention.

"Aragorn, you are needed for a council, and perhaps Elsira should come as well. Elsira, why don't you tell Aragorn where you're from? I believe it might be prevalent sometime soon." I nod, and the three of us begin walking as I tell my tale. Aragorn listens intently, and Gandalf adds a few comments here and there for clarification. On our way there, I see a breathtakingly handsome elf. He has long blonde hair and gorgeous eyes. His skin is fair and his features are refined and as close to perfect as they could be. His pointed ears mark him as an elf, and then his eyes meet mine. I stutter over my words for a moment and forget what I was saying.

It's him. The elf I saw from my vision. He's real. A name enters my mind unbidden, and I instantly know it's his. Legolas. I tear my eyes away from him and continue my tale, trying to act as though nothing happened though Gandalf and Aragorn both noticed my reaction. I'll see him again though. I'm sure of it.

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