TheLucky38: I always wanted to see kind of a magic trick in the show. Then I realized that they already did, but now I want it to be a complete disaster. And who would be better to screw up then Sokka. My guess is that it will be one problem that he can't handle alone. Takes place 2 years after the war. Disclaimer!
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TheLucky38: "Now here is a magic trick." I throw the disclaimer in a box and bring out a hack-saw. I start to chop it through the middle and blood was coming out of it. 'Akward face.' "Uh, I'm new to this." then I start to make the story.

Sokka the Magician, the begining...

Life in Ba Sing Se was about to get a little more awesome, because today, at the Jasmine Dragon in the upper ring of the city, an event that will inspire many is about to begin. Hundreds of thousands of people in the city are on their way to see the great Sokka perform magic tricks to all that believe it. This is really special because no Non-bender has performed ever since 3 years before the hundred year war. Things are starting to look up to this great moment of triumph. Even the Earth King himself is watching the show.

The real reason why Sokka want to do this, is to not only prove that he is importent. But to show that even Non-benders are just as good as Benders in magic tricks such as the Fire Nation guy who did that trick with the dragon, long ago.

Sokka was in the back stage with Aang, Katara, Suki, Toph, Zuko, and Mai. He was in some kind of black suit with a blue top hot. He had some kind of stick that he uses for his tricks to come alive. His assitant is Suki as always, wearing a pink outfit with her warrior make-up. The rest of them were in there everyday clothes that they usually wear. Sokka asked them for help, but they think he sould know how to do it.

"This is going to be the greatest moment in history." said Sokka. He hears everyone in the audiece talking to each other about the event. The place was packed so much that most of them had to stand. "There are so many people." he started to become nervous as ever.

"Sokka." said Aang, who is always looking out for his friend. "You can do this. I mean you did that one trick a few days ago." that's when Sokka had to tell the truth.

"That was only one trick, how am I suppose to pull this off?" he was starting to get scared.

"Sokka just remember to do it right." said Suki. "You got me into this redicules outfit and I agreed to it because you want to do this."

"I'm really freaking out now!" yelled Sokka. Panting like a maniac. That's it, no more of this gentle crap.

Katara comes up to him and slaps him in the face. "Calm down Sokka." shaking him to settle down. Then Aang puts a hand on Katara's shoulder, maybe he's trying to safe Sokka?

"Katara, let me handle this. I'm his friend." Katara understands her boyfriends methods are just as good as her's, so she moves aside as Aang is in front of Sokka. He shakes him violantly and says "Damn it Sokka. Just shut up and calm down." then punches his face.

"Ok. I'm calm now." said Sokka while rubbing his eye. Must of hurt like crazy.

Some of the crew members come out to tell Sokka that it's show time. He nods his head and prepares to go outside with Suki. The rest of the Gaang gives him good luck as he approchs the curtains. I hope it goes well or everyone is going to talk about this trainwreck for a long time.

The Card Trick...

When Sokka and Suki came out, they were met by cheering fans all around. Giving him whistles and some girls throwing some flowers his way. True that he is performing, but the real reason is because he is one of the hero who stopped the Fire Nation from taking over the free world of the 4 Nations. 5 now because of the newly formed Republic City that Aang and Zuko found to stop another war that could of destroyed everything.

He started to think of an idea to begin. "I need a volunteer to come up to the stage." No one raised their hands at all. This is going to be a distater, that is until another idea comes to mind. "Toph." pointing at her who was with the Gaang, watching him perform. Toph knew there was no other way to get out of this, so she comes out to do Sokka's magic trick.

"Ok now." Sokka wispered to Suki and at first she didn't want to do that for obvious reasons. But Sokka started to feel sad about this whole thing, so she gave him the deck of cards. All 52 cards in his hands, ready to perform. "Pick a card, Toph. Any card."

Toph sighed and took one of the cards. It was a king of hearts. She puts it back in and Sokka began to shuffle the deck. After about 3 boring minutes, he finally shows her the card that he randomly picks. "Is this your card?" he pulled out a Clover Ace.

"I don't know." Toph said.

Sokka was puzzled at first, but then remembered something. He face palmed himself, he forgot that Toph is blind when it comes to reading or seeing a picture. So he had another idea. "Is it a red card?" thinking it could work.

This is starting to become stupid for the Earthbender to deal with. "I don't know what red is." she said with an annoyed voice. The whole room was really quiet about what is going on right now. So quiet that Bosco and Momo, who usually play around, stopped doing anything.

