TheLucky38: Sokka just brought about the worst trainwreck in history. He's worse in Magic tricks then Mombo Jumbo (Teen Titains villian). Now Aang is going to have to settle down the crowd with his bending. This is before he goes on. I did this to bring in more Kataang on here, so I hope you don't mind?
The Readers: You said no bending.
TheLucky38: Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding me. Now give yourselfs a pat on the back and enjoy!

P.S- I have a story of Black Friday story that I want to share with you guys. After you read the story.

Before the Show...

The curtains where closed while Aang was getting ready for the show. It won't be runned by Sokka the buzzkillism, it will be Aang who will bring the better entertainment to this wonderful city. Oh the great things he'll do on stage. Using all four elements to bring the crowd in so that everyone can have a good time, because it doesn't matter when, it's always a good time.

Aang is inside a private room so that he can get dressed for his acts. The 'great' magician is still in the crate that Aang was suppose to be in. Hering about 1/4th of the crowd booing at the performance that Sokka gave them. Asking refunds for what happend. Even though the sign clearly said "NO REFUNDS!". Things could turn for the worse if Aang doesn't save the day. Not only because it's the Avatar's duty, more to help Sokka get out of a possible riot, or maybe it has something to do with impressing a certain person? That gave a certain merchant an advantage.

"I can't just let all these tomato's go to waste." So the tomato merchant who came here selling during Sokka's show. Started charging more for his products. A lot of people where coming up to him with a lot of Earth Kingdom currency. Hearing, "It's worth every copper coin!" then throws it at the crate. These Tomato's are not rotten.

A door opens a little while he is still dressing to his magician outfit. It was Katara who was staring at her boyfriend to see him get dressed. Getting turned on as she see's Aang getting his underware on. Katara's legs started to wrap around her thighs, trying to stop the urge from touching herself. The urge was growing until she reaches her hand in her woman-hood, surrendering her lowest instancts. Imagining that Aang was touching her as she kept feeling herself. Trying to contain herself for moaning his name.

Something was making nosies out there, so Aang stopped putting on his clothes to see what is going on out there. He see's that the door was opened a little bit, so he opens the rest of it to see what was going on. Aang saw that Katara was on the floor, wearing nothing but her bindings. Rubbing her hands in her pussy that was starting to get wet. Katara stopped to see that he was looking at her and started to blush a crimson red. Aang did the same thing as well.

After a long time of awkardness, Katara broke the silance as she was getting up. "Aang, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to.." Her mouth silent as Aang kisses her. Making his tounge travel around Katara's. The kiss lasted for awhile and they broke it with a need for air. The bad thing about kissing, is when it ends. They wanted to 'educate' each other in his private room, but they have to fix Sokka's problem. Again!

This brought an idea for the Avatar to use. "Katara." with his silver tounge ready. "How would you like to be my assistant for the show?" Imagining her in an assistant outfit like Suki had, but with different ideas going around in his mind. Seeing his Sifu Waterbender in the outfit with a hard erection coming up from between his legs. Katara started to notice that, and uses her hand to touch it a little, hearing a quick moan from Aang.

"I might take that offer. If you do me a favor during the show." Katara said with her suductive voice that Aang can't resist.

"What is it?" he said with his silver tounge.

That stumped the Waterbender. "You just need to do it soon." then went inside the room to get dressed for the show. She saw outfits that where inside the closet and took one of them out. It was a light blue assistant's outfit, with some diamondes in the shoulders. So Katara takes off her clothes right in front of Aang, slowly. Seeing his mouth starting to water with her moving around swiftly in dance as she takes off her panties.

"Katara don't tempt me." Aang begged. Feeling hard again as he saw her put on the assistant's outfit. He decided to put on his magician custome on. It was an orange suit with a black tie. His shoes are black, but something was missing in Aang's costume, something that every magican has to have.

His Sifu knew the answer and went into the back room. When she came back something was right behind her back. "Aang" Katara said with her sexy tone. Aang turns around to see what his girlfriend want. "I have something for you."

"What is it?" Aang asked.

Katara takes the item in her hands and presents it to him. It was an orange hat, the same color as his suit, but it had something at the top. It was all four of the Nations symbol's that showed in light-blue for Air, dark-blue for Water, green for Earth, and red for Fire. It was the most wonderful thing that Aang has ever seen in his life. Not wonderful as Katara, but still good.

"I made this for you because I knew that Sokka would be a buzzkillism in his own show." said Katara presenting the top hat for her Avatar. Aang reached for the hat, but Katara pulls it away from him. "Na uh." toying with Aang. "You can get this hat for only one thing..." She was inturupted by Aang's kiss. After realizing it, Katara started to dance her tounge around his.

After that long kiss, they broke for air, yet again. "I think that is what you wanted?" said Aang with his fake innocent voice.

Katara just smirked, "I wanted you to say please, but that is way better." So she gives Aang the hat for him to wear.

The Avatar puts it on and looks in the mirror. He looks good in it indeed. Aang then looks at Katara and was drooling even more. She looked stunning in that fine outfit, then again he doesn't really care what she looks like. Aang only cares about Katara as the way she is. "I guess we should go outside to perform?"

"Your right." said Aang with much dissapointment.

Now they take on the tough crowd that Sokka the buzzkillism brought in. Will they manage to keep them happy or will they make it worse? Your guess is as good as mine fellow readers

TheLucky38: Ok so here is my quick story about what happened on Black Friday...

Veni, Vidi, Vici...

came back from the most hellish time in history. Black Friday. The day where everything in every store or website is on sale. Gamestop was right in front of me and I went inside to find at least two games that were brand new. Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition. The both of the games combined was under $60.00. I had to fight my way through the infamous crowd that got in my way. Beating up a few people here and there, and finally got my hands on the games. That is until another kid starts grabing them too. We started to fight in order to take it, but then we decided to settle this, Gamer Style.

So the Gamestop guys started up Dance, Dance Revolution. I told them to give me the Dance, Dance Counter Revolution. So we started to dance to this song called, "321 Boom-Mega Remix" by DJ Sassytown feat. Lady Godiva. It was on hard difficulty and we started to dance. At first I was losing, but after I drinked a Mtn. Dew, I started to own the dance floor.

I told him that I was going to win, but he said this. "I will win this for my common people." so he tried to break dance to the song and was about 100 points up from me, but I started to go faster and faster. The guy was panting like crazy because he tired himself out. When there was the two arrows, the left and right ones that were going to hit the mark, I did a back flip and stomped on the arrows with style. In the end I won the game with 1,000,550. His was 999,950. I said my victory glot. "YES. I AM THE BEST DANCER IN ALL OF THE U.S!" I bought the games and left while the crowd started to cheer for me.

Do you believe that I did do any of this?