Sokka had to figure out a plan, so he said, "Ta daaaaa" hearing crickets in the back round. Everyone looks at that direction at some random dude with crickets. He covers them up and leaves to get rid of them. The show must go on, but how? "Toph you can leave now." and just like that, Toph sprints the hell out of there. Sokka turns to Suki, "now Suki, pick a card any card." Showing her the 52 cards. She takes one of them out and looks at it. The card was a clover ace. She tries to put it back in the deck, but it was too late as Sokka shuffles it up again.

When Sokka was done for another three boring minutes. He picks up one of the cards, it is a king of Spades. "Is this your card?"

A dissapointed face is on Suki. "No." then see's him pick out another card.

"Is this your card?" it was a qeen of hearts.

"No." said Suki.

The entire crowd was watching as Sokka kept pulling out card after card. Failing all the time as everyone started to boo at him. With all of the "no" from Suki and all the "is this your card" from Sokka.

After 51 cards, they were all gone. This was starting to scare Sokka. "Where are the cards?" he started to freak out and looked at the ground. Looking for it with his hands. Then he looks at Suki who had the card the entire time in her left hand. "Why didn't you put the card in the deck!" he yelled.

An angry expression was on Suki's face as she looks down at him. "I was about to until you started to shuffle the deck again without me putting my card in!" an argument in a magic show. Sounds reasonable.

"Oh sure. Blame me like you always do! At least Toph knew what she was doing and was blind!" yelling at Suki.

Her temper was almost starting to get the better of her. "That's it. You can do this on your own, because I quit!" she takes off her outfit and was naked. Many parents shut their kids eyes with their hands while some guys in the crowd started to give her wolf-bat whistles. Suki races off into the back room to get changed back into her Kyoshi outfit.

Sokka was dumbstrucked about her taking off her clothes in public, but then his rage overcame him. "Fine. I can do this on my own." then looks at the crowd to see that 1/4th of the audience was gone. The other 3/4th's of the crowd just wanted to see the end of this trainwreck.

The Animal in the Top Hat...

This next trick doesn't need anyone in the crowd. Well not yet anyways. Sokka takes off his top hat and puts it on top of a round table with table coth. "Ok now I will put this hat in the middle of this table. The magic words I am about to say will shock you when I pull the mysterious thing out of it." he knew that Momo has to be underneath the table because before the show, he put leechy nuts so that he can get them.

"Ok here are the words." then takes in a deep breath, while waving his wand. "Something, something, something, Dark Side." Sokka points the tip of the wand right at the top hat. He was about to pull it out, but nothing was in there. At least not at first. He heard something inside the hat, but saw Momo with the Earth King. What is going on here? So he picks up the hat and looks inside, then... "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" something came right out and was clawing his face. It was a cat, or a leapord-cat I should say. The leapord-cat was stratching him, including one of his eyes that Aang didn't punch earlier.

The Gaang had to come out to get that animal off of Sokka's face as it kept attacking. Aang pets it in the ear and the leapord-cat started to purr. It settles down and Aang holds onto it. He gives it to Katara for her to pet it. "Awe, it's so cute. She said withe her warm voice that Aang loves. Petting the leapord-cat with each stroke as it purrs with love.

Sokka started to see a little again. Feeling the pain of those long, sharp claws that made his face look like Hama's when she gets angry. "Ta daaaa." he barely said as he laid down on the floor. More people where starting to leave. This time in about ten boat loads. This is starting to become the worst show since the Ember Island Players, and that's saying something. "Wait, don't leave. You haven't even seen the... um..." He picks up a saw and signaled some crew member's to bring in the wooden crate that was like a coffen...

The Saw Crate Trick...

Sokka is completely insane right now. He must be that desperate to get attention from anyone out there. "...The Sawing of the Crate." then prepares one of the Gaang members to help him out. And you thought the title of this part of the story is worse then what he came up with.

"Aang will you please go inside the coffen, I mean crate." signaling him to go in.

Aang is a benevolent guy. From all the years he had with the monks, he knows when to help people in their hour of need. But this is way to far this time, even for Aang. First off, because Katara would kill Sokka for almost killing Aang. And two, Sokka did terrible with the other tricks, so why would this one be any better. "Sorry Sokka, but I am too young to die. Even if I am 116 years old."

The magical Sokka was being really angry or insane. "Go in here right now before I..." he gets pushed in the crate by Katara.

"No one order's my Aang around. Only I do that!" she yelled.

Aang was blushing at what Katara just did. "Wow um. Thanks Katara."

She blushes as well. The both of them knew that if Sokka loses the audience, then it will a bigger loss then what happened to the Ember Island Players. So they smiled at each other and got ready to prove to the world that the Avatar has a few magic tricks on his own. And he isn't going to do any form of bending at all.

TheLucky38: I don't know for sure that this is a cliffhanger or not. I have to go to the most dangoures time of the year. Black Friday, the year where everything is on sale in every store. So wish me luck that I can get something that is really good.

